The Transport Section of the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate has recently introduced uniforms to their workforce.

The new uniform includes black overalls & trousers and grey shirts & polo shirts along with yellow hi-vis clothing. The colours black and grey were chosen due to the nature of work that most staff perform. The uniform will allow the public to distinguish between SHG services, and can be identified by the section’s new logo which depicts the outline of a car and spanner.

Senior Transport Manager, Nicholas George, commented:

“The use of uniforms within the Transport Section has been planned for a while but only progressed late last year when a logo was decided on. As a service provider for SHG and the public, staff are required to enter various work places. With their new uniform staff can now be easily identified. Other sections such as Corporate IT, ANRD Veterinary and the Biosecurity teams wear a uniform which looks more professional and identifiable. I would therefore like to see other, if not all, directorates and sections introduce uniforms as part of SHG’s progress towards branding.”

 In future, the Transport Section hopes to introduce ID and name badges to their workforce.

Located at Donkey Plain, the Transport Section is a service provider for St Helena Government (SHG) that collects specifications of required vehicles, sources and procures vehicles and equipment, rents vehicles to all SHG sections, maintains all SHG vehicles and equipment and provides or hires plant equipment to SHG and the public.

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9 July 2018

St Helena Police have been consulting with the Island community as part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme. A series of meetings and surgeries were held in June which were well attended, and a range of subjects discussed.

Concerns raised in various districts include:


Members of the public felt that the double yellow lines in Jamestown needed repainting. 

Police spoke to the Chairman of the Environment & Natural Resources Committee who is addressing this issue.


Concerns were highlighted about the untidy beach area. Persons felt the area needed cleaning and the huts needed to be renovated.

This concern was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’.

Half Tree Hollow

Concerns were raised about the condition of the public toilets opposite the Salvation Army Hall, which have not only been left in an unclean state but which are also in need of renovation.

This concern was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ and Police are awaiting a reply. If anyone is caught defacing the public toilets or leaving them filthy in any way, they could be dealt with for criminal damage.

Thompsons Hill

Members of the public raised a concern about the overgrown vegetation on the road sides from Crack Plain to Mr Ken Henry’s residence. Persons felt this issue has made it difficult and dangerous for the public when using these roads and is considered a road safety issue.

This concern has been sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ and Police are awaiting a reply.


Concerns were raised over the number of pot holes which are currently on the field of Longwood Avenue. This is a popular area for the community and visitors to socialise. The area also has a recreational playground for children to enjoy. Members of the public felt that the pot holes pose a hazard to both children and adults who frequently use this area, as they run the risk of twisting an ankle.

This concern was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ and Police are awaiting a reply.

Concerns were raised about the long grass on Longwood Avenue. Persons felt that as this is a recreational area, the long grass should be cut and the area maintained.

This concern was sent to ‘Report It, Sort It’ and Police are awaiting a reply.

Concerns were highlighted over the amount of rubbish seen on Longwood Avenue.

Police will be making regular checks on the area and also talking to persons in the vicinity. An email will also be sent to Waste Management Services.

Police would like to remind the public that it is an offence to be littering. Any persons found committing this offence will be dealt with. The public is reminded to please use the litter bins provided.


Team 1 – leave a telephone message on 25301 or email:

Team 2 – leave a telephone message on 25302 or email:

Team 3 – leave a telephone message on 25300 or email:

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6 July 2018

A meeting of Executive Council will take place in the Council Chamber at 9.30am on Tuesday, 10 July 2018.

The following item will be discussed on the Open Agenda:

  • Telecommunications (Amendment) Regulations, 2018

This paper (ExCo Memo) is available online at the following link:

Members of the public who would like to view hard copies of the ExCo Memo should contact the Clerk of Councils, Lydia Buchanan, at the Castle on tel: 22470 or via email:

Elected Members serving on Executive Council are Councillors Anthony Green, Lawson Henry, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Derek Thomas and Russell Yon.

Non-voting members of Executive Council are Chief Secretary, Susan O’Bey, Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, and Attorney General, Sara O’Donnell.

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6 July 2018

The Health Directorate launched their new Smoking Cessation Support clinic to help smokers who want to quit on Sunday, 1 July 2018. The service, run by Community Nurses who have been receiving specialist training in smoking cessation, has proved popular so far. The free offer of a four week trial of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) in particular is being keenly taken up by people who have thought about quitting and saw this as an opportunity to get some help and have a better chance of success.

