St Helena Police’ Chief Inspector, Steve Riley, will depart the Island on Sunday, 15 July 2018, having completed his contract with St Helena Government.

Steve, along with his wife Joanna and three children, arrived on St Helena in May 2016. During his two years on-Island, Steve has brought into force Neighbourhood Policing and has helped to train local staff for supervisory and major incident command roles. He has also developed a Police Firearms capability and carried out the Acting Chief of Police role on several occasions.

Steve (2nd from left) during Firarms Training

Steve said:

“I want to thank all of my colleagues whom I have worked with over the past couple of years. I think we have achieved a lot together and I wish them every success in the future. On behalf of my family, I would also like to thank the community of St Helena. My wife, children, and I have been made to feel incredibly welcome and over the past two years have made real friendships which will last long after we have gone.

“I will miss the incredible sunsets and the southern skies at night, though I won’t miss the country music on a Sunday morning! However timing they say is everything and my lasting reflection of my time here is that I have been incredibly fortunate to have lived and worked on this beautiful remote Island at a turning point in its history.”

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13 July 2018


St Helena Police are appealing for witnesses to a burglary that took place at a residence in the Ladder Hill area during the daytime hours of Wednesday, 11 July 2018.

A large sum of St Helena Pounds was stolen, as well as a large sum of Sterling Pounds and American Dollars. The St Helena Pounds were mostly made up of £20 and £10 notes. The Sterling was made up completely of £20 and £10 notes and the American Dollars contained one $50 note as well as $20 and $10 notes.

Should anyone have any information, no matter how small it may seem, about the burglary or have been offered an amount of cash including in Sterling or American Dollars they are urged to contact Detective Constable, Joe Phippard, on tel: 22626 (ext 210). Your call will be treated in confidence.

DC Joe Phippard said:

“This is a crime against the community of St Helena with a real loss felt by the individuals involved. Working together we can stop and prevent this type of crime from spreading.”

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13 July 2018

St Helena Police are pleased to announce that four officers, two on-Island and two based on Ascension Island, have recently passed their Sergeant Exams.

Over the past few months, PC Amber Isaac, Acting Sgt Michelle Thomas-Lawrence, PC Mick Hawken, and Acting Sgt Cyndi Corney have worked towards achieving their Sergeant qualifications.

This process involved taking a law exam based on St Helena Ordinances and then testing their knowledge across a variety of operational scenarios.

All four Officers successfully passed the process and are now suitable for promotion to Sergeant over the next 12 months.

Chief Inspector, Steve Riley, said:

“I want to congratulate all four Officers who undertook this rigorous process. Some of the performances were outstanding. This is a really important step as it provides local officers with a clear path for future advancement within the Police Service both on St Helena and on Ascension Island.”

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13 July 2018

Executive Council met on Thursday, 12 July, for a special meeting with just one substantive item on the Open Agenda. This was the amendment to the Telecommunications Regulations, 2018, which had been deferred from the last meeting. Members agreed the amended Regulations in principle subject to receiving clarification on some of the tariffs.

There was one substantive item on the Closed Agenda which was the Appropriation Bill 2018/19, St Helena Government Budget. Members agreed that the Bill should be published and presented as Government business at the next formal Legislative Council Meeting scheduled to be held on Friday, 27 July 2018.

The Appropriation Bill 2018/19 is available on the Publications page of the SHG website.

The meeting closed at 3.55pm.


13 July 2018

Two statistical updates have been released on July 11, 2018 as follows:

Production, including animal slaughtering, fish catches and sales, and forestry, to the end of 2017.

Weather and climate, including rainfall, sunshine, wind and humidity, to May 2018

Additional statistical series and indicators are available on the Statistics Data page, and published statistical reports, including Statistical Bulletins, can be found on the Statistics Reports and Publications page.

We welcome comments and suggestions on any of the statistics published by the Statistics Office. Please email:, call tel: 22138, or visit the office in person on the second floor of the Castle, Jamestown.

St Helena Police and partners within the Safeguarding Directorate work closely together to ensure young people are kept safe on St Helena in relation to Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE).

At Jamestown Magistrates Court yesterday, Thursday 12 July 2018, 18 year old male, Anelka Leo, was sentenced to a total of six months imprisonment for the offence of Unlawful Sexual Intercourse with a girl under the age of 16 years.

The Police and Safeguarding directorates would like to reassure all young people who may have been sexually harassed in any way that you can come forward and talk to them in confidence. You will be listened to and the matter taken very seriously as was demonstrated yesterday.

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13 July 2018

In 2016, St Helena Police, with the support of the Safeguarding Directorate, introduced Age Verification Cards to provide proof of a person’s age when purchasing alcohol and cigarettes from both shops and bars.

These cards help protect businesses plus owners and staff of licensed premises, ensuring that they comply with the law and do not sell alcohol and cigarettes to customers under the age of 18. Customers who appear to be under the age of 21 will be asked to provide identification before being served any alcohol or cigarettes.

The number of applications for the Age Verification Cards has recently declined from the initial numbers in 2016 and the public is therefore reminded of this free service.

Sergeant Anthony Clingham said:

“I appeal to those concerned, if you do not have a card please get an application form from the St Helena Police Directorate at Coleman’s House and apply as soon as possible.”

