The Highways Authority has given approval to pilot a new zebra crossing on the road adjacent to the Canister in Jamestown.

A zebra crossing is a type of pedestrian crossing (photo attached) used in many places around the world. Its distinguishing feature is alternating dark and light stripes on the road surface, resembling that of a zebra. A zebra crossing typically gives priority to rights of way to pedestrians.

These road markings not only control traffic by giving orders, they also warn you as a driver that there may be pedestrians crossing or waiting to cross the road.

Zebra crossings are fairly new on St Helena and the following advice is provided to both drivers and pedestrians on what to expect when approaching a zebra crossing:

  • Drivers approaching a zebra crossing should look out for pedestrians waiting to cross from either side of the road (particularly children, the elderly, the disabled and people with children). Be ready to slow down or stop at the ‘give way’ point (broken white lines across the road) to let them cross. Zig Zag markings and a ‘Slow’ sign will be painted on the road to warn drivers that they are approaching a zebra crossing (see diagram here: Zebra Crossing Road Markings)  
  • Drivers must give way to anyone who has stepped on to the crossing. Signal to others that you intend to slow down or stop. Do not signal pedestrians to cross, as another vehicle may be approaching
  • Drivers must not stop on a zebra crossing. On approaching the zebra crossing you must not overtake the moving vehicle nearest to the crossing or the leading vehicle that has stopped to give way to the pedestrian on the crossing
  • Even when there are no zig zag markings you must not park, load or unload goods or passengers, or overtake just before a zebra crossing
  • In traffic queues, leave the zebra crossing clear. Do not stop on the black/white lines of the zebra crossing but stop at the ‘give way’ point (broken white lines across the road
  • Pedestrians should follow the basic road crossing motto ‘Look left, look right and look left again’ before attempting to cross the zebra crossing

This is a pilot scheme and limited signage will be put in place at this moment. The advice to all pedestrians and vehicle operators is to approach this zebra crossing with great care.

Line painting works will be carried out on Wednesday, 13 June 2018, and a separate press release detailing closing times and diversion routes will be issued shortly.

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7 June 2018





The Environment & Natural Resources Directorate (ENRD) would like to advise the public that the main office at Essex House will open at the later time of 9.30am on Tuesday, 12 June 2018, to allow staff to attend a meeting.

ENRD would like to thank the public in advance for their co-operation.

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7 June 2018

Visitors to Horse Point Landfill Site will now see a new sign to promote use of the Public Recycling Facility.

This sign was skilfully created by Landfill Manager, Patrick Crowie, using only waste materials, as a demonstration of the circular economy approach – recycling everything we produce, while at the same time generating zero pollution.

Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, said:

“Patrick has demonstrated excellent resource management and ingenuity, using recycled waste materials, which contributes towards efficiency savings and a reduction of waste to landfill. The sign is a testament to the commitment by Waste Management Services Staff to achieve their mission statement of working in partnership with customers for a cleaner and greener St Helena.”

Horse Point Landfill Site is open 24/7, but in the interest of safety the public is advised not to use the site during the hours of darkness. Please consider recycling your waste before any disposal into the bulky waste cell.

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6 June 2018

The public is advised that the road, from the junction near St Matthew’s Church towards Halley’s Mount and through to the Dungeon Cemetery, will be closed from 9am to 3pm on Thursday, 7, and Friday, 8 June 2018.

This is to allow the Forestry Section of the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division to continue works to remove overhanging trees from the power lines at Halley’s Mount.

Appropriate diversion signs will be in place and, as normal, only emergency services will be granted access.

The Forestry Section would like to thank the public in advance for their co-operation.

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6 June 2018

Heidi Murray recently arrived on-Island to take up her post as Manager of HM Prison.

Heidi is on a two-year contract and brings with her a wealth of experience, working within the British Prison Service for over 12 years and climbing all the way up to Governor Grade, which she achieved in 2010.

Her key objective on St Helena will be to manage HM Prison and Heidi will focus on performance management, monitoring targets and up-skilling staff.

