EXCO MEETING – Tuesday 2 February 2016

Open to the Public from 9.30am

 Executive Council will meet on Tuesday, 2 February 2016 in the Council Chamber. Starting at 9.30am, the meeting will be open to the public for three open agenda items:


  • Application for Outline Development Permission – Proposed Millennium Holiday Park, Bradley’s
  • Application for Development Permission to site a water reservoir tank, to allow vehicular access and parking, including retaining wall, screen walls and landscaping  
  • The Welfare of Children (Amendment) Bill, 2016


As Council is effectively sitting as the Land Development Control Authority for the development applications, it has been agreed that applicants and objectors should be given the opportunity to address ExCo – and to answer any relevant questions that Members of Council may ask. 

Applicants and objectors will be allowed up to five minutes to address the Council.  Members of Council may ask questions of the applicant or objectors only in connection with the matter before Council.  Council may also ask the Planning Officer to comment, before debating the proposal and making a decision. Applicants and objectors will not be allowed to take part in ExCo’s discussions – their involvement will be limited to the five-minute address and to answering any questions from Council.    

Applicants and objectors may also, if they wish, provide a written submission to Council prior to the meeting.  This should be sent to the Clerk of Councils on e-mail: gina.benjamin@sainthelena.gov.sh or sec.em@helanta.co.sh

Executive Council Members are: Brian Isaac, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Derek Thomas, Lawson Henry and Gavin Ellick (as a temporary member of ExCo whilst Councillor Ward Pearce is on overseas business). 

Non-voting members of ExCo are: Chief Secretary Roy Burke, Financial Secretary Colin Owen and Acting Attorney General Angelo Berbotto.


1 February 2016


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