The Supreme Court of St Helena was formally opened today, Monday 8 January 2018.

A special marchpast of uniformed contingents took place on the Grand Parade at 10am to mark the tenth anniversary of Chief Justice Ekins’ appointment as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of St Helena.

The official opening of the Supreme Court commenced as His Lordship, the Chief Justice, Charles Ekins Esq, entered the Courthouse accompanied by the Sheriff of St Helena, Mrs Ethel Yon OBE, and Bishop Richard Fenwick. Lawyers, Justices of the Peace, officials, and members of the public were also in attendance.

Attorney General, Angelo Berbotto, welcomed the Lord Chief Justice.

In his speech, the Attorney General said:

“This is a special occasion.  It marks the 10th anniversary of your appointment as Chief Justice of the three territories.  And it would be fair to assume that in this decade of service, my Lord has seen significant changes – my Lord was appointed when the previous Constitution was still in force, and there has been a number of legal reforms and different actors since, including a succession of Attorneys General.

 “This is a special occasion for me as well, my Lord, as it is the last time I will be addressing you in my capacity as AG for the territories.  After two and a half years on St Helena, it is time to move on. Ms Sara O’Donnell has been appointed Attorney General Designate.  Ms O’Donnell returns to St Helena next week. Upon my departure on 27 January, she will be made Acting Attorney General.  I will remain AG until the end of my contract in mid-March but Ms O’Donnell will conduct the every-day management of Chambers. I am certain that Chambers will continue to grow under the leadership of Ms O’Donnell.”

 This was followed by an address from the Chief Justice, who said:

“As previewed in the press, this marchpast recognises the 10th anniversary as my appointment of Chief Justice of the St Helena Supreme Court, an anniversary that was reached in August of last year. This will be the third time the opening has been attended by a marchpast, and I extend my heartfelt thanks to all involved.”

 Civil and Criminal cases will be heard by the Supreme Court until Friday, 26 January 2018.

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8 January 2018


St Helena Government is consulting on an increase to the Minimum Wage from 1 April 2018.

Minimum Wage

The Minimum Wage per hour is currently £2.95 (for persons over 18) and £2.00 (for persons aged 16 or 17).

The Minimum Wage increased in August 2017, the first time in over two years. During the consultation for the August increase, businesses told SHG that rather than wait two years and propose a large increase, it was better for SHG to propose a smaller increase to the Minimum Wage regularly on 1 April of each year. SHG is therefore proposing an increase on this basis.   

There are a number of upward pressures on the Minimum Wage. Since the Minimum Wage was recommended to be changed in 2017:

  • Prices have inflated by 3.3%
  • The Income Related Benefit (IRB) has increased by £0.10 since the previous Minimum Wage update – wages must increase more than Benefits to maintain the same incentive to work.

SHG is consulting on two options for a change to the Minimum Wage from 1 April 2018:

  1. An increase of 10p (3.3%) to £3.05 for persons over 18

This is a 0% real increase in the Minimum Wage as the increase is in line with inflation.

The Minimum Wage for persons aged 16 or 17 would also increase by 10p to £2.10.

  1. An increase of 15p (5%) to £3.10 for persons over 18

This is a 1.6% real increase in the Minimum Wage, after inflation is taken into account.

The Minimum Wage for persons aged 16 or 17 would also increase by 15p to £2.15.

SHG would like to hear your opinions on the options provided, and how the increase might affect your business.  If you would like to respond to this consultation please contact the Government Economist, Nicole Shamier, by email: or by calling: 22470 by Monday, 19 February 2018. Anyone wishing to discuss the matter in person can do so by booking an appointment with Nicole by Friday, 16 February 2018.

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Government Economist

8 January 2018



Executive Council will meet tomorrow, Tuesday 9 January 2018, at 9.30am in the Council Chamber.

The minutes from the last open sessions of the Executive Council meetings on 5 & 12 December 2017 will be confirmed on the Open Agenda.

Elected Members serving on Executive Council are Councillors Anthony Green, Lawson Henry, Christine Scipio-O’Dean, Derek Thomas and Russell Yon.

Non-voting members of ExCo are Chief Secretary, Roy Burke, Acting Financial Secretary, Nicholas Yon, and Attorney General, Angelo Berbotto.

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8 January 2018

Assistant Financial Secretary, Nicholas Yon, was this morning, Monday 8 January, sworn in as Acting Financial Secretary whilst the substantive Financial Secretary, Dax Richards, is on overseas leave.

Nicholas took the prescribed Oaths in the Governor’s Office in the presence of Acting Governor, Louise MacMorran.

Nicholas’ appointment is effective immediately.

