New Data Protection Awareness Campaign to be Launched

The St Helena Government (SHG) is committed to protecting the privacy of its citizens and residents in the digital age. As the island embraces new technologies, SHG is working to introduce comprehensive data protection legislation.

Following a thorough initial phase of research and consultation, SHG has taken a significant step towards safeguarding data privacy. SHG has enlisted the expertise of Bruce & Butler Ltd, a UK-based data protection consultancy, to develop a robust data privacy legal framework. Alex Adams of Juju Digital Ltd has been appointed as the on-island project facilitator, acting as a local point of contact for Bruce & Butler.

The project is now at the stage of drafting policy to inform legislation.

Data protection affects everyone because it’s rooted in the basic human right to privacy. It serves to protect the individual and their information.

All organisations that collect or process personal data have a duty of care to those whose data they collect and/or process. This includes public bodies, private sector businesses, NGOs, and youth and community groups. The introduction of legislation and best practice guidelines will ensure organisations meet that obligation. That means any future data protection legislation will affect businesses and organisations that collect or process any amount of personal data.

Public information meetings will take place during May 2024 in various districts across the island. The first meeting will take place at the Half Tree Hollow Community Centre on Thursday 9 May at 19:30. The following information will be discussed:

  • What is data protection?
  • What does it mean to the individual?
  • How might legislation affect businesses and organisations?

Details of subsequent district information meetings will be announced next week. We welcome attendance and input from the public and business owners.

In addition to the public information meetings, more information on data protection will be issued on the radio and via social media.

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