The files on this page contain the latest official statistics on St Helena in formats that we hope can be easily used and reused. Data files are organised into ‘Time Series’, which contain longitudinal indicators updated at specified time periods, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually; and “Surveys and Other”, with datasets from a specific survey, enquiry or analysis.


Time Series

File Contains: The data are: The latest data point is: We last updated this file: We expect to publish the next update:
Utilities Indicators on water and electricity supply and consumption Quarterly Quarter 1 2018 May 2018 July 2018
Population Population estimates, the number of births and deaths, and estimates of arrivals and departures Monthly April 2018 May 2018 June 2018
Inflation Price inflation Quarterly Quarter 1 2018 April 2018 July 2018


Surveys and Other Datasets

File Contains: The data are: We last updated this file: We expect to publish the next update:
2017 HES Data used in the report on the 2017 HES From October/November 2017 May 2018 No updates are planned
2016 Census All tabulations from the 2016 Population Census From February, 2016 August 2017 No fixed update schedule
Population Projections Population projections from 2016 to 2022, including age/sex breakdowns by year Annual, for 2016 to 2026 November 2017 No updates are expected


For other published bulletins, reports, or publications, please visit Reports and Publications.