Dax departed the Island on Saturday, 6 January, and is scheduled to return on Saturday, 27 January 2018.

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8 January 2018

Carol George has started in her new role as Assistant Director of Safeguarding.

Carol who has previously worked for the Health Directorate and more recently for Corporate Services has a wealth of knowledge and experience which will benefit the directorate and help with the continued improvement of services for vulnerable people living on St Helena.

Safeguarding Director, Matt Ansell, said:

“I am so pleased that Carol has joined the team. This is an exciting time for us as we look to improve upon the good work over the last 2-3 years and continue to build supportive and sustainable services for people on St Helena. Carol will be a vital part of these developments and a key member of the leadership team both within the directorate and within the wider St Helena Government. I am really pleased that we have been able to appoint someone who has a wealth of knowledge and experience of working in the public service on St Helena and she will be a great asset to the directorate.”

Carol added:

“This opportunity to work with the Safeguarding team will allow me to utilise the knowledge and experience I have gained so far in my career and contribute positively to the continuous improvement of services offered by the Directorate.”

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8 January 2018

The public is advised that Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) is now fully operational at the Jamestown Wharf.

This 24-hour surveillance system will be used to provide additional security in the Wharf area.

Port Control will be able to revisit the surveillance footage in the event that an incident occurs.

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5 January 2018

The RV Polarstern, a German research icebreaker and supply vessel, will be entering St Helena waters today Friday, 5 January 2018.

The vessel will be positioned 10.5 nautical miles, north west of Sugar Loaf Point, and will remain in this position for approximately 2.5 hours. The purpose of her visit is to carry out calibration work.

Unfortunately, the vessel’s position will be too far out for anyone to see her from the Island.

The RV Polarstern, mainly used for research in the Arctic and Antarctica, is en-route to Cape Town.

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5 January 2018


Bulky Domestic Waste

Waste Management Services’ (WMS) staff have noticed bulky domestic waste – old electrical items, furniture and textiles – being placed next to communal wheelie bins in the Ladder Hill Complex and behind Parish Block in Jamestown.

The public is reminded that the free bulky waste collection service previously offered by WMS has been cancelled. Members of the public are therefore advised to make private arrangements for the collection and disposal of any bulky waste.

Inappropriate disposal of bulky waste can cause environmental pollution as well as make landscapes unsightly. To protect the environment, WMS will collect and dispose of these bulky wastes on this occasion, but all future occurrences of bulky domestic waste being disposed of next to communal bins will be regarded as fly-tipping and may be investigated by enforcement authorities for consideration of prosecution.

Litter Bins

In late November 2017, a brown wheelie bin with a ‘Please Do Not Litter’ sign located for public use at the bus stop at the bottom of Sunnyside was removed. WMS staff have searched the immediate area but the bin has not been located.

The public is advised of the following under Section 78 of the Environmental Protection Ordinance:

  1. Provision and maintenance of litter bins.

(1) The Committee may provide and maintain in any street or public place receptacles for litter (in this section referred to as ‘litter bins’).

(3) Any person who wilfully or recklessly removes or otherwise interferes with any litter bin or notice board provided or erected under this section is guilty of an offence for which the maximum penalty is a fine of £1,000.

Any person with information in relation to the missing bin is requested to contact Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, on tel: 24724 or e-mail:

Communal Wheelie Bins

WMS staff have noted that several concrete bollards were left in a communal wheelie bin at the Wharf (near the Customs Shed) earlier this week. The public is reminded that construction waste is not permitted in communal or domestic wheelie bins as this could damage the Refuse Collection Vehicles, which in turn could impact collection services. Any waste from construction works e.g. rubble should only be disposed of at the Horse Point Landfill Site.

WMS do not currently have any communal or domestic wheelie bins available for issue and any existing bins that become damaged from inappropriate disposal of construction waste will not be able to be immediately replaced.

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5 January 2018

The Charity Commission for St Helena and the Attorney General invite representatives of all local charities to attend a consultation meeting at the Jamestown Community Centre on Wednesday, 17 January 2018, at 6pm.

Who should attend?

This meeting is open to all, in particular board/committee members of Non-Government Organisations registered as Charities.

What is going to be discussed? 

The main issue is a proposal to amend the Charities Ordinance requiring charities to have policies to ensure that children and vulnerable adults are reasonably protected from harm and the risk of abuse.

Who are the speakers?  

The meeting will be chaired by the Charity Commission and the Attorney General.  There will also be guest speakers.  There will be an opportunity to ask questions.

To book your place and for more information, contact Charity Commissioner, Nikita Crowie, via email:

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5 January 2018