A set of population projections have been released by the Statistics Office, using the baseline of the 2016 Population & Housing Census, and three scenarios about migration to and from St Helena – no migration, low migration and high migration. Both the low and high migration models assume net immigration to St Helena – that is, more people will arrive than will depart.

With no migration, there will likely be a fall in the size of St Helena’s population, because the number of deaths each year is likely to continue to be more than the number of births. The low and high migration models, however, result in an increase in population size. Both the no migration and low migration scenarios result in a reduction in the working age population, and under all three scenarios the old age dependency ratio – the ratio of those aged 65 and over compared to those of working age – increases.

Projected age distribution of St Helena’s population under three migration scenarios

Population projections help understand the size and structure of the future population, and are a useful input for planning and managing St Helena’s development.

But, it is important to bear in mind that these projections are the result of a number of assumptions about the future patterns of growth in St Helena’s population. Small changes in the actual fertility, mortality and migration patterns may have quite large impacts on the size of different groups of the population. For this reason, population projections are not predictions, rather, they show how St Helena’s population would evolve if the assumptions that are made were to hold true.

More details are available in the Bulletin and the accompanying dataset which are available on the Statistics page of the SHG website: http://www.sainthelena.gov.sh/statistics/

For any queries, please contact the Statistics Office on tel: 22138, or email: statistics@sainthelena.gov.sh


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10 November 2017





Population estimates

At the end of September 2017 the estimated number of persons on St Helena, residents plus visitors, was about 4,439. The resident population, excluding visitors, was estimated to be 4,354. This is a seasonal drop of around 200 persons from December 2016, but is almost the same when compared to the same period last year. The St Helenian population is estimated to have been 4,053 at the end of September 2017.

St Helena’s total on-Island population has increased significantly in the last few years, but has declined slightly following the completion of the construction of the new Airport. The number of people on St Helena has a distinctive seasonal pattern – during the warmer months around Christmas, more people visit or return home, and there are slightly less people present during St Helena’s cooler winter months between June and October. Chart 2 shows the average increase or decrease in the population at the end of each month during the year, between 2010 and 2017.

Births and deaths

In the first nine months of 2017 there were a total of 32 births and 41 deaths registered on St Helena (Table 1). This is slightly more than the number of births and deaths registered on St Helena in the same period a year ago, which was 28 and 38 respectively. In 2017, so far, there have been more deaths than births, following the trend of the last few years (Chart 3).

Arrivals and departures

The estimated number of passenger arrivals in the third quarter of 2017 was 707, with 2,730 arrivals up to the end of September (Table 2). In the third quarter there were an estimated 691 passenger departures, with total departures for 2017 to the end of September estimated to be 2,916. Please note that very short-term visits by cruise ship passengers are excluded, as are any arrivals in October, including those arriving on the new scheduled commercial air service. These will be included in statistics for October, which we aim to publish as soon as possible.

Chart 4 illustrates the highly seasonal nature of total arrivals and departures; in most years, arrivals and departures in the last and first quarter of each year are almost twice that of the second and third quarters.

So far in 2017, up to the end of September, most passengers arrived on the RMS St Helena (1,838), followed by yachts and other vessels (709). 183 arrivals have been by air; but please note that these figures do not yet include the number of passengers arriving using the new scheduled weekly air service to Johannesburg and Cape Town. Chart 5 shows the mode of transport of arrivals to St Helena from 2011 to 2016 (very short-term visits by cruise ships are excluded).

Terms explained

Total on-Island population

This is the total number of people present on St Helena at any point in time, and includes residents, both St Helenians and non-St Helenians, and short-term visitors. It is often also referred to as the ‘de facto’ population.

Resident population

This is the on-island population, less short-term visitors and those staying on-board yachts or ships, including the RMS St Helena. In other words, this is the population that lives on St Helena, both St Helenians and non-St Helenians. It is estimated through the St Helena population census, and then adjusted each quarter for the number of births and deaths, using registrations, and net migration, using immigration records, including those that declare themselves as a returning resident. This measure is sometimes called the ‘de jure’ population.

St Helenian population

This is the resident population, less those residents who are not St Helenian or do not have ‘St Helenian status’.

The RMS St Helena is currently docked in Cape Town awaiting the berthing of vessel MSC Paris that is carrying 31 transhipment containers for St Helena.