Heidi said:

“I was very nervous about coming to St Helena. Although everyone I spoke to before-hand said how friendly everyone was here, I could never have imagined just how welcoming the Saints would be and how much they would have supported me in the first few days. I already feel I have an excellent team working with me in the Prison, and I am hoping I will be able to build on the work that my predecessor, Lesley Giles, carried out.”

Although a qualified maths teacher, Heidi chose to pursue a career in the Prison Service after visiting HM Prison Cardiff and getting involved in the Restorative Justice Programme. She has since worked in a number of roles in Category A, B, C and D prisons across the UK. These include holding titles such as Head of Residence at HM Prison Cardiff, Head of the Offender Management Unit at HM Prison Winchester and Head of Security at HM Prison Haverigg.

Heidi is a mother of three and grandmother of one and lived with her partner Stephen in a small mining village in South Wales before moving to St Helena.

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6 June 2018

St Helena Government is pleased to announce that Stephanie Jones has been appointed as the new Director of Safeguarding. Stephanie will take up her new role when the current Director, Matt Ansell, completes his contract on 9 July 2018.

As Director of Safeguarding, Stephanie will be responsible for the integrity and quality of social services on St Helena, ensuring that services are provided in the most cost effective and ‘joined up’ way. Stephanie will continue the current focus of a preventative approach and will take forward and lead the implementation of ‘Signs of Safety’ as the practice approach within the Directorate. Her role includes promoting collaboration across services for children and young people, for those with learning disabilities, vulnerable adults and other services such as residential provision.

Stephanie said:

“I am committed to St Helena and have been employed by the Safeguarding Directorate since February 2015. I am eager to continue the good work already achieved in the Directorate and to build on this to ensure vulnerable people remain safe and happy in their community. I am particularly looking forward to working collaboratively with other directorates to implement the Signs of Safety practice framework to deliver a common approach to safeguarding across the Island.”

Stephanie has worked on St Helena in the role of Children Services Manager for the last three years and is committed to the ongoing development of services within the Directorate. Previously, Stephanie has occupied managerial roles in UK local authorities and has also worked as a University Lecturer teaching social work.

Director of Safeguarding, Matt Ansell, concluded:

“Following a competitive recruitment process, Stephanie has been appointed the new Director of Safeguarding. I am really pleased for service continuity that Stephanie is the new Director. Stephanie and I will be spending time over the next few weeks handing over which should provide a smooth transition and reduce the impact of change within the Directorate. Stephanie has been inspirational in her work in Children Services moving the service forward over the last three years and I am sure she will transfer this good work into the role of Director. I wish her every success for the future.

“From my perspective, I will be sad to leave St Helena and I would like to thank all those people who have helped and supported me over the last 16 months. Whilst I am leaving my contract slightly earlier than planned, I have truly enjoyed working and living on St Helena and I wish all its people happiness for the future.”

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6 June 2018

Over the last month, the Health Directorate has made information available to everyone regarding their services. The Health Directorate has put together a Question & Answer information sheet based on queries received following the publications. The Health Directorate is trying to ensure that as much information as possible reaches those who need it the most – that is you the public. If the public is aware of what is offered and when, then we get a better use of our service and a better outcome for everyone.

The below questions and answers will hopefully answer some of the common queries you may have:

 What are the contact numbers for the General Hospital, Clinics and Pharmacy?

The main switchboard number is tel: 22500, from here you can be put through to all other services in the General Hospital and Hospital Administration Building. The number for Half Tree Hollow Clinic is 23563.

What are the opening times for the General Hospital, Clinics and Pharmacy?

 The Hospital does not close. Each Clinic has a different opening time. Full information on opening times have been uploaded to the Health Directorate Section of the SHG website via:

What is the procedure for making/attending an appointment?

You should contact Medical Records on tel: 22321 and request an appointment. When you arrive, please report to Medical Records on the ground floor of the Hospital Administration Building as they will mark you as present for the doctor to see. If you cannot make your appointment, please telephone and cancel as we can offer it to someone else.