The Police Service will continue to work with businesses and partners to ensure that guidance is given on best practice for the protection of young persons on St Helena. The Police regularly visit all current licensed premises and will work together to support those applying for new licenses to ensure that they adopt this scheme.

The free Age Verification Card application forms are also available from various licensed premises around the Island including Donny’s Bar, The Consulate Hotel, The Standard, The White Horse, The Mule Yard, Rosie’s, The Oasis, Colin’s Bar, Moonshine’s Bar, Silver Hill Bar, V2 Paradise and Wicked Wahoo.

Production of this card by a person at the point of sale provides licensees and their staff with the confidence of knowing that the cardholder aged 18 years or over. For young people it means that they can enjoy their night out having quickly confirmed their age, without the embarrassment of being refused service.

For further information on the cards, please contact Sergeant Anthony Clingham or Detective Constable Jonathan Clark on tel: 22626 or via email: or

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12 July 2018

The St Helena Community College (SHCC) has today, Thursday 12 July 2018, opened its doors to the public for the first ever Learning Opportunities Fair.

The aim of the Learning Opportunities Fair is to educate and encourage people on St Helena to take advantage of the wide array of training courses on offer at the SHCC to further develop their current skills and qualifications.

The fair was opened with a welcome speech by the Director of Education, Shirley Wahler. Shirley gave an introduction to the fair and spoke in brief about the many opportunities on offer for training and development. She spoke about the successes of the SHCC to date and also how the available courses will help shape the future of the Island, speaking specifically about the ‘Get Connected’ range of courses, which is hoped will educate all in readiness for the arrival of the submarine cable. Courses will range from the very basic to the highest levels of Information Technology.

Chairperson of the Education Committee, Councillor Christine Scipio-O’Dean, then spoke about the aim to develop the people of St Helena, preparing them for the changing economy. She said:

“I would encourage every person to challenge themselves and make good use of the educational facilities that are available and to obtain the highest qualifications that will allow them to follow their chosen career.”

Her Excellency, Governor Lisa Honan, gave an inspirational speech, where she spoke about her journey of knowledge, from being a Clerk to becoming Governor of St Helena, and how this was all through taking advantage of learning opportunities. Governor Lisa said:

“Learning has been an integral part of what I have done and who I am, not just because I have expanded my knowledge, but because it has led me down paths that I would never have thought of. Quite by accident it has unlocked interests for me and it has expanded my horizons. It has taken me from being at the bottom of an organisation to becoming Governor of St Helena, and who knows where next.”

The fair itself consisted of many stalls and information boards pertaining to the relevant courses and training opportunities. SHCC tutors were also on hand to answer any questions relating to specific courses. Information was available on the Apprenticeship Scheme, the ‘Get Connected’ range of courses, the Open University, and Skills for Success, amongst others. The new SHCC website was also launched today and visitors were able to be some of the first to view and explore the site.

Live presentations were given in the SHCC Video Conference Room including ‘An Introduction to ILX’s E-Learning Portal’, ‘ILM Leadership & Management Programmes’, and ‘An Introduction to Open University’.

The Learning Opportunities Fair will be open until 6pm and everyone is encouraged to attend. It is hoped that visitors will recognise a course that appeals to them and be inspired to undertake the training for their personal and professional development.

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12 July 2018

Government Economist and Corporate Policy & Planning’s Change Champion, Nicole Shamier , is the second person from SHG’s Continuous Improvement Programme to attain recognition as a professional member with the Institute for Continuous Improvement for Public Services (ICIPS). This follows shortly after Kirsty Joshua’s attainment in June.

Nicole said:

“I’ve been very impressed in the Continuous Improvement programme so far. The programme teaches you how to influence and embed change, something that is crucial in economic development. In my project I used the tools provided by the programme to develop a Sustainable Economic Development Plan which was essentially written by the community and packed full of their ideas.

“Because the Continuous Improvement programme teaches that culture controls how individuals and groups behave, it followed that economic development is more about working with culture and beliefs to inspire a campaign that people believe in than about trying to write and deliver policy alone in a dark room.

“This isn’t the end of the programme for me now I’ve achieved professional membership, I will continue to share the Continuous Improvement programme ideas with my team, and work with them and the other Change Champions to deliver positive improvements within SHG.”

Chief Secretary, Susan O’Bey, added:

It is really positive to see how the Continuous Improvement initiative, which started more than a year ago, is still being actively implemented within SHG. We are now beginning to see positive results both from personal attainment on the part of the Change Champions, and from their individual projects and this is great for our organisation.  Nicole is to be congratulated on her achievement.”

SHG has been implementing a programme of Continuous Improvement following training delivered in June/July 2017 by Sascha Kiess from the Institute for Continuous Improvement for Public Services. A small number of staff were identified as ‘Change Champions’ and enrolled on the ICIPS professional training programme. As part of the initial training, each participant selected a project that they would use to demonstrate the practical application of their learning, working through the various steps to lead, manage and sustain their change project within their directorate.


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11 July 2018

The Roads Section would like to advise the public that they will be carrying out patching works on the road within the vicinity of Barracks Square on Wednesday, 18 July 2018, between 9am and 3.30pm.

Barracks Square will remain open while works are carried out but drivers and pedestrians are asked to comply with road safety signage and to approach this area with caution.

The Roads Section would like to thank the public in advance for their co-operation.

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11 July 2018