The St Helena Police Service will be running a Parking Awareness Campaign during June 2016. This campaign, similar to that run by the Police Service in November last year, is being revisited following complaints from the community regarding inconsiderate and inappropriate parking in Jamestown.
In response to these concerns, the Police will engage with the local community to seek the agreement of motorists on the appropriate use of the two hour parking bays and yellow lines. Elected Members fully support this campaign to make the roads in Jamestown as safe and user friendly as possible.
Chief of Police Trevor Botting said:
“Concerns have been raised that parking regulations are yet again being ignored by motorists in Jamestown. Following discussions with Elected Members, they are fully in support of policing activity to ensure that parking regulations are enforced in Jamestown.
“My officers will be seeking cooperation through an awareness campaign and ensuring compliance with the regulations. Officers will be distributing leaflets and using local radio stations and newspapers to get their message across.
“I am confident that we will get the cooperation of the local community in managing these concerns but motorists should be warned that where people continually disregard the parking regulations they may well face prosecution.”
Acting Chair of the Highways Authority, Councillor Gavin Ellick added:
“The Highways Authority fully supports the Police parking awareness campaign and hopes that the public will cooperate to ensure safer streets for us all.”
26 May 2016


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