Stored Water Levels in Redhill Zone at Approx 18% of Normal Volume

The continued dry weather on St Helena has meant that the water situation in affected areas remains serious.

As we advised both media in a water update on 18 & 19 June respectively, one significant rainfall event (overnight on 14 June) had meant that:

• Although ‘Water levels in the Redhill distribution area remain exceptionally low’ – ‘consumption remained around 250 cubic metres per day’ – meaning 10 days’ supply:

‘Rain which has previously just soaked into the dry ground is now reaching the Earth Dam, but will need several weeks of settling before it can be used

That rain water, from the Harpers 1 & 2 Reservoirs, has now settled and is available as a reserve for the Redhill district water system.

However, compared to the normal Scotts Mill and Harpers reservoir levels at this time of year, this still only represents about 18% of the Redhill water volume that we would normally expect. Piping of additional water to the Scotts Mill reservoir continues and this is helping to stabilise the situation.

It also means that we have moved from around 14 days’ stored supply to over 30 days. But, consumption in the Redhill zone has crept up, to around 300 cubic metres per day.

This means that the situation remains serious, but not critical. Ahead of us lies the drier period between September/October and March.The laying of pipework and preparatory work for the pump to transfer water from Levelwood into the Hutts Gate system continues apace.

Residents served by the Redhill distribution plant are once again urged to continue to lower their water consumption. The Island as a whole is reminded that the Hosepipe Ban is still in force. Every effort to reduce usage must continue in order to stretch water supplies until we receive some more significant rainfall.

9 July 2013

Returning Officer, Gillian Francis, has today appointed the following persons as Presiding Officers and Assistant Presiding Officers for this year’s General Election – to be held on Wednesday, 17 July 2013.

Polling Station

Presiding Officer


Assistant Presiding Officer


Blue Hill Community Centre


Mrs Georgina Young

Mrs Sandra Williams


Half Tree Hollow Community Centre


Mrs Connie Johnson

Mrs Stephanie Crook


Harford Community Centre


Mrs Carol Thompson

Miss Linda Cranfield


Judges Lodge, Alarm Forest


Mrs Brenda Thomas

Mrs Jane Augustus


Kingshurst Community Centre


Mrs Karen Yon

Mrs Cynthia Bennett


Levelwood Community Centre


Mrs Cecily Bateman

Miss Paula Moyce


Jamestown Community Centre


Mrs Olive Williams

Miss Joan Yon


Sandy Bay Community Centre

Mr Gerald Benjamin

Mrs Thelma Sim


Polling Stations will be open from 10am to 7pm on the day of the Poll. Members of the public are encouraged not to leave it until the last minute to vote, as Polling Stations will close at exactly 7pm.


9 July 2013 


There will be one Election on Wednesday 17 July 2013, to elect 12 Councillors to represent the whole Island.  This means that all the candidates’ names will all on one Ballot Paper.

Each voter will be able to select up to 12 candidates.  But you do not have to use all 12 votes – you can just select your one favourite, or two or three – in fact any number up to 12. If you select more than 12, your Ballot Paper will be invalid, and none of your votes will be counted.

Polling Stations at the Levelwood, Harford, Jamestown, Blue Hill, Sandy Bay, Kingshurst and Half Tree Hollow Community Centres and at Judges’ Lodge, Alarm Forest will be open from 10 am to 7 pm. 

Counting of votes will begin in the main hall at Prince Andrew School at approximately 8 pm – after which the results will be declared, with candidates and supporters in attendance.


9 July 2013 


The public are reminded that entries are invited from 10 years and upwards in the St Helena Photography Competition. 

All photos submitted must be taken on St Helena, but otherwise there are no conditions or caveats.  They can be existing photographs that you have already taken, or new ones, and can be on any subject.  For example, your family or friends, your home surroundings, a celebration or your favourite spot on the Island.  Indoors or outdoors, high quality or not – please feel free to submit all types of photographs that reflect any aspect of life on this Island. 

Apart from terrific cash prizes, winning entries will receive publicity as well as being placed on SHG’s new, more visual website.

Prizes for first place (£150), second (£75) and third (£50) will be awarded in each of three age categories.  These are those aged 10-15, 16-21 and 22 years and over.  So get snapping!

Images submitted for judging (a maximum of 5 photos per entry) should be stored on a CD or a memory stick, and placed in an envelope with a description of the pictures and approximate date/s taken, together with your name, age, and contact details.  Your entry should be addressed to Ian Jones, Chief Public Relations Officer, 1 Main Street.  If you have any questions at all about the competition, please call tel. no. 2368.

The closing date for entries is 4pm on Wednesday 31 July 2013.