Can I call the Hospital to talk to a doctor or nurse about my illness or must I make an appointment?

You can contact the Hospital Staff or the Community Staff for support and advice. If they are concerned they can liaise with a doctor and make a plan. Unfortunately, it is not possible for patients to just call through to doctors, as they will be in consultations with others.

What numbers should I call afterhours or in an emergency?

The number for the Hospital is tel: 22500 at any time. If it is a genuine emergency it is important to call 911.

If I am sick afterhours, do I come to the Hospital or what should I do?

It depends on you and what is wrong. Out-of-hours is for emergencies. If you feel it is an emergency please come to the hospital, if you need an ambulance please call 911. If you are unsure, some simple tips to try first can be: If you have pain, try and take some painkillers first (over the counter meds like paracetamol or ibuprofen).

How long can I expect to wait before a doctor/nurse assesses me?

 If you go to the Hospital out-of-hours, you will have an initial assessment by a nurse within 15 minutes. Depending on the reason for your attendance you may be fully assessed then, or asked to wait whilst other inpatient care is prioritised. Your wait for a doctor will depend on your triage. If you attend the outpatients’ clinic your wait will depend on the number of patients before you and the clinical urgency of your complaint.

Why does a doctor not always see me?

 If you arrive out-of-hours or to a clinic setting without a doctor’s appointment you will be triaged first. Triage helps determine how you and your illness/injury is managed. Nurses are able to offer advice/support and some treatment alongside the Pharmacist. If you need to see a doctor, a decision will be made based on the severity and urgency of your illness/injury as to whether that needs to be right away or in one to two days or a few days. Generally coughs and colds do not require a doctor as they are viral illnesses and self-limiting (meaning they go away on their own).

What can I expect from the Ambulance service? How long will I need to wait before they arrive?

You can expect a professional and competent team to attend you. The team is made up of Nurses, Healthcare Assistants and the Ambulance Technician. The length of time you wait will depend on your location and on the phone call we receive. It is very important if you need an ambulance to dial 911. Then you need to stay calm, stay on the phone and give the Hospital as much information as possible. The staff will organise the ambulance whilst you are on the phone, it will not delay it leaving. The staff may be able to give you help support and instruction whilst the ambulance is on the way, so please do not hang up.

What can I expect if I am admitted into Hospital?

If you are admitted into Hospital as an emergency, you can expect to undergo test and investigations to determine your treatment. You may be admitted for observation if that is needed. You will be admitted into a ward and orientated by the nurses. Your doctors will see you in the mornings to review results and make any further plans. They will keep you informed throughout your stay of what is happening next.

What are the visiting hours for the Hospital?

11am-12pm and 2pm-8pm Monday to Sunday. Visitors are limited two persons per bed space.

How long can I expect to wait for blood test or scan results?

 Up to two weeks after the test. If it is a test that has to be sent off-Island, these can take longer.

Will I be contacted if my blood test/scan/x-ray results are ready or do I need to make contact with the Hospital and if so with who?

We are asking all patients to update their information with Medical Records Officers (home, work, mobile). If your results are normal then we can telephone you and advise you of this and save you a trip to the Hospital. If you haven’t heard from us, please telephone Medical Records and they will find out if you need an appointment or not.

Is there an afterhours’ fee?

There is an out-of-hours consultation fee of £13.50 for residents and £85.00 for visitors and non-residents.

What are the prices for Health Services on St Helena and where can I find these prices?

 Prices can be found on the St Helena Government (SHG) website at:, on the noticeboards at the Hospital and in the Clinics around the Island.

How do I access Mental Health Services?