Health Promotion & Social Marketing Lead, Dr Angie Jackson-Morris, commented:

“We know from local data here on St Helena that around one fifth of current smokers have seriously thought about quitting, and one in ten have had a serious try during the last 12 months. The research evidence shows that quitting is much more effective when people have advice and support alongside use of NRT and we are now able to offer this via the new service and the availability of the free four week course of NRT for anyone who wants to quit.”

Hospital Nursing Officer, Lisa Niemand, who is leading the nursing staff team delivering the service, added:

“It’s great to see that people are starting to use the new service. As an ex-smoker myself I know that having help to quit is really important, and also Nicotine Replacement Therapy makes a big difference to being successful.”

The service provides motivation, support, and advice for people who want to quit, especially those who have tried unsuccessfully in the past. Appointments can be booked with Medical Records at the Hospital or by calling 23563.

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6 July 2018

Michael Cotterall from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Anthony Douglas CBE, from the Children & Family Court and Advisory & Support Service (Cafcass) arrived on St Helena on  Saturday, 23 June 2018.

Michael and Anthony spent a week on-Island undertaking a review of how services across all parts of St Helena support the welfare and safety of children living on the Island.

Michael is a Senior Policy Officer based in the Child Safeguarding Unit of the FCO in the UK.

Michael explained:

“The UK Government is supporting the Overseas Territories in their commitment to ensuring the highest possible standards of protection for children.  We recognise the significant efforts that St Helena has invested in child safeguarding in the last few years, and want to understand how we can support St Helena in consolidating the progress that has been made.”

Anthony Douglas has been Chief Executive of Cafcass, the specialist national agency that supports over 130,000 children in public and private law cases every year, since 2004. He was Chair of the British Association for Adoption and Fostering (BAAF) from 2005 – 2015. Anthony was awarded a CBE in 2008 for his work in family justice and adoption.

Following discussions between the FCO and St Helena, FCO commissioned Anthony to support St Helena to review the services that support and protect children and to work with the professionals on the Island to consider future technical support that can be provided to help ensure that services are both fit for purpose and sustainable into the future.

During their week’s work on the Island, Michael and Anthony met with all Elected Members, the Chief Secretary and her Core Leadership Group and a range of professionals from the Health, Police, Education and Safeguarding Directorates and the Attorney General’s Chambers. More importantly, Anthony met with children who have experienced services for any additional needs and parents who have worked with Children’s Services.

Director of Safeguarding, Matt Ansell, said:

“We have been working with Michael from the FCO for several months to develop a working and supportive relationship which will help us ensure that services are safe and sustainable for the future. It has been a pleasure working with Anthony this week and hugely beneficial for services on the Island to have the input, oversight and support from someone as experienced and knowledgeable in the field of Children’s Services. We are looking forward to ongoing work with the FCO to ensure that we continue to develop and improve the way that all professionals and the wider community safeguard and protect children on St Helena.”

Anthony concluded:

“I was impressed by the strong and positive outcomes achieved by all involved with Children’s Services in the last few years, which undoubtedly leave vulnerable children living more safely and with stronger life chances. My programme of work was superbly supported and organised and I found the Island and islanders to be determined and resourceful within all of the constraints and challenges they face. I look forward to discussing the next steps and way forward so that further improvements in services to the most vulnerable children on St Helena can be achieved.”

St Helena Government will consider how to take forward any recommendations arising from the visit with the Safeguarding of Children Board, responsible for oversight and delivery. The UK Government will continue to engage with St Helena in support of its work in this area.

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5 July 2018

Today, Thursday 5 July 2018, at St Helena Magistrates Court, Jeremy Crowie of Deadwood was sentenced to a 16-month Probation Order for the offence of burglary and ordered to pay £300 in compensation. He had earlier pled guilty having been on remand since 15 June 2018.

This matter relates to a ‘break in’ at Longwood Supermarket (Rose & Crown Ltd), back in August 2017, whereby damage to the building and stock was caused by Mr Crowie as he attempted to steal.

Investigating Officer, trainee Detective Constable Clark, said:

“I would like to thank those members of the community that came forward with information, their assistance along with the use of the latest in forensic techniques led us to Mr Crowie. This investigation and outcome should send a clear message to those individuals who choose to steal from their fellow islanders – they will be brought to justice no matter when the crime was committed.

“If anyone has information about individuals committing a crime, then I would urge you to come forward, you can give your information in confidence to the Criminal Investigations Department via email: or tel: 22626 or speak to an officer of your choice.”