8 July 2013



Mark Brumbill, Commercial Fisheries Development Manager, left St Helena on Sunday 7 July.  Julian Morris, Chief Executive for Economic Development, said:

“Mark had completed his initial appraisal and report on the St Helena Fishery, which sets out the many opportunities available to the Island. 

“I regret Mark’s departure, which is a loss to the Island, although I fully understand his decision to leave.  After considering a number of factors, including unfair and unwarranted comments from a few individuals, including some very serious personal threats to him and his family, Mark concluded that it would be extremely difficult for him to remain here to help Saints develop a prosperous and sustainable fishing industry.  I am grateful to Mark and his family, who made a significant commitment by leaving their home in Brazil to come here and share Mark’s skills and experience with those who want to see growth in St Helena’s fishing sector. 

“Mark identified great potential for St Helena’s fishery, provided that it can adapt to change, involving various fishing techniques and different approaches to business organisation, all matters on which he was well qualified to advise.  Looking ahead, we will build on his work by supporting a number of local fishing initiatives – the Fish Aggregation Devices and local boats trialling alternative fishing techniques, Argos moving the fishing boat The Argonaut to St Helena, the IGFA initiative and exploring the possibilities with Global Fish.”

On behalf of ESH

8 July 2013

Harry Legg takes the Oaths for Acting Sheriff
Harry Legg takes the Oaths for Acting Sheriff

Harry Legg OBE JP has today been appointed by Governor Capes as Acting Sheriff of St Helena (see attached photo), whilst the current Sheriff, Greta Pat Musk MBE JP, is temporarily away from the Island.

The Sheriff’s prescribed Oaths were taken before His Excellency in the Governor’s Office at the Castle and become immediately effective, until the substantive Sheriff returns to St Helena on 29 July 2013.

The Sheriff of St Helena is nominally responsible for enforcing Court Orders, and this is usually carried out by the police service on the Sheriff’s behalf. The Sheriff is also responsible for summoning Jurors when a Jury is required, either in the Supreme Court or for a Coroner’s Inquest.  The most conspicuous public role, however, is the swearing in of Governors and Acting Governors.



8 July 2013





In the run-up the St Helena General Election on 17 July 2013, there continues to be much interesting discussion about the role of Councillors and officials and the structure of Government.  The public may find this brief summary helpful.



The 12 Councillors (Elected Members) who are elected on 17 July will make up (along with three non-voting members) the Legislative Council – usually known as ‘LegCo’.  LegCo is our Legislature – empowered to make laws.   Technically, it is the Governor who ‘makes’ the law, but he can only do so with the explicit approval of LegCo.  The 2009 Constitution took away the residual power for the Governor to make a law which LegCo had rejected.


The 12 members of LegCo will choose five of them (with the same three non-voting officials) to form the Executive Council – usually known as ‘ExCo’.  The Executive Council is, for most purposes, ‘the Government’ [together with the Council Committees (see below) and LegCo].  All major policy decisions, including proposals to make new laws, or amend existing ones, pass through the Councillors on Executive Council.

Voters who have listened to, or read, the Governor’s ExCo Reports will know the vast range of subjects which ExCo deals with and determines.  Its meetings are, in effect, St Helena’s equivalent of UK Cabinet meetings.  Again, the 2009 Constitution reduced the Governor’s ability to act contrary to the Council’s advice.



Beneath the Executive Council, there will be five Council Committees.  Each will have a Chairman (one of the 12 Elected Members, chosen by them), and each will have a number of other Members.  Non-Councillors may be appointed, but there will be a majority of Councillors. Currently, all Committee Members are Elected Members of LegCo.

Unless the new Councillors advise differently, the five Committees will deal with a wide range of issues under the titles of:

  • Economic Development
  • Heath & Social Services
  • Education
  • Environment & Natural Resources
  • Community Development

These Committees have a central role in Government.  They formulate policies in their subject areas and submit these to ExCo for approval.  The supporting role of officials here is to advise upon, implement and operate approved policies.



The operation of all arms of SHG are governed by and based upon the Partnership Values written into St Helena’s Constitution.  These principles are:


  • Good Faith
  • the Rule of Law
  • Good Government
  • Sound Financial Management
  • the Impartial Administration of Justice
  •  the Impartiality of the St Helena Public Service
  •  the Maintenance of Public Order
  • Compliance with Applicable International Obligations of the UK and of St Helena
  • the Maintenance of International Peace and Security and the Right of Individual or Collective Self-defence


In exercising their responsibilities and powers, all those working within Government have a duty to give effect to these Partnership Values and principles of good governance.




Under the Constitution, every person in St Helena is entitled to the fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual – that is, has those rights, without distinction of any kind, such as sex, sexual orientation, race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin, association, property, age, disability, birth or other status – subject to respect for the rights and freedoms of others and for the public interest.


