The following is a Public Announcement from the Police Directorate:

St Helena Police would like to advise the public that the remaining presentations on Conducted Energy Devices (Tasers) has been rearranged for the following dates and times. All presentations will start at 7pm:

Date Venue
Monday, 1 July Kingshurst Community Centre
Wednesday, 10 July Levelwood Community Centre
Wednesday, 17 July Harford Community Centre
Tuesday, 23 July Jamestown Community Centre

These presentations are being held to raise awareness, educate and provide further information to the public on the carrying and use of Conducted Energy Devices by St Helena Police.

Inspector, Julianne Stevens, said:

“We encourage members of the public to attend these meetings as this is an opportunity for people to understand the Taser and the reason why Police carry them.”

28 June 2019


With the fibre optic cable becoming a closer reality, we want to find out what realising the Digital Strategy would mean for you.

The St Helena Connected Group is chaired by Councillor Lawson Henry and includes representatives from St Helena Government, Sure South Atlantic Ltd, Bank of St Helena, Enterprise St Helena and the Chamber of Commerce. The Group was set up in 2017 and has been working to ensure that the European Development Fund milestones are being achieved to draw down EU funding tranches.

The milestone in 2021 is to achieve ‘improved connectivity of households and businesses [which] will have a substantial positive impact on all socio-economic conditions on the Island’ and in order to achieve this milestone we would like to know what  ‘a positive socio-economic impact’ means to you.

You can feed into the St Helena Connected Group by joining the workshop from 5pm-6pm at the Museum in Jamestown on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, or you can feed in your opinions by filling out our short online questionnaire via:

Your views will help the Group consolidate a vision of what a digitally connected St Helena will look like.

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28 June 2019

The 2019 Register of Electors has today been published in an Extraordinary Gazette. This Register is effective from 1 July 2019.

The 2019 Register of Electors is available on the SHG website at:

Alternatively, hard copies of the Register will be available from the Assistant Registration Officers or from the following locations:

  • Customer Service Centre, Jamestown
  • Public Library, Jamestown
  • ENRD Offices, Scotland
  • The Office of the Registration Officer, the Castle, Jamestown
  • Rural sub-Post Offices

#StHelena #RegisterOfElectors

28 June 2019

The following is a Public Announcement from the Emergency Planning Department:

The Emergency Planning Department would like to advise the public that heavy winds are forecast for St Helena on Sunday, 30 June, and Monday, 1 July, with wind speeds of 30 to 50 knots and gusts between 60 and 70 knots.

The winds are expected to subside late afternoon on Monday, 1 July.

All boat owners are advised to ensure their moorings are secured in these conditions.


28 June 2019

The final phase of the work programme – building the buttress wall near Sundale to further secure the section of rock in the upper Jamestown area – was recently completed (see photos attached).

Undertaken by the masonry crew of the Roads Section, assisted by the Rock Guards, the final work phase included:

  • Completion of final block layers of the buttress wall
  • Reinstating rock fall netting
  • Clean up of area and removal of all construction related materials

Roads Manager, Deon Robbertse, said:

“I am very happy that this work is completed. Big thanks to all the guys that helped with this construction.”

Senior Engineering Geologist, Chad Douglas, added:

“That is an impressive job, great work from all involved!”

Notes to Editors

The Rock Guards, who carry out regular rock stability inspections, expressed concerns about a section of rock in the Upper Jamestown area on 21 June 2018. On 23 June, Senior Engineering Geologist, Chad Douglas, visited the Island to carry out an inspection of the area. His assessments indicated that there is no imminent risk of a rock fall and an appropriate work programme was put in place to further secure the area.

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28 June 2019


The following is a Public Announcement from the Roads Section:

The Roads Section would like to advise the public that Church Lane will remain closed to all vehicular traffic until Friday, 5 July 2019.

This closure is to allow the Roads Section to continue with their maintenance works on the drainage system in Jamestown.

The walkway will remain open during the closure, and appropriate signage will be in place. However, the public is asked to use caution when walking or driving past this area.

The Roads Section would like to thank the public in advance for their continued understanding and cooperation.

28 June 2019

The St Helena Community College (SHCC) hosted their Learning Opportunities Fair on Wednesday, 26 June 2019.

