Provisional Register of Electors Published

The Provisional Register of Electors was published on Friday 10 May 2024.

Eligible persons have up until 16:00 on Friday 24 May 2024, to submit applications to amend the Provisional Register.

Persons who are eligible to have their names entered in the register may apply to amend the Provisional Register. Amendments can be made to include or remove their name, or to remove the name of someone who has died or left the island or who might be no longer eligible for inclusion in the register.

The Registration Officer aims to publish a register which is as up-to-date and accurate as possible. In order to do so, eligible persons can apply to amend any of their personal details which may be out of date. For example, they may have changed their name since they last applied to be included on the register or may now live in a different electoral district and would like to change their address.  

It is also possible to amend the register to enable voting in a different district from that in which you reside. For example, an eligible person may live in Longwood and work in Jamestown, so when there is an election, it may be more convenient for them to vote in Jamestown during the working day. It is possible for the register to accommodate this, provided the eligible person makes an application to do so.

Persons eligible to be registered must:

  • Have St Helenian Status as defined in the Immigration Ordinance, 2011
  • Be 17 years of age or older with St Helena as their ordinary place of residence

The register has been published on the SHG website at

Hard copies have also been placed at the following locations:

  • The office of the Registration Officer, the Castle
  • Customer Service Centre, Jamestown
  • Public Library, Jamestown
  • ENRP Offices, Scotland

Assistant Registration will also have access to a copy of the Provisional Register and can be contacted by persons who require any assistance.  The Assistant Registration Officers are:

Anita Legg

Connie Johnson

Michelle Yon

Pamela Joshua

Brenda Thomas

Georgina Young

Vincent March

Douglas Bennett

Alfreda Yon

Karen Yon

Christina Henry

Jane Augustus

Phyllis Coleman

Alicia Thomas

Jackie Moyce

Applications to amend the Register using the prescribed ‘Form A’ will need to be submitted to the Registration Officer, at the Castle, by no later than 16:00 on Friday 24 May 2024. Form A can be accessed at the Castle Reception, Public Library and Customer Services Centre.

Individuals who may be eligible to apply to have their names included in the register and who are currently overseas need to use the prescribed ‘Form B’. Both Form A and Form B can be accessed on the SHG website at

Further information about registering and making amendments may be obtained from the Registration Officer, Carol Henry, at the Castle, by telephone on 22470 or via email through

The final Register of Electors for the 12 month period commencing 1 July 2024 will be published towards the end of June.

If your name is not on the Register of Electors you will not be able to stand or vote in any bye-election or general election. It is therefore your responsibility to check the Provisional Register and to make application to have your name included if it is not already listed.

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