Nicky Adams
Nicky Adams

A new Deputy Headteacher for St Paul’s Primary School arrives on Tuesday 22 April 2014.

Nicky Adams (photo attached) will play a key leadership role in supporting Head Teacher Pat Williams and the team of Teachers and Assistants at St Paul’s Primary.

Director of Education and Employment Colin Moore said:

“This is a crucial appointment for St Paul’s. I am very pleased with the progress that the school has made over the last couple of years and I feel sure that with Nicky’s arrival we will see the school go from strength to strength.

“I know that the staff, pupils and parents of St Paul’s will give Mrs Adams a very warm welcome!”

Nicky is an experienced and successful Deputy Headteacher who has worked in various primary schools in Cape Town.

Nicky added:

“I have had the privilege of teaching for the past 19 years in South Africa – these years being the most challenging but the most fulfilling years of my life. A new chapter in my life is now starting on St Helena and I am excited to continue this journey at St Paul’s Primary School. 

“I am delighted to take up my position beside the Headteacher, staff, parents and pupils who will have my full co-operation and support as we work together. I am coming to the Island to help build the school up, to take it to greater heights and excellence in education.”



15 April 2014

Zoe Robinson
Zoe Robinson

The St Helena Education Directorate is soon to welcome a new Adviser for Primary Education. Zoe Robinson (photo attached) will arrive on 22 April (succeeding Victoria Stapleton) and will play a leading role in helping the Education Directorate to respond to the many changes and challenges that Primary Education will experience over the next few years.

The English curriculum is one of these areas and Zoe will be working with Head Teachers and staff in the Primary Schools to ensure these changes are made smoothly and that primary schools continue to raise the standard of education for all children on St Helena.

Director of Education and Employment Colin Moore said: “I am delighted that Zoe will be joining us. She will be supporting our hard working and dedicated Primary School staff in a variety of ways, including supporting teaching and learning and advising on curriculum content. Zoe will also provide additional expertise and support to our Head Teachers. It is very fortunate that we also have an opportunity for her to work with Victoria over the next few weeks before Victoria completes her contract and leaves the Island.

“Providing the very best primary school education is a priority for me and the Directorate. We want to make sure that children and young people make the most of their opportunities as the Island’s economy begins to expand. A top quality primary education provides the platform to help us to achieve this.”

Zoe is a very experienced and successful primary school educationalist with extensive experience of working in UK primary schools. She commented: “I can’t wait to join the Education Directorate on St Helena. I am passionate about excellent, inclusive education and look forward to building on the successes already happening in the Primary Schools on the Island.

“My family (husband Jeremy and sons Alfie and Zach) and I are also keen to explore, learn about and become part of the St Helena community… although my youngest son, Zach, just wants to stay with Jonathan the Tortoise!”


14 April 2014

Open to the Public from 1pm


Executive Council will meet on Wednesday afternoon, 16 April 2014, in the Council Chamber.

Commencing at 1pm, the meeting will be open to the public for the following Open Agenda items:


  • 2014/15 Government Landlord Housing Rent Increase
  • Land Planning & Development Control, Applications for Referral to Governor in Council 


Executive Council Members are: Ian Rummery, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Leslie Baldwin, Lawson Henry and Wilson Duncan.



14 April 2014 

Arriving on the RMS on 22 April 2014 will be Simon Quinn from Nicholas O’Dwyer Consulting Engineers and Mathieu Le Gourrierec from CAN France.

Nicholas O’Dwyer Consulting Engineers were contracted in 2008 to undertake a number of key tasks, which included designing and supervising the Main Works element of the Jamestown Wharf Improvements Project Phase 1. CAN France was contracted to undertake the construction of these designs, and both contracts are funded from the 9th European Development Fund.

A number of the concrete slabs laid in 2011/12 have now to be replaced or repaired under the defects clause of the contract. These repairs will be managed by CAN France with engineering oversight from Nicholas O’Dwyer, and CAN France has sub-contracted the works to local contractor John Isaac Construction. Works are due to start around 24 April 2014.