The aim of the Learning Opportunities Fair was to educate and encourage people on St Helena to take advantage of the wide array of training courses on offer at the SHCC to further develop their current skills and qualifications.

The Fair opened with a welcome speech by the Director, Wendy Benjamin. Wendy spoke about the mission of the Education & Employment Directorate, the purpose of the Learning Opportunities Fair, SHCC affiliations and encouraged all to utilise the opportunities provided by the Directorate.

Chairperson of the Education Committee, Councillor Christine Scipio, then gave some words of encouragement. Councillor Scipio said:

“Education is important for everyone at every level. St Helena Government, through the St Helena Community College, strives to ensure that every person on the Island has the opportunity to improve their academic and practical skills which is key to ensuring sustainable economic development for St Helena. 

“I would encourage every person to be ambitious and enthusiastic about their future, challenge themselves, continue learning and make good use of the educational facilities that will allow them to follow their chosen career. We are part of a changing world and we do not know what the future holds.”

Governor Dr Philip Rushbrook, in his speech, highlighted that education is a life-long journey and that continuing the pursuit of knowledge, skills and personal capabilities is vital for our territory, to build our opportunities and to stimulate more confidence, creativity and innovation.

Governor Rushbrook concluded:

“Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.’ I would like to paraphrase that by saying: ‘Education is the most powerful weapon we have to change the lives and prospects of St Helenians.’ This Learning Opportunities Fair illustrates the opportunities for everyone to get involved, to improve your existing abilities or better still to learn new ones. I wish everyone, trainers and prospective learners, every success.”

Throughout the Fair, information was available on the Apprenticeship Scheme, a range of ICT courses, Skills for Success, level 2 and 3 courses, higher level education and community education. The new SHCC Prospectus was also published and many of those in attendance were able to obtain a copy and seek further information.

Assistant Director of Lifelong Learning, Angie Benjamin, said:

“The Learning Opportunities Fair 2019 was another successful event. It was a very positive and productive day and I would like to personally thank everyone who contributed to its success.”

The SHCC would like to inform all members of the community who may have any questions regarding training opportunities or who would like a copy of the Prospectus and application and/or registration forms, to contact the SHCC on tel: 22607 or via email:

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27 June 2019


The following is a Public Announcement from the Police Directorate:

St Helena Police will be holding their second Firearms Amnesty from Monday, 1 July, to Monday, 15 July 2019.

Acting Chief Inspector, Jonathan Thomas, said:

“There are times when a person or family innocently comes into possession of a firearm or ammunition and are unsure what to do with the items, thus retaining them to avoid getting into trouble. This is an opportunity to safely dispose of any of the items without any consequences.”

In addition to firearms and ammunition, the amnesty also extends to knives, other pointed bladed articles, crossbows, any ball bearing sling shots, or any imitating firearms, controlled energy devices (tasers) and pepper spray.

An amnesty bin will be placed at Police Headquarters and anyone wishing to dispose of such items can contact the Control Room Emergency Services for advice on telephone number: 22626 or email:

Notes to Editor:

Possession of a firearm, parts of a firearm or ammunition without a certificate is an offence.

St Helena Police held their last amnesty in September 2014. A total of 34 firearms were handed into the Police and disposed of.

27 June 2019


The St Helena Health Directorate has today received confirmation from the local authority for North Country Quality Foods (NCQF) that the North Country branded products sourced by an importer on St Helena can now be released and once again made available for sale.

The imported North Country branded products i.e. canned pork roll and chopped pork were not handled in any way by North Country Cooked meats but are produced in Denmark and sold through NCQF.

The relevant importer has been notified that they can now release these products for sale.

Notes to Editor

The St Helena Health Directorate was last week made aware by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office that a multi-agency investigation was being carried out into cases of Listeria infection in the UK.

The Listeria outbreak is linked to the pre-packed sandwiches made from ready-to-eat meat manufactured from the company North Country Cooked Meats.

The Environmental Health Section contacted the relevant importer on St Helena who sources products originating from North Country Cooked Meats. The importer was then advised to retain their North Country branded products i.e. canned pork roll and chopped pork, until further investigations were completed in the UK.

#StHelena #Listeria #AltogetherHealthier


26 June 2019