Joseph Phippard
Joseph Phippard

Joseph Phippard (pictured) arrived on Island on 17 September 2015 to undertake his role as a Detective Constable specialising in Historic Case Reviews for St Helena Police Service. ‘Joe’ is initially on the Island for one year, with the possibility of an extension.

Joe will specialise in reviewing historic cases and investigations concerning sexual offences where there has been no prosecution. His job will be to establish whether these cases can be progressed and to identify opportunities to take cases forward with the support of victims. He will also assist with other investigations as required.

Joe spoke of the main challenge in his role:

“The resources that would be available for case reviews in the UK are not available on St Helena, but this is not insurmountable and this work is critical to giving victims a voice in the justice system. All of our investigations will involve close working with the Safeguarding Directorate to ensure that victims and witnesses are supported throughout. Joint working is the only way in which we can make real progress in this challenging area.”

Joe originally joined the Royal Navy, serving for over six years before joining Sussex Police. He was based in a busy seaside town and spent three years in uniform before moving into Criminal Investigations. During this period, he became a qualified Detective, spending many years in specialist investigations dealing with offences around vulnerable people. He also has experience of investigations into sexual exploitation and high-tech crime.

Apart from being an accredited criminal investigator, Joe holds an Honours Degree in Applied Investigations in Policing.
Joe concluded:

“My main strengths are attention to detail and an inquisitive mind. Being a people person as well – this naturally led to a career in serious crime investigations.”

23 October 2015

Director of St Helena’s Safeguarding Directorate, Greg Hall, will depart the Island at the end of this year in order to take up another role in Australia. He therefore notified SHG yesterday that he would be resigning from his post.

Greg will continue to implement important safeguarding reforms until Christmas, by which time SHG will be involved in the process of recruiting his successor.

While sad to leave the Island, Greg is looking forward to a new role after a year leading significant developments and improvements to safeguarding on St Helena.

A further announcement about Greg’s departure will be made towards the end of the year.


23 October 2015

As part of the ongoing work towards Airport certification and to enhance how the St Helena Emergency Services work with emergency response teams at the Airport, a Major Incident Exercise will be held on Friday 23 October 2015.
The exercise will centre on the Airport site itself, so there should be no disruption to the roads and wider Island community.

However, at various times, there will be emergency service vehicles responding to the Airport exercise as it develops. Of course, normal service will be maintained throughout the day in respect of local emergency services.
Chief of Police, Trevor Botting.

21 October 2015

Waste Management Services is pleased to introduce a new, free bulky waste collection and disposal service to domestic customers.


 Domestic customers can book free bulky waste collection and disposal by contacting Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, on tel: 24724 or e-mail:

The type and volume of bulky waste will be recorded at the time of booking and a collection date allocated to the customer. The customer may be requested to be present on the date of collection to assist with the loading of their bulky waste into the trailer (dependent on waste volume and weight).

 The bulky waste collection and disposal service will initially operate on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning from 7am.

Collections will be available as follows:


  • Tuesday – Jamestown and Rupert’s, Alarm Forest and Deadwood
  • Wednesday – Sandy Bay and Longwood
  • Thursday – HTH and St Paul’s

The service will be extended to Levelwood on a Wednesday once trenching works between Levelwood and Sandy Bay have been completed and the road reopened.

No fees or charges will apply to this service.

Acceptable Bulky Waste

 Bulky waste must be able to be safely hand-loaded onto the trailer. Acceptable bulky waste includes:


  • Scrap metal
  • Wood
  • White Goods and small electrical appliances
  • Furniture (including mattresses)
  • Vehicle tyres

Non-acceptable Bulky Waste

 Non-acceptable bulky waste includes (but is not limited to):


  • Hazardous waste, including vehicle batteries
  • Whole or part of vehicles
  • Garden or green waste
  • Glass
  • Food waste
  • Other waste – as informed at the time of booking

This service is not available to commercial customers.

 For further information, please contact the Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, on tel: 24724 or e-mail:


20 October 2015


This year’s Careers Fair, led by the Education & Employment Directorate, will take place on Wednesday 28 October 2015 at Prince Andrew School starting at 10am to 3.30pm and re-opening in the evening from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

The annual Careers Fair provides members of the public, students and job seekers with a chance to meet employers face-to-face and gain a real insight into the requirements for different careers on the Island. The Fair also highlights opportunities available and allows people to market themselves to prospective employers.

The Careers Fair is essentially for anyone who is interested in career development.

This year there will be demonstrations by drugs dog Millie and police dog Tommy, and from the Police, Fire and Ambulance response teams. Also Mike Harper and Bevan Youde from 2onMain will be showing off their catering skills. There will also be short presentations by staff members from Solomon & Company, the Public Solicitor’s Office, Enterprise St Helena, Public Health, the Education Directorate and Internal Audit.

The Prince Andrew School Hall will be arranged for visitors to browse the various stalls and see what each organisation has to offer, view displays and ask any questions. Stall holders will include Solomon & Company, Connect St Helena, Bank of St Helena Limited, South Atlantic Media Service (SAMS), Enterprise St Helena, Delco, ProArc, Essence, Stretches Extreme Cuts, Health Directorate, Corporate Services, Police and Prison Services, Fire and Rescue Services, SHAPE and the Education & Employment Directorate.

Careers Fair Coordinator Cynthia Bennett said:

“I am extremely grateful to all participants who are dedicating their time and effort to be present at this Fair. Members of the public are urged to not miss out on this exciting exhibition and the opportunity to broaden your knowledge on careers.”