The Constitution contains extensive rules about fundamental rights and freedoms of the individual, including:

  • the Right to Life, and Protection from Torture or Inhuman Treatment
  • the Right to Liberty
  • Freedoms of Conscience, of Expression, and of Assembly
  • Privacy and Family Life
  • Protection from Discrimination


All those working within Government are under a duty to respect these rights and freedoms.

SHG,  8 July 2013


Recent water samples from the Levelwood area indicate low levels of contamination.

Homes and businesses in Levelwood should boil their water before consuming or for using for domestic purposes.

Further sampling will be carried out next week to identify the cause and rectify the problem.  An update will be issued once the results are available.

On behalf of Connect Saint Helena Ltd

5 July 2013

Good afternoon.

Executive Council met this morning with just one item on the agenda related to the airport project. As mentioned in my EXCO report of 25 June this was to more fully consider a request for an amendment to the consent for the Airport Project, given by the Governor in Council in 2008.

To assist with this we were joined by Deon de Jager from Basil Read, colleagues from the Project Management Unit, and Janet Lawrence from the Access Office.

In 2008 it was proposed that two culverts should be constructed beneath Dry Gut fill to convey the runoff from the Dry Gut catchment and the south western portions of the airfield footprint. Basil Read proposed a design involving a single culvert coupled with an attenuation dam upstream of the culvert inlet.  This was adopted as the Reference Design within the airport contract.

During the design stage a number of alignment options were investigated for the culvert, but it was found that risks were associated with them all, relating primarily to the risk of culvert subsidence.  Basil Read therefore looked at alternatives.  This resulted in a proposal to construct an open drainage diversion channel through the ridge to the south of Dry Gut; this solution would replace the culvert and attenuation dam.


The open channel proposal has been thoroughly reviewed and confirmed as a viable design solution for dealing with drainage in Dry Gut. There are also a number of additional benefits associated with the proposal. For example, without the need to construct the attenuation dam, the impacts in that area of Dry Gut will be reduced.  The channel will also allow easier access for maintenance, thereby reducing long-term maintenance costs.


A further benefit will be that construction of the open channel will make available 600,000 cubic meters of material which can go directly into the Dry Gut fill.  This is a useful bonus as Basil Read has encountered higher quantities than expected of material that is unsuitable to be used as fill.


Noting that the open channel proposal has been through rigorous appraisal from technical, financial, economic, social and environmental perspectives, Executive Council fully agreed that the original consent for the Airport Project should be amended to enable the Open Channel proposal to proceed. And so ended our short meeting.

Unless any other urgent matter arises, this was probably the last meeting of Executive Council before the general election on 17 July.


As I’m sure most of you will know there are 20 candidates confirmed as standing for election. Now it is up to you, the voter, to make sure that on 17 July you are ready to cast your vote. Between now and polling day on 17 July you have plenty of time to listen to what the candidates have to say about how they would like to see St Helena develop.

Do take time to listen to the candidates when they are interviewed on the radio. If you can, do go along to their various public meetings where you can put your questions to them.  The 12 candidates that are successful on polling day will be making decisions about the future of your Island.  So it is absolutely in your interest that on 17 July you should turn out to vote for the candidates that you believe have the ability to provide the leadership that the Island needs to guide it to a successful future, to shape St Helena as you would like to see it.

For my part as Governor, I commit to you to work hard with the Councillors that you elect to move St Helena forward, while always ensuring that we do so guided by the Constitution, its partnership values, and the principles of good governance.

So come rain or shine on 17 July please do use your vote.

Thank you as always for listening and a very good afternoon to you all.

Mark Capes


5 July 2013

Members of the public who wish to view the Register of Electors or to collect Proxy forms, can also do so by contacting their district Assistant Registration Officers.

They are as follows:


  • Half Tree Hollow: Mrs Karen Yon, Mrs Michelle Yon, Mrs Connie Johnson


  • Jamestown: Mr Robert Essex, Mrs Alicia Thomas, Mrs Olive Williams, Mr Douglas Bennett


  • Alarm Forest: Miss Jane Augustus, Mrs Brenda Thomas


  • Longwood: Miss Paula Moyce, Miss Christina Henry


  • Levelwood: Mr Ronald Coleman, Mrs Pamela Joshua


  • Sandy Bay: Mr Alfred Isaac, Miss Anita Legg


  • Blue Hill: Mrs Elizabeth March, Mrs Georgina Young


  • St Paul’s: Miss Alfreda Yon, Mrs Jackie Moyce

Individuals who are not named in the Register of Electors, cannot vote on polling day.  The deadline for submission of Proxy forms is Monday 15 July at 10am.


8 July 2013