Littering, Communal Recycle Hubs and Household Waste

An increase in littering incidents have been reported to, and observed by, Waste Management Services. These have a significant detrimental impact on our environment. We are issuing an urgent call to action to raise awareness and encourage responsible waste disposal behaviour among individuals and communities.

Littering has become a pressing environmental issue as it not only spoils the beauty of our surroundings but also poses serious threats to wildlife, human health, and our overall quality of life.

It is imperative for each one of us to take responsibility for our actions and make a conscious effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Doing so minimises the amount of waste that ends up as litter in our environment.

As Earth Day approaches on 22 April 2024, let us remember the importance of environmental stewardship and the role we all play in protecting our local environment, as well as the planet. Simple actions such as properly disposing of your waste at the designated recycling hubs across the island, using reusable products, and participating in local clean-up efforts, can make a significant difference in preserving our environment and natural resources for future generations.

We urge everyone to educate themselves and others about the consequences of littering and to actively participate in efforts to keep our island clean and green. By working together, we can create a cleaner, healthier, and more beautiful environment for all to enjoy.


There are a total of 12 Communal Recycling Hubs in addition to the Public Recycling Facility at Horse Point Landfill Site (HPLS). Recyclable waste can be disposed of at the following locations for collection and processing:

  • Half Tree Hollow – Near Leon Plato’s residence
  • Half Tree Hollow – Andy’s Shop
  • Half Tree Hollow – Solomons Supermarket
  • St Paul’s – New Ground Bus Shelter
  • St Paul’s – Cleughs Plain Bus Shelter
  • St Paul’s – Kingshurst Community Centre
  • Sandy Bay – Bagley’s Point
  • Briars – Near St Mary’s Church
  • Alarm Forest – Bus Shelter
  • Longwood – Piccolo Hill
  • Deadwood – Bus Shelter
  • Blue Hill – Near Moonshines Bar Car Park

There are four bins at each location which are colour coded for each type of waste:

Red Glass
Grey Plastics
Blue Cans/Tins
Brