The monthly meeting of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) took place on Thursday, 24 January 2019, and the following is a summary of the main items discussed:

Enterprise St Helena (ESH) delivered a report for the month of December: four Small Medium Enterprise Grant applications – two Agriculture and two Service Industries – were approved during December, resulting in two new businesses registered for tax purposes.  Additionally, ESH, in partnership with the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division (ANRD), is facilitating applications from two syndicates for improvements to pastures.

December saw the Island host St Helena’s first Destination Management Company (DMC)/Tour Operator Symposium with a group of international tour operators and trade journalists, led by the Brighter Group. Their itinerary provided them the opportunity to test the local product whilst working with the local DMCs. Local DMCs gave presentations about their businesses and what they can offer, whilst the tour operators presented what they provide and what they are looking for when working with local DMCs. Overall, it was felt the symposium was a success, however detailed feedback from all parties is currently being collated. Immediate success was obtained with one of the tour operators now selling St Helena on their website.  This brings the total number of tour operators up to 51 from November 2018. During the symposium, the opportunity arose for a round table discussion with international tour operators, SHG, ESH, DFID, Airlink and the Tourism Association to discuss how tourism has been progressing to date.

The tender process for Sandy Bay Beach Road should commence shortly, using estimates produced by the SHG Roads Section. In relation to the potential installation of toilets at High Knoll Fort, this project is subject to available resources, budget approval by ESH Board, planning approval, and identification of end user responsibility for ongoing operation and maintenance. A local firm has been approached to produce an options paper/feasibility study, to include four costed concept designs for stakeholder consideration.

The Peter Greenburg visit was a success, logistically.  Peter and his team stayed on-Island between 4 and 9 December and were subject to a full itinerary of Island offerings which will be used in his online videos and relayed in his radio broadcasts for the purpose of promoting St Helena particularly to the US and online.

The Committee agreed an uplift in fees & charges in respect of Companies fees & Trade Marks Registration fees, the proposed changes to the fees will be submitted to Governor in Council in due course for approval.

ANRD was happy to report that the last consignment of 1,000 day old chicks were in their last week of quarantine and will be issued to the general public along with the appropriate feed. They were vaccinated against fowl pox and will be kept under observation.

Losses have been very light and less than statistics predicted. Expected mortality over the first four weeks is between 18 and 20 chicks, only six chicks were lost. Despite employing five rooms to increase space, some of the chicks began to peck at each other which is likely a reflection of frustrated instincts and boredom. This is being controlled by providing hanging objects and ‘toys’, expanded walk areas, and hanging of fresh picked fodder to occupy them.

In the Closed Session, an update was provided from the Investment Enabling Group. SHG’s Fibre Optic Cable Consultant, Tony Fisk, was on-Island in December and as a result of the landing site survey developed, the January 2019 milestone for EDF11 funding was achieved. A satellite ground station provider visited the Island as part of a first step to developing St Helena’s space and ground satellite station industry (as is the aspiration in the Sustainable Economic Development Plan). The Power Purchasing Agreement (PPA) contract with PASH Global who intend to install a battery and further solar and wind renewable energy is expected to be signed soon.

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8 February 2019

St Helena’s Sea Rescue Service has gained two new recruits, with Angelo Ellick and Duwaine Yon recently joining the team.

Angelo was born on St Helena but spent most of his life in the UK where he attended secondary school and college. Angelo has experience in the safety field having worked as a Security Guard in the UK.

Angelo said:

“I am extremely ecstatic to have been recruited by the St Helena Sea Rescue Service and am happy to have started training as part of the team.

“The ocean has always been my passion, especially our St Helena waters. I love to go swimming and fishing. I also like to stay active in my spare time by walking, running, and diving.

“I’m looking forward to learning all the necessary skills required for the job and expanding my knowledge with regards to boating in general. I’m also highly interested in working towards becoming a Sea Rescue Coxswain.

“I feel I can be of great assistance in keeping the maritime community safe once I have become more competent within my job role.”

Duwaine Yon moved to St Helena with his family in August 2009 and attended Prince Andrew School. Duwaine is a keen swimmer and has represented St Helena three times at international level.

Duwaine said:

“I have always been in and around the water my entire life, whether on a boat or just swimming. Therefore, it’s only natural that I start a career based around the sea.

“I feel that working within the St Helena Sea Rescue Service will give me the chance to give back to the Island’s community. I like to believe that I would put other people’s needs before my own, and have a high regard for safety.

“I am looking forward to the training I will receive, and being able to assist in any of the team’s operations.”

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8 February 2019

The St Helena Minimum Wage increase, which was announced in December 2018, will come into effect on Monday, 1 April 2019.

The Minimum Wage will increase from £3.05 per hour to £3.13 for all employees having attained the age of 18 years and increase from £2.10 to £2.18 per hour for all young people having attained the age of 16 and 17 years.

From 1 April, businesses must ensure that the remuneration they pay is equal to or greater than the new Minimum Wage rates.

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8 February 2019

Three Staff Nurses of the General Hospital – Donna Clingham, Jayne Adams-Duncan, and Sue-Ellen Henry – have successfully passed their final Extended Literature Review (Dissertation) module of their BSc (Hons) Nursing Studies top-up degree, which they started in January 2017.

Donna’s modules included ‘Ethical & Legal Issues in Health and Social Care’, ‘Leadership & Management’, ‘Minor Injuries’, and ‘Mentoring’. Donna said:

“Having completed the degree course, it has made me think and question my, and others’, approach to nursing by looking at evidence-based practice. This includes questions such as ‘is this the right way to perform a task?’ or ‘can we do it differently to improve patient care?’

“Having already specialised in anaesthetic, scrub, and recovery nursing, I would like to think that my nursing degree will help me to gain further experiences in intensive care and airway management.

“I also feel proud having done this course while working full-time and being a mother of two children.”

Jayne’s modules consisted of ‘Mentoring in Practice’, ‘Minor Injuries’, ‘Therapeutic & Diagnostic Reasoning’, and ‘Infection Prevention & Control’. Jayne said:

“I feel that, although I was reluctant to do this course at first, I was glad I persevered with the modules. It not only gave me the knowledge and understanding of various nursing approaches, but I have also gained confidence in myself with my approach to nursing and how I converse with patients. Overall, the course was challenging, especially alongside full-time employment and being a parent. However, having the support from family and friends definitely pushed me and I now feel great relief having passed and, for the moment, no more studying!”  

Sue-Ellen’s modules included ‘Diabetes’, ‘Advance Concept in Palliative Care’, and ‘Asthma’. Sue-Ellen said:

“Having completed the degree, I feel a sense of relief but also satisfaction knowing that my hard work has paid off. I now look forward to working towards becoming a Diabetic Nurse based in the Acute Clinical Setting of the General Hospital. Being a mother, having a full time job, and studying, has at times been difficult, but it has all been worth the challenge now that I have passed.”

SHG has prioritised the development of critical staff and has supported the Health Directorate in providing the opportunity to our nurses to learn and develop. SHG, the Public Health Committee, and the Health Directorate, are proud of Donna, Jayne, and Sue-Ellen for their achievement and congratulate them for their success, hard work, and dedication.

Three Staff Nurses from the original intake are still completing the course, while eight more Nurses have since started.

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8 February 2019

Airport Navigational Aids (Navaids) recertified for a further six months

St Helena Airport underwent a routine six-monthly Navaid flight inspection on Friday, 1, & Saturday, 2 February 2019. The calibration process is managed by Flight Calibration Services Limited (FCSL) and the flights were carried out by TAB Charters SA using the Beechcraft King Air BE20.

The Navaids checked included the Radio Navigation Systems such as the Doppler VHF Omni-directional Radio Range (DVOR), LLZ (Localiser), High Frequency (HF) and Very High Frequency Radio range spectrums and the Precision Approach Path Indicators (PAPIs) on Runway 20/02.

The DVOR enables the pilot of an aircraft flying to or overflying the airport to determine the aircraft position, its range and direction from the runway. The Localiser provides lateral approach guidance to the Runway Centreline, the HF radio enables long distance communication, the VHF enables short distance communication (usually within a range of 300 nautical miles radius) and the PAPIs are visual glide path indicators which enables the pilot to make a three degree visual approach to the runway and will indicate the aircraft altitude status, too high, appropriate altitude, and too low.

All Navaids were recertified and validated for a further six months.

Airlink to carry out Base Training at St Helena Airport on Sunday

Airlink will carry out planned Base Training with the Embraer E190 at St Helena Airport on Sunday, 10 February 2019.  The purpose of the training is for additional crews within the Airlink team to gain experience of operating at St Helena. This will expand the pool of pilots certified with Category C experience to operate to St Helena Airport.

The training will be managed by an Embraer flight instructor and will commence upon arrival of the aircraft from Ascension. The Base Training is expected to last approximately two hours and will include training landings and missed approaches.

Because of this training, the flight from Ascension will arrive at 11am and training is expected to commence at 11.30am – 1.30pm. The departure time for Johannesburg will remain as scheduled at 2.30pm.

