Primary School Open Days 2020

The Island’s three Primary Schools – St Paul’s, Pilling and Harford – held their annual Open Days during the last week of July.

This year’s Open Days were a little different with parents being able to be more involved and participate in the activities taking place in their children’s classroom, engaging with teachers and viewing their children’s work over the academic year.

St Paul’s Primary School’s Open Day on Wednesday, 29July, saw a great turnout of parents attending the event throughout the day.

Head Teacher, Pat Williams, mentioned:

“St Pauls Primary Open Day was all about allowing the parents and friends to come and see the school in action, join classes, to see the teaching and learning of children’s work. This gave parents some guidance and support on what goes on in school and also for helping their child at home. The event saw a great attendance throughout the day, some classes having 100% attendance from parents. We received positive feedback from the public and met our objectives. Overall it was a really successful day despite not having normal end year entertainment.”

Pilling Primary School hosted their Open Day on Thursday, 30 July.

Head Teacher, Mrs Elaine Benjamin, said:

“This year, each class chose their own theme for Open Day, ranging from fairy tales to football.   Each class along with their teachers dressed in costumes appropriate to the theme and enjoyed a range of English, Maths, Humanities, Music and Creative activities.  The day was hugely successful in that there was a more fun and relaxed classroom ethos that parents also shared in and enjoyed as they walked around the school.”

Harford Primary School ended the week with their Open Day on Friday, 31July, with an exciting turnout from parents.

Head Teacher, Mrs Carlean Crowie, commented:

“The day saw many parents and other visitors, milling in and out of the school, viewing displays and engaging with pupils and staff.  Conversation, in a relaxed manner, centred on teaching and learning and pupil’s efforts and achievements generally over the year.   A lovely day which demonstrated a positive home/school partnership and signalled the close of academic year 2019 – 20.”

Notes to Editors

This year’s annual Prize Presentations were held as separate events to the Open Days. Pilling Primary School’s Prize Presentation was held at Jamestown Community Centre on the evening of Friday 31 July, for parents to attend.

St Pauls and Harford Primary School hosted their Prize Presentations on Wednesday, 5 August for pupils, teachers and Year 6 parents.

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