The MSC Paris has been delayed due to strong high winds in Cape Town causing the port to close earlier in the week. This has slowed down the discharge of vessels already in the port and blocked the available berths.

Due to these unforeseen delays, it is now very likely that transhipment cargo will not be available to load onto the RMS until Sunday, 12, and Monday, 13 November 2017, resulting in the need to delay departure for Voyage 265 in order to carry the cargo.

Until the MSC Paris is docked and cargo discharge commences, it is difficult to forecast the length of the delay.

Agents in Cape Town will do everything they can to expedite the movement of the transhipment cargo and minimise the delay to departure and subsequent impact on the RMS’ onward schedule.

The public will be kept updated via the local radio stations.

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10 November 2017

The St Helena Police Directorate would like to advise the public that, with immediate effect, the general enquiries email address used for vetting applications has been changed.

Therefore, all requests for vetting documentation or any enquires regarding vetting, should be sent to their new email address: vetting@sainthelena.gov.sh

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9 November 2017

Lindsay Felix from Saint Lucia of the Caribbean arrived at St Helena on Saturday, 21 October 2017, to take up his new role as Customs Modernisation Adviser.

Lindsay has been appointed on a two-year contract and his main duty will be to undertake a comprehensive review of the St Helena Customs & Excise Ordinance and recommend amendments to facilitate World Customs Organisation best practice and trade facilitation.

Other duties will include, implementing changes to current Customs processes and procedures to facilitate international best practice as outlined in the revised Kyoto Convention and to maximise the functionality of ASYCUDA World.  Working with the Head of Customs, Lindsay will also implement changes in organisation structure to facilitate maximum benefits from the use of AYSCUDA World, whilst ensuring robust border security.

Lindsay will also review all operational policies and recommend changes where necessary to take account of St Helena circumstances whilst ensuring the use of international best practice, assess staff training requirements to fill skills gaps required to bring all staff up to the required competency levels as outlined in the guidance issued by the World Customs Organisation, and implement the training to deliver the requirements.

Part of Lindsay’s role will also be to support the ASYCUDA National Project Team in the complete rollout of ASYCUDA to both trade and private customers and implement changes required for the introduction of Risk Management & Post Clearance Audit functions along with providing training to staff on Risk Management & Post Clearance Audit measures where required.

Lindsay commented:

“I have always enjoyed intellectual challenges, and this job struck me as one of those challenges which I needed to master. By working in this post, I am hoping to achieve nothing but mutual success.”

Financial Secretary and Collector of Customs Dax Richards added:

It’s great to have Lindsay here on-Island supporting our dedicated Customs team. Lindsay will work closely with the team to ensure that we are able to bring our Customs & Excise Service into the 21st century and build the capacity and capability within the team to take full advantage of what ASYCUDA has to offer. Ultimately, we want to provide a fair and equitable customer friendly service to all.”

 Lindsay holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology (minor in Business Management) from York University, Toronto (2008), and has vast work experience, which includes, amongst other posts,  working as Assistant Comptroller Trade, Assistant Comptroller Revenue Compliance, Acting IT Manager and Functional Team member ASYCUDA ++ Project.

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8 November 2017




The St Helena Police Service is currently carrying out firearms training at the Range at Cox’s Battery every Monday to Saturday from 8.30am to 5.30pm.

This is the first firearms course to be held on St Helena since 2011 and is part of the continued professionalization of the Police Service, in line with improvements across other key areas.

Despite the low risk of firearms crime on-Island, there are a large number of people who own firearms. The Police must therefore be prepared to have a professional response to any firearms incident that could take place.

Air Safety Support International also expects the Police Service to be able to provide an armed response at St Helena Airport.

The training, which is in line with UK standards, is being carried out by instructors from training company Euro Tactical. Between them, the instructors have a combined experience in the use of firearms of over 100 years.

Chief Inspector (Operations), Steve Riley, said:

“This course is the culmination of a year of hard work which has involved negotiations with international training providers and creating the infrastructure on-Island so that the course can take place. The Euro Tactical team are incredibly professional and even half way through week two the Officers are demonstrating a high level of competence in the safe use of a variety of firearms.