These remedial works are at no additional cost to St Helena Government. T

he slabs which are to be repaired are located in the Thompsons Crane area (mid-Wharf, sea side), and all efforts will be made to reduce disruption to Wharf operations during the 2-3 weeks of work. Inevitably there will need to be some temporary alterations to working arrangements, which will be agreed through liaison with all relevant parties.


11 April 2014

Leaving on the RMS St Helena today after a week on-Island are Matt Young and Kedell Worboys MBE, two of the Directors of St Helena Line (SHL), which is responsible – on behalf of St Helena Government – for entering into and managing a contract for St Helena with a shipping management company, currently Andrew Weir Shipping.

The focus of their visit was to engage with Councillors and other interested parties in understanding the role of St Helena Line and discussing options around the withdrawal of the RMS St Helena from its current service in 2016.  There have been various discussions about how St Helena can source the most appropriate and affordable shipping service going forward. 

In looking for the best solution for the Island, SHG has strengthened the position of the Working Group – consisting of SHG officials, representatives from the private sector through the Chamber of Commerce, the Tourism Association and Enterprise St Helena – set up specifically to look at St Helena’s future shipping needs and possible solutions.  The Group is currently examining all options for St Helena, including whether a shipping service to Ascension Island will be viable. 

An invitation for Expressions of Interest to provide a service to St Helena will be issued to the international shipping market by the end of May 2014, with a view to opening discussions and negotiations with potential service providers in the second half of 2014.

SHG Shipping Officer Dax Richards commented:

“A post-Airport shipping service to St Helena is a complex undertaking – but one that is so vital to St Helena that we must make sure we get it right.  Having both Matt and Kedell on-Island over the past week has been extremely helpful and very timely – allowing them to assess and contribute to the intensifying efforts of the Working Group.  It has also strengthened the continuing working relationship between SHL and the Group – key to getting the right level of service for the Island at the right price.”

Kedell Worboys added:

“I very much support the collaborative approach taken by the Working Group and fully endorse Dax’s sentiments. Myself, Matt and the other SHL Directors look forward to assisting the Group as we work towards a solution.”

Further updates on post-Airport shipping will be released in due course.


8 April 2014


Johnathan Holland
Johnathan Holland

Jonathan Holland recently arrived on St Helena to take on the post of Head of HM Customs and Port Control, on a 3 year contract, replacing his predecessor Peter Henderson.

Jonathan will take on a dual role, managing the customs service and the port with a staff of around 20.  Jonathan will ensure that Jamestown Wharf complies with the International Ship and Port Facility (ISPS) Code, which prescribes responsibilities to Government, shipping companies, shipboard personnel, and port/facility staff.   

Jonathan commented:


“Jamestown wharf does have a management and security plan in place but this needs to be updated regularly to fall in line with day to day operations and international obligations.”

During his week on Island, Jonathan has been taking time to meet all key stakeholders and has observed operations, including the arrival of the RMS St Helena.

Jonathan added:

“There are a lot of things I would like to work on, but my intention is not to turn every process upside down.  I would like to incorporate change, but do it in an orderly and gradual fashion.  I am not inclined to fix things that are already working, effectively.

“I have been extremely impressed with the HM Customs and Port Control staff.  They have an overwhelming loyalty to the section and they are versatile in the job that they do, being in an administrative role and then transferring to a front line law enforcement service when the ship arrives.” 

As Jonathan’s experience includes working in the Caribbean and Middle East, he is no stranger to working in a remote location, with the constraints that involves.

He has 31 years’ experience in law enforcement and has worked in nine countries and territories including St Helena.  He spent 15 years in policing in the UK, moving on to Border Protection and Immigration.  Jonathan has also spent time in Iraq to train Police and Customs and Border Security personnel.  He also has experience working in the United States, Canada, Qatar and Abu Dhabi 


8 April 2014


Councillor Baldwin
Councillor Baldwin

Councillors Leslie Baldwin and Gavin Ellick are soon to represent St Helena at conferences in the UK. Councillor Baldwin will depart St Helena on Friday 16 May 2014 to attend the 44th British Isles and Mediterranean Region Annual Conference (BIMR Conference), this year hosted by the Wales Branch of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, in Cardiff Bay from 27-30 May 2014.