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8 February 2019

St Helena has some spectacular marine life including the majestic whale sharks, or bone sharks as they are commonly known here. Seeing and swimming with these creatures during their seasonal visits to the Island is an opportunity not to be missed… and guess what, they’re back in our waters now.

Whale sharks are the largest fish in the world, growing to over 18 metres and 20 tonnes. St Helena is visited by both male and female adult whale sharks in reliable numbers, which is unusual when compared with other places.

Whale sharks frequent St Helena’s waters annually, usually from November and generally disappear April/June peaking in Jan/Feb. It is thought that St Helena may be important for the reproductive cycle of these creatures and a number of the females seen during a large gathering appeared to be pregnant.

Interacting with whale sharks

There are various whale shark tours offered on St Helena. Don’t miss out on the chance to see and even swim with these beautiful creatures, but remember the following guidelines for interacting with them:

  • Deliberately touching or riding whale sharks is strictly prohibited
  • No flash photography
  • All persons are to remain a minimum of 3m swimming distance away from the whale sharks, and a minimum of 4m away from the whale shark tail
  • A total interaction time of 45 minutes is permitted with an individual/ aggregation of whale sharks
  • At any one time only eight snorkelers are permitted in the water with one whale shark/aggregation of whale sharks
  • Only locally accredited tour operators and local recreational boat owners who have received training from EMD’s Marine Section can interact with whale sharks
  • Keeping noise and splashing to a minimum is also important


If you follow these guidelines, whale sharks are undeterred by swimmers although they will sometimes be interested by the bubbles created by finning.


The Island is a safe haven for whale sharks (and many other mega fauna species) and St Helena continues to take a precautionary approach when interacting with them to ensure the environment in which interaction is undertaken is as natural as possible.


St Helena offers one of the best experiences in the world for snorkelling with this species and swimming and snorkelling is a better way of interacting with whale sharks here as they normally swim near the surface. This also gives whale sharks an opportunity to avoid being close to people if they so choose by simply diving below them.

The rules around interacting with whale sharks in and around St Helena have been informed by best practices elsewhere in the world and are supported by logic about guest experience and animal welfare. Please help us continue to provide a safe haven for whale sharks for generations to come.

Further information on whale sharks can be found here:


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7 February 2019




A risk assessment of Jacob’s Ladder has been carried out by Technical Services and the Rock Guards of the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD).

During their assessment it was identified that the Ladder structure has deteriorated further and requires immediate repair to the handrails.

ENRD together with the St Helena National Trust have devised a repair plan for the handrails and a sequence of works to remedy these issues is due to start shortly.

It is anticipated that these repairs can be carried out without having to close the Ladder and we would appreciate the cooperation of the public whilst these works are taking place.

The public will be kept updated.

Notes to Editors:

The ladder ‘inclined plane’ was constructed in the 1820s – a horse-powered machine for hauling goods to the top of the hill on rails using pulleys.  The ‘Ladder Hill Railway’ was in service from 1829 to 1871, and was particularly useful for carrying the large quantities of manure which accumulated in stables, stockyards, etc. out of Jamestown for the use of inland farmers. It was even suggested it could carry passengers but that was considered too dangerous.

Having fallen into disuse it was dismantled by the Royal Engineers in 1871. When the inclined plane was broken up the steps remained and today it is either a short way up or down the valley. The steps are around 11 inches (30cm) high and the same wide, giving it a 1:1 slope.

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5 February 2019



Saint Helena Hotel Development Ltd has engaged BDO LLP, a firm with experience in key sectors such as finance and hospitality, to undertake an assessment of the current and future performance of Mantis St Helena taking into account the recent opening of the Airport and the anticipated growth in tourism demand.

This work will feed into future divestment options and identification of opportunities for improved financial performance. This builds on the decision from Executive Council in 2018 to explore options for raising alternative sources of finance which will feed into the exit strategy.

BDO consultant, Helene Møgelhøj, is currently on-Island for a week and will be meeting with various stakeholders before making an assessment on the future prospects for the hotel.

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5 February 2019








The Highways Authority has given approval for Ladder Hill Road to be closed on Wednesday, 13 February 2019, from 9am to 3pm. This is to enable the Rock Guards to carry out preparation work for a controlled rock fall.

Appropriate signage and flag men will be in place and, as normal, only Emergency Services will be granted access.

Persons wishing to travel in and out of Jamestown during this time must travel across country and via Side Path Road or Constitution Hill Road.

The Roads Section would like to thank the public in advance for their continued understanding and cooperation.

5 February 2019