“I am pleased to report that the Officers are pushing themselves to their limits and giving one hundred per cent every day. The course is critical to the safety and security of the Island and its visitors. The risk of firearms crime on St Helena is very low but this course will provide a select number of Police Officers with the skills to safely deal with a firearms incident should it occur.”

The training will continue until Friday, 24 November 2017. Red flags, signs and barriers are in place and walkers in the Cox’s Battery area should not approach the Range as live firing will be in progress.

For further information, please contact Garry Henry at Police Headquarters on tel: 22626 or via email: Gary.Henry@sainthelena.gov.sh

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8 November 2017

The public is advised that Waste Management Services (WMS) have now distributed their entire stock of black wheelie bins to households and new businesses for their waste management.

WMS have applied for funding to procure a new stock of these bins for future distribution. Pending the outcome of this application, residents and businesses requiring wheelie bins are asked to procure their own until further notice.

For more information, Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, can be contacted via telephone: 24724 or email: mike-durnford@enrd.gov.sh.

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7 November 2017

The Economic Development Committee held its monthly meeting on Thursday, 2 November 2017. The following matters were discussed on the Open Agenda:

An update from the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate on the recently introduced Water Subsidy Policy for farmers showed that 21 applications had been received of which 14 have been approved to receive a subsidy.

Enterprise St Helena (ESH) delivered a report for the month of September. Whilst offshore, the Director of Commercial Development & Enterprise attended Reading Sports to promote ESH and opportunities on the Island to St Helenians based in the UK.  At the time, air services had not been finalised. There was some interest from individuals who were considering returning when the air service becomes established.

From the new Social Enterprise Support Policy, ESH received 12 initial enquiries, with three formal applications having been approved. The team is also pursuing involvement in assisting SHG with developing investor friendly policies, however this is subject to prioritisation of the Legislative Programme now that the new Legislative Council has been formed.  Additionally, the team has offered to support the development of legislation relating to disability, which is being championed by SHAPE.

Items discussed with the Airport Contracts Manager were charter flights & operations and the Open Skies Policy.  The Air Access Office and the Airport are fully committed to accepting and assisting developing charter flights & operations subject to the Prior Permission Requirements for the Category C operations being met and the granting of a Flight Operations Permit by the Governor.

There have been several such operations in the 18 months the Airport has been operational.

Due to the stringent Extended Twin Operations Performance (ETOPS) requirements, which requires sterilisation of the Airport and extended airspace for long periods of time, only one ETOPS flight can currently be accepted on any one day. The latter does not apply to 3 and 4 engine aircraft.

As explained in the charter flights & operations paragraph above, the Air Access Office and the Airport will accept, subject to any operational condition, any aircraft capable of operating into and out of St Helena. This, however, is not the same as Open Skies that Europe, the UK and United States have. In reality, at this moment in time, St Helena could not achieve Open Sky Status since it is an Overseas Territory (OT) and subject to the regulations that apply thereto. It would be dependent on the UK Department for Transport (DfT), as the ‘parent’ sponsor to negotiate bi-lateral rights between two points. Additionally, St Helena is not a signatory state, nor can it be, to the ICAO Chicago Convection. We rely on the DfT to represent all the OTs at ICAO.

However, some OTs, like Bermuda and Turks & Caicos, have formed their own Directorates of Civil Aviation. This brings greater independence and the ability to formulate one’s own Civil Aviation Regulations. Doing as above is not a cheap process, is lengthy and will, for several years, require the buying in of appropriate skills, experience and expertise. An aircraft registry such as in Bermuda and Jersey and Guernsey in the Channel Islands can be very lucrative, but the costs, timescale and workload involved cannot be underestimated.

The Bank of St Helena also provided members with an update of the local debit card project which is currently on trial and is due to be officially rolled out on 1 December 2017. The Bank outlined why there were transactional fees for businesses and highlighted the benefits of the local debit cards to both customers and businesses alike. They also advised that no cost would be applied by the Bank for personal customers who used the local debit card.

The preceding week, the Bank of St Helena had also provided an overview of works that have been undertaken in respect of electronic payments systems/international card acceptance to enable a sound basis for business growth opportunities on St Helena. It was demonstrated that a number of options have been considered but have proven to be unviable at this time, however the Bank continues to remain focused on its vital role in satisfying customer demands and expectations. In meeting these expectations, a number of potential shortcomings and barriers have been identified which includes cost, market size, jurisdiction and minimal business opportunity for investing partners. In light of this, the Bank also highlighted a local innovative measure that could assist with work that is currently progressing. 