The theme for this year’s BIMR Conference is ‘Equality of Access to Democracy’ and during the conference Councillor Baldwin will attend plenary sessions on various issues, including the Campaign for Women in Public Life, Bilingualism and the Role of Official Languages in Parliament, and Youth Parliaments and Engagement of Young Citizens in the Democratic Process.

Councillor Baldwin will also have the opportunity to participate in workshops based around the plenary sessions to discuss women in public life, official languages in Parliament and youth engagement.

On conclusion of the BIMR Conference, Councillor Baldwin will remain in the UK to attend the 63rd Westminster Seminar and Workshop, being held from 16-26 June in London. He will be joined for this conference by Councillor Gavin Ellick who departs St Helena on Thursday 5 June 2014.

The aim of the Seminar and Workshop is to explore Parliamentary democracy, practice and procedure within a Westminster-style framework – to enhance the capacity of Parliamentarians and Clerks. During the Seminar both Councillors Baldwin and Ellick will participate in various briefings, sessions and practical observations.

Councillor Ellick
Councillor Ellick

Topics include the Role of Parliament in Holding the Executive to Account, the relationship between Parliament and the Media, Representation and the Role of the MP in the Constituency, Standards, Privileges and Accountability and the Management and Administration of Parliament, including the work of the Speaker/Presiding Officer and the Commission. Councillors Baldwin and Ellick will return to St Helena in July.

Two photos are attached to this release.


8 April 2014

Aina Hurley Crown Counsel
Aina Hurley Crown Counsel

St Helena Island has a new Crown Counsel. Aina Hurley (photo attached) arrived to the Island on Monday 31 March 2014 and is here on a two year contract working in the Attorney General’s Chambers at the Castle.

Aina acts as a legal representative for the Government and her role will be to provide legal advice to SHG if a case is taken against it. She will also be prosecuting criminal cases working closely with the Attorney General and Solicitor General, other relevant Directorates and the St Helena Police Service.

Aina said: “I’m really enjoying my job so far and I’m very pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to come and work on St Helena. All the staff in the Attorney General’s Chambers have been very helpful and supportive and I’m looking forward in continuing my work here. I aim to do the job of being Crown Counsel to the very best of my ability. I also aim to do my job in a fair and just manner, and hope to be able to form good working relationships with various stakeholders on St Helena.”

Aina has previously worked as a Barrister in Ireland and studied Law at Dublin Trinity College. As part of a student exchange programme, Aina travelled to Atlanta, Georgia in America, spending a year studying at a Law School. She returned to Ireland and trained as a Barrister at the ‘Honourable Society of King’s Inn’ where she studied for a Law degree. Finally, after being trained by experienced Barristers, Aina worked as a self-employed Barrister in Dublin.


4 April 2014

Executive Council met today Tuesday 1 April to consider six items on the Open Agenda.

The first two items related to Government Landlord Housing – dealing with the sale of existing Landlord houses to tenants and the introduction of a new Housing Register and Allocations policy. Both papers had previously been before Executive Council and were taken back to the Social & Community Development Committee for further detailed work. Executive Council was pleased to agree both papers, and further details will be made available to those affected.

The third item was a request for a Variation Order relating to removal of land from the National Forest – in order to facilitate the relocation of the Fire Station. This issue had gone out for public consultation and no adverse comments were received. Therefore Executive Council endorsed the recommendation which allows for development permission now to be sought for the construction of the new Fire Station.

The next item was an Amendment to the Animal Diseases Regulations. Following the recent outbreak of Avian Cholera, it was noted that when these Regulations were last amended a Schedule had been omitted. A new section was also required to give the Agriculture Authority the power to establish temporary Quarantine areas. Executive Council agreed to the required Amendments.

The final two items on the Open Agenda were information papers on the Undertakings and Resolutions made at the two previous formal Legislative Council sessions. These will be tracked to ensure that appropriate actions are undertaken.

On the closed agenda there was a long and informative discussion on the issue of backyard slaughtering, which will be continued when further information has been gathered. 

The meeting ended at 1.15pm.


1 April 2014