Corporate Finance

The Island has its own St Helena currency, generally equivalent to the value of the British sterling pound.

Foreign currency may however be exchanged at the Bank of St Helena, which provides a number of domestic and international services.

Corporate Finance takes the lead in the effective and efficient management of public finances on St Helena for the long term sustainability and economic growth of the Island and oversees the financial management framework and controls that ensure that the Government is accountable to the Legislature and the public in the management and use of public resources. 

This role includes the provision of evidenced-based financial advice to decision makers, ensuring that our systems and processes facilitate trade and business within the economy, the security and collection of key revenues for the Island and the delivery of front line services to the public like Social Security, Pensions, Registry services and Licensing. 

Corporate Finance, through HM Customs & Excise and Port Control, is also responsible for the safety and security of goods and people passing through the two major gateways to the Island, by sea and by air, and for ensuring that effective border control measures are in place in collaboration with other border control agencies to protect and safeguard the local community and businesses.  

Corporate Finance Documents

Budget Speech 2021/22

SHG Financial Statements 2019-20

St Helena Government Budget Book 2020-21

Budget Speech 2020-21

SHG Financial Regulations 2019

SHG Financial Statements 2018-2019

Currency Fund Financial Statement 2019-20

St Helena Financial & Performance Accounts


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