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7 November 2017





St Helena Police have been consulting with communities across the Island as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held in various districts during September and October 2017 where a wide range of concerns were discussed. Issues discussed included:


Concerns were highlighted regarding the timing of tree pruning along Longwood Avenue

Police have spoken to the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) and the Agricultural & Natural Resources Division who have agreed for tree pruning to commence from November 2017.

 There is a continued concern about vehicles speeding during the weekends

Police have shown a high visibility presence within the area during both foot and mobile patrols. Road Safety Policing is in place and any anti-social use of our roads are being dealt with. Drivers are reminded that they will be stopped and dealt with if they continue to drive in an anti-social manner. The request for speed bumps has been forwarded to the Highways Authority who has advised that due to the lack of funding, this will not be possible at this time.

The pathway at the Dungeon Cemetery is covered in moss and has become a safety concern to those who visit

 Police have spoken to ENRD, who have added the cemetery pathway maintenance to their annual maintenance agenda.

 Parking of vehicles in the Hutt’s Gate area has caused a safety concern and a suggestion of having yellow lines painted to alleviate this problem was made

 The Roads Section was made aware and a site visit was conducted. This issue has been placed on the agenda and yellow line painting will commence in the near future.


A concern was raised in relation to safety railings being placed on the roadsides at Alarm Hill and Hutt’s Gate as a safety measure for drivers

A site visit with the Police and Roads Section was carried out and solutions have been put in place.

 The railings on the bend nearest to the area of Bates are no longer visible due to overgrown vegetation

 This issue was forwarded to the Roads Section and a site visit was completed to ascertain what measures can be put in place to eliminate the risk and danger. This matter has been placed on the agenda for workmen to deal with the overgrown vegetation.

Sandy Bay

 The hedgerow has become overgrown and has caused a hindrance to road users from the area of Milestone to Green Hill

 The Roads Section has been notified and this issue has been placed on the agenda for workmen to deal with.

A concern was raised about insufficient disabled parking spaces available on-Island. A suggestion was made to allocate disabled parks at the Hospital and the Longwood Supermarket

 This matter has been forwarded to the Roads Section and Highways Authority who are yet to give their approval.

Rosemary Plain

The main road from Farm Buildings to Rosemary Plain is in very poor condition and in need of repair. The hedgerow from Rosemary Plain to Scotland is also overgrown and in need of attention

This has been sent to Report It, Sort It’, and Police are awaiting a reply. The public will be kept updated on any further development.

Half Tree Hollow

 Speeding remains a concern especially during the evening and over the weekends

 Police are continuously working to educate drivers on speeding, and the dangers that speeding imposes. Officers are continuously patrolling our roads in an attempt to catch the offenders. Again a serious view will be taken with any anti-social use of our roads.

Barren Ground

 Concerns were raised about the vegetation on the side of the road at Barren Ground

This Information was sent to ‘Report it, Sort it’ and Police are currently awaiting a reply.


People do not clean up after their dogs while they are out walking

Police have addressed this issue and posters have been placed in different areas around the Island. If dog owners fail to comply with the law regarding this they will be dealt with.

The Briars

Concerns were raised about drivers speeding in the Briars Village area, the concerned residents would also like speed bumps and traffic signs put in place

Police are monitoring the speeding issue and if anyone is caught speeding they will be dealt with accordingly.  The Roads Section has advised that there is currently no funding available to put in speed bumps however they will put in a new 15mph speed sign.


Team 1 – leave a telephone message on: 25301 or email: Team1@sainthelena.gov.sh

Team 2 – leave a telephone message on: 25302 or email: Team2@sainthelena.gov.sh

Team 3 – leave a telephone message on: 25300 or email: Team3@sainthelena.gov.sh


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7 November 2017

It has been brought to Police attention that a person or persons have been trespassing on Harford Primary School grounds over the weekend.

The public is reminded that Harford Primary School along with all other Island Schools is out of bounds outside of normal working hours.

The public is therefore asked to refrain from trespassing on these premises. All trespassers will be prosecuted.

Anyone with information relating to this incident is asked to please contact Police Headquarters on tel: 22626.

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7 November 2017