20 October 2015

At its meeting on 15 October 2015, the Environment & Natural Resources Committee agreed that with effect from Monday 26 October 2015, until further notice, the Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS) will operate under new opening and closing times as follows:


  • Open – Monday to Saturday, 9am to 3pm
  • Closed – Sundays and Public Holidays

On Mondays to Fridays HPLS will be accessible via both the public and commercial entrances, as signposted.

On Saturdays, HPLS will only be accessible via the public entrance. Access to the main site may be provided by the Landfill Operator, depending on the type of waste to be disposed, via the barrier at the Public Recycling Facility.

Site users are requested to kindly follow instructions given by the Landfill Operator.

Waste Management Services is committed to providing a safe and user friendly recycling and disposal facility for the benefit of all residents.

For further information, please contact the Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, on tel: 24724 or email


20 October 2015



What businesses will be inspected?

Any business that prepares or produces food for the public will be inspected. This can range from ships to hotels and B&Bs, to supermarkets, to small retail shops, slaughterhouses to butcheries, to food stalls and vendors, to bakeries, to domestic premises where cakes are baked.

Who will inspect my business and why?

Officers from the Health Directorate’s Environmental Health Section are the Authorised Officers (inspectors) who will check on food hygiene and standards. Businesses will be inspected to make sure that food is safe to eat and that the description of food doesn’t mislead the consumer.

When will my business be inspected?

Inspectors might come on a routine inspection for which they will give ample notice, or if visiting because of a complaint they will visit without an appointment. The officers will have a right to enter and inspect food premises at any reasonable hour.

What will the inspectors do when they visit?

The Inspectors will look how you operate your business to identify potential hazards and to make sure that your business is following the food safety law.  The inspectors will follow the Inspectorate Code of Practice and will show identification if necessary and be polite throughout the visit. They will give you feedback on the inspection, tell you about any hazards they have identified and give necessary advice. When giving advice, the Inspectors will tell you whether you need to do something to comply with the law (a requirement) or whether it would simply be good practice to do something (a recommendation).

The Inspectors will give a reasonable amount of time for changes to be made, except where there is immediate risk to public health. They will also tell you how you can appeal their decisions.

How often will the Inspectors visit?

The frequency of inspections of food premises is based upon risk assessment. Some food premises and businesses will present a higher risk to the consumer than others. This is dependent upon a number of factors, such as the type of food business, the nature of the food, the degree of handling and the size of the business. Those premises posing a higher risk to the consumer are likely to be inspected more frequently than those premises with a lower risk. Food premises will be inspected within the range of at least every 12 months (eg. food manufacturers) to at least every 24 months (eg. vegetable shops).

These are only minimum inspection frequencies and the Inspectors may carry out more frequent inspections where they consider this appropriate.

What further action can the Inspectors take?

When they think it is necessary in order to protect the public, Inspectors can:

  • Take samples and photographs of food and inspect your records
  • Write to you, asking you to put right any problems
  • Detain or seize suspect foods, and
  • Serve Notices

If at any time you disagree with the action taken by an Inspector you can contact the Health Protection Board or appeal to the Magistrates’ Court.


29 September 2015

Stacey Thomas
Stacey Thomas

Stacey Thomas left St Helena in August 2011 to embark on her Foundation Degree in Learning Support.  On completing this course with Distinction, Stacey then enrolled on her final year of the BEd (Primary) programme, in which she achieved a First Class Honours Degree.

At foundation level, Stacey focused on behaviour management, ICT for supporting teaching and learning, inclusion frameworks and issues, working with children with specific learning difficulties, speech and language difficulties, autism and a practice-based enquiry.

Stacey spoke of her focus on studying Learning Support:

“The knowledge I gained from the Foundation Degree in Learning Support has proven to be very beneficial to my career, as a teacher, and I believe it will continue to do so.  Having the awareness of different learning difficulties can support early identification and the strategies learnt to support these difficulties can help to reduce barriers to learning.” 

Stacey also undertook work placements as a teaching assistant and taught as an unqualified teacher, at a special educational needs school, for pupils with moderate learning difficulties, gaining valuable experience for her final BEd year.

Whilst studying for her Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Stacey also covered: How to Become an Outstanding Maths Teacher, English across the Curriculum, Developing a Creative Curriculum, Developing Professional Practice Projects and completed her final teaching practice with a year 4 class.

Stacey said:

“My work placements were of paramount importance to my degree as it provided the opportunity to apply my learning from lectures to my classroom practice.”

After completing her BEd, Stacey decided to stay in the UK, to complete her induction year as a Newly Qualified Teacher.  She gained employment in a UK school, as a KS1 teacher. A particular challenge during this year was the introduction of the new national curriculum.

Stacey remarked:

“During this year, we trailed new methods of planning and assessment based on the needs of our school.  I taught all core subjects (Literacy, Maths and Science) alongside of several foundation subjects (History, Geography, Art, D&T, PE…).  Despite being a challenging year, this was the year that I learnt and enjoyed the most as I gained firsthand experience of being a teacher, in the UK.” 

Stacey is now employed as a Year 1 and 2 Class Teacher at Harford Primary School, and is hoping to implement many of the skills she has learnt and used whilst teaching in the UK.


29 September 2015 



History was made on St Helena on Tuesday 15 September 2015, as a Beechcraft King Air 200 aircraft touched down at St Helena’s new Airport.

18 minutes of footage showing the plane approaching the runway, landing on the Island and making history – followed by interviews with key personnel – will be shown on Local TV 2 from this evening (Monday) until Wednesday 30 September 2015, at 7pm each day.


28 September 2015