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5 July 2018

As part of their Neighbourhood Policing Programme, St Helena Police Officers will continue their ‘beat surgeries’ in various places around the Island throughout July 2018.

These surgeries are designed to take place in busy areas where it is easier for more people to attend. Members of the public are encouraged to use these surgeries to raise any concerns or issues affecting them, or to report crimes or give information on any offences or offenders. Police will also be available for community engagement, consultation, help and advice.

Please see below the dates and times for July.

Beat Surgeries – Dates & Times

Date Time Venue
Friday, 6 July 5pm – 7pm Lower Jamestown
Saturday, 7 July 2pm – 4pm Francis Plain
Monday,  9 July 10am – 12pm Sandy Bay Community Centre
Tuesday, 10 July 10am – 12pm Blue Hill Shop
Thursday, 12 July 5pm – 7pm Alarm Forest
Saturday, 14 July 11am – 1pm Briars/Rupert’s
Saturday, 14 July 10am – 12pm Silver Hill Bar
Monday, 16 July 10am – 12pm Phillip John’s Shop, St Paul’s
Thursday, 19 July 4pm – 6.30pm Longwood Green
Saturday, 21 July 10am – 12pm Sandy Bay shops
Thursday,  26 July 4.30pm – 6.30pm McDaniel’s shop, Cleughs Plain
Tuesday, 31 July 2pm – 4pm Lower Jamestown


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5 July 2018


A significant south-westerly swell is forecast for St Helena from Saturday, 7 July, to Sunday, 8 July 2018. This may result in unsettled sea conditions in James Bay and Rupert’s Bay.

The public is therefore asked to use caution when accessing the Sea Front area. To avoid damage to vehicles, drivers are asked to take care when parking near the safety rails. Care should also be taken in the Rupert’s Beach, Shears and Wharf areas.

Port Control will be monitoring sea conditions and may restrict access to the Sea Front, Jamestown Wharf, and Rupert’s Jetty if conditions worsen.

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4 July 2018

During the latest round of Councillors’ Constituency Meetings in April 2018, a number of issues were raised by the public on different topics.

Over the next few weeks, each Council Committee will be providing responses to the issues raised during the meetings. This week the focus is on Social & Community Development with responses provided by the Social & Community Development Committee. 



Occasional liquor licences – Is it too complicated, why 26 occasions, why not 52 times or a year, how many clients will this support?

The Liquor (Amendment) Bill, 2018, was approved at the formal Legislative Council meeting held on Friday, 29 June 2018, and the Ordinance will come into force on Friday, 6 July 2018.

The new legislation allows for one application where the location and other arrangements for the sale and consumption of alcohol are identical – simplifying the procedure. A licence will now be valid for no more than 26 specified occasions covering no more than two days in any seven day period and no more than two consecutive days. 26 occasions was based on an analysis of previous applications. At least one business will be supported but the legislation may allow for such businesses to become more attractive.

Annual liquor licence – why does this need to go to Court at all?

This is a requirement of the law, section 4 of the Liquor Ordinance is relevant.

Marriage (Amendment) Regulations 2018 – Will the Castle have disabled access in future to help facilitate civil marriages?

 There are currently no plans to provide a disabled access at the Castle. As no specific room in the Castle is solely allocated for the Registrar General to perform their duties a ceremony could be conducted on the ground floor if specifically requested which would allow the disabled to have easy access.

Marriage Regulations – Why do locations need disabled access as currently the Castle does not have this facility? There are also no toilet facilities available when marriages take place in the Castle.

Toilet facilities in the Castle Courtyard will be made available when marriages take place at the Castle.

Welfare of Children (Children’s Residential Home) Regulations – Is this in line with the UK?

These Regulations are broadly based on what happens in the UK but have been modified to the specific circumstances and needs of St Helena.

Benefits Review – What is happening with the benefits review as this is taking far too long?

This is not a straight forward exercise and a working group has been tasked with how best this should be taken forward.


Is SHG seeking Carers from offshore?

If funding becomes available, the Directorate has plans to recruit some suitably qualified staff from overseas to ensure the delivery of safe services to the elderly.

Is the Safeguarding Director leaving the Island before the end of his contract and can SHG recoup some of these costs?

The relationship/contractual agreement between the employee (Safeguarding Director) and the employer (SHG) is confidential and it would be inappropriate to divulge any information relating to this agreement.