 The Mental Health Team is based at St John’s Villa within the Hospital grounds, and is available Monday – Friday from 8.30am – 4.30pm. The Mental Health Team offers support for people of any age who may be experiencing emotional distress or mental health problems. You can self-refer or, with your consent, the Mental Health Team can accept referrals from your school, employer, health professional, friends or family. The Health Directorate has Mental Health Nurses and a Psychologist available on-Island, after 4.30pm and at weekends to provide a crisis service. Please contact the main Hospital switchboard on tel: 22500 who will ask the nurse on-call to make contact with you by telephone. If necessary, the Mental Health Team will see a patient at the General Hospital out of hours or offer an appointment the next day.

How confidential is my information?

All medical records are confidential. They can only be accessed by Health Staff. The staff are able to audit who accesses records and when to ensure the system is being used correctly.


If you have any queries or questions regarding the Health Directorate or the services, these can be directed to the Hospital Nursing Officer, Lisa Niemand, via email:  or by tel: 22500 ext: 2040.


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6 June 2018

During the latest round of Councillors’ Constituency Meetings in April 2018, a number of issues were raised by the public on different topics.

Over the next two weeks, each Council Committee will be providing responses to the issues raised during the meetings. This week the focus is on Health with responses provided by the Public Health Committee. 


Hospital Care

The Lift is at the wrong end of the Hospital

The location of the Lift is not changeable and it has been situated where it is based on engineering and building safety constraints. Nevertheless, we take privacy and dignity of our patients very seriously. We will work with the nursing staff and patients to ensure that all is done to make people feel comfortable while they are being transferred from the wards to theatre in hospital garments. This may include using wheelchairs and gurneys even though patients are ambulant and able to walk if this is preferred by the patient because of dignity issues. We will endeavour to discuss with each patient options regarding transfer between the wards and the theatre in order to uphold their preference and maintain dignity. This is the first we have heard of such a complaint and we will address this specifically with patients and enhance the current procedures in place by asking specifically about patient’s preference.

Privacy on the Wards

There was a delay in re-installing curtains on the wards because of poorly fitting fixtures after renovation. We had used mobile screens in the interim. It can now be affirmed that since 3 May 2018 all the beds now have curtains installed that can be drawn by the patient based on preference.

Complaints Management

All complaints are formally recorded and investigated irrespective of how these arrive to the Directorate. Feedback is formally given to complainants and necessary actions taken as identified following investigations. Recently, the Health Directorate has introduced a simple Friends & Family Test which helps collate feedback from patients.

Joint Replacement Surgery

Joint Replacement Surgery has now started on the Island as planned. All surgeries conducted so far have been successful and patients discharged home walking.

Visiting patients at meal times

We take due consideration for all patients on the ward and meal times is best managed in such a manner that everyone on the ward have their privacy maintained as much as possible. There are times that some patients require additional support during meal times from nurses and other healthcare professionals, or family members, we therefore politely ask other visiting family members to visit at other times.

Doctors’ Qualifications

All doctors at the Hospital are qualified.

Difficulty understanding doctors

This is a critical issue and it is important that if any patient has difficulties in understanding the advice or instructions given to them by the doctor they should immediately ask before leaving the Hospital for clarification. If there is still concern, then the Senior Medical Officer, Hospital Nursing Officer or the Health Director can be contacted via the receptionist for additional support. No patient should leave a consultation without understanding their care plan, advice given or instructions.

Hospital Information Board

An Information Board with all critical clinical information and staff names will be put in place once the renovation and re-arrangement of the facility is complete.

Mammogram Machine

The Mammogram Machine developed a fault because of a power surge. It has been repaired at a cost of £8000. We are awaiting a 100kg UPS to avoid repeated breakdown after which it will be back in regular use.

Hospital Appointments

A detailed public announcement was made available on the radio and in local newspapers in May outlining the appointments process. All appointments are available on a first come, first served basis for the approximately 200 appointments each week. Nevertheless, any urgent clinical need will be attended to at the Emergency Department in the Hospital so nobody will be left without urgent care when needed. We will ensure that patients who doctors would like to see for follow-up at specific times are able to get appointments as required.