How many Technical Cooperation (TC) Officers are employed by Safeguarding?

There are eight TC officers within the Safeguarding Directorate.

What has happened to ID cards? These policies were put in place to help youngsters but if no one is policing it, it becomes a waste of time and money.

The Age Verification Card scheme is still running and cards are available and issued on application by the St Helena Police Directorate.

Any enquiries for future applications can be directed to DC Clark.

This is a free service and the aim of the scheme is to prevent the sale of alcohol to young persons and to protect the licensee.

The licensees are the individuals who will police and challenge the young persons and ask for the age verification card if they look under 21 years of age in a bar.

What is BIP and how does it work?

BIP (Basic Island Pension) is a form of social benefit that provides those over the age of 65 who have worked on the Island for more than 20 years, with an income.  This is a separate benefit to the Income Related Benefits (IRB).

It is an individual benefit i.e. not based on a household or group of people and is paid directly to individuals.  All persons aged 65 or older, who are physically present on St Helena and have completed at least 20 qualifying years on St Helena, which is supported by evidence, are entitled to BIP.

A qualifying year means any year during which you were:

(a) over the age of 15 years

(b) physically present on St Helena for a period exceeding six months in a year; and

(c) for the whole year –

(i) was engaged in employment (including self-employment) on St Helena and (in the case of self-employment) filed a tax return in respect of that year

(ii) worked on a family farm or in a family business, regardless of whether or not the person was paid for such work

(iii) had a child under the age of 5 years or was caring for his or her disabled child; or

(iv) was in receipt of a disability pension or carer’s allowance paid by the Government of St Helena, or, had the current rules for payment of such disability pension or carer’s allowance applied at the time, would have been entitled to such a pension or allowance.

You will also be treated as physically present on St Helena, and engaged in employment on St Helena above, at any time when you were ordinarily resident on St Helena and was employed as a member of the crew of the RMS St Helena.

The full BIP per week is currently £67.30 and is based on the Minimum Income Standard.  The Minimum Income Standard is reviewed every six months.

If you have 30 qualifying years or more you are entitled to 100% of the BIP (currently £67.30)

If you have 25 qualifying years but less than 30 qualifying years you are entitled to 75% of the BIP (currently £50.48)

If you have 20 qualifying years but less than 25 qualifying years you are entitled to 50% of the BIP (currently £33.65)

However, the amounts described above, are reduced if you also receive a pension from elsewhere including pensions from overseas.  The reduction applied is the amount of the other pension that exceeds £20 per week.

Constituents felt the BIP application form is too intrusive

The BIP application form asks for personal identification details i.e. name, address, date of birth and contact details.  It also asks for details of work for years spent working on the Island from age 15, looking after your own child under five years of age, details of years spent off the Island, details of carer’s allowance that you may have received or disability pension and details of any other pension received.  This is all essential information to determine whether you are entitled to BIP and at what rate.

Recent power outage – when the emergency number was called, no one was available.

This was put to Connect Saint Helena Ltd who could not offer an explanation other than the constituent was calling the wrong number.

Can we get SAMS to rebroadcast formal Legislative Council meetings in the evenings?

This comment has been passed to SAMS.

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 Social & Community Development Committee

4 July 2018

The St Helena Community College (SHCC) will host their first ever Learning Opportunities Fair at the Education Learning Centre on Thursday, 12 July 2018, from 10am to 6pm.

The SHCC Learning Opportunities Fair is an open day that will give everyone on St Helena a chance to learn more about what the College has on offer for the 2018/19 academic year.

The aim of the Learning Opportunities Fair is to educate and encourage people on St Helena to take advantage of the wide array of training courses on offer at the SHCC to further develop their current skills and qualifications.

While there are some similarities to the Careers Fair, the Learning Opportunities Fair will focus solely on the wide range of training and upskilling opportunities currently available on St Helena.

There will be a host of events during the day for visitors to find out more about the different kinds of training available through the SHCC and to talk to people involved in delivering the training. These will include video conference sessions with various Overseas Training Providers explaining more about their distance learning courses and qualifications.

Director of Education & Employment, Shirley Wahler, said:

“In less than two years of operation, the SHCC has continued to grow and expand, demonstrating the tremendous interest in training and education on St Helena. We are proud to announce a wide range of new training opportunities for the new school year, including exciting training that is new to St Helena. We hope that visitors to the Learning Opportunities Fair will be inspired to undertake training to support their personal and professional development.”

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3 July 2018