Scheduled operations can be postponed if an urgent case arises that requires intervention to save life and limb. Such ‘emergency’ or urgent operations also require careful planning to ensure that it is safe to be undertaken. Sometimes, patients need to be stabilised before they can be operated upon and this can take a few hours to a few days. Efforts are made to reschedule postponed planned surgeries as quickly as practicable and convenient for the patients concerned. We understand the inconvenience and difficulties which may arise when people have put support plans in place for a scheduled surgery. We only disrupt planned surgeries when absolutely necessary.

Doctor’s Availability during Whale Watching Season

There is an on-call system and no emergencies have been unable to receive treatment because doctors are not at the Hospital during their leisure/private time.


Overseas Medical Referrals

Access to money, lunch and additional pastoral support

Access to money, lunch and additional pastoral support when referred overseas for treatment are the key concerns raised. There are known issues with setting up the mobile phone e-wallet payment for patients to access the subsistence allowance provided by SHG in the first few days of arrival in South Africa. In order to deal with this issue, patients sent overseas now receive a week’s subsistence on the Island to take along to South Africa.

While in South Africa, support to patients will come from MSO staff, JoAnne and Lance, who are available at Panorama Lodge. The pastoral support available from SHG is not one-to-one or 24/7 and is primarily based on needs. However, any patient in difficulty or in need of additional support should contact Lance and JoAnne directly in South Africa and all efforts will be made to provide support required within existing policy constraints.

Additional cost for Carers

Carers will receive an allowance if the Health Directorate is responsible for sending them with a patient. Carers travelling of their own accord will not receive an allowance.


Visiting Specialists

Plans for specialist visits will be completed in the second quarter of the financial year based on clinical needs and available funding. Patients who will need to be seen by specialists visiting the Island will be given advance notice as usual.


New Service Development

There are no immediate plans to commence additional clinics at other locations on the Island because of staff and budget constraints.

Harmful and hazardous alcohol use has been raised as concerns and the current treatment service will be expanded as required based on identified clinical needs and available funding. This will be explored as part of the Health Directorate’s operational plan for the next financial year.


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Public Health Committee

6 June 2018


A formal meeting of Legislative Council will take place on Friday, 8 June 2018, at 10am, in the Council Chamber. This is the first sitting of the fifth meeting of Legislative Council and will be broadcast live via SAMS Radio 1.

The Order Paper includes nine Sessional Papers. There will also be a Motion relating to the Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2018.

The meeting will conclude with the customary Adjournment Debate, giving each Elected Member the opportunity to raise various Island issues.

A copy of the Order Paper can be viewed on the SHG Website at:

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5 June 2018


The Environment & Natural Resources Committee (ENRC) met on Thursday, 17 May 2018, to discuss a number of issues.

A Committee member had recently held the first meeting with representatives from the St Helena National Trust, the Heritage Society and Enterprise St Helena, regarding to The Run in Jamestown. A site visit had also taken place that revealed several safety issues and the need for urgent maintenance work. It was noted that funding would need to be sourced to carry out most of the work required.

Commercial parking in Jamestown was discussed and the need for the previously agreed survey to be completed was acknowledged before any further work can be pursued.

Ongoing work to create additional parking in Upper Jamestown is progressing. The Roads Inspector and Committee Chairman will undertake a site visit to the playground area at the quarry to review the access to this area, speak with residents who may be affected by the increased volume of traffic in the vicinity and explain the reasons behind the proposed use of the area.

Roadside vegetation and verge cleaning were also discussed. The current weather conditions have made it difficult to contain the vegetation growing on the roadsides or overhanging the Island’s roads. The Roads team are doing their utmost to address this issue within their existing resources.

The funding for Community and District Roads was also talked about as it was felt that some clarity needs to be added in the offer letter emphasising that the applicants must undertake the works themselves, unless permission has been granted for specific reasons to engage the work of a contractor.

Erecting additional bus shelters around the Island was the next topic. The Committee will review the location of new shelters with a view to installing three shelters currently held in storage.

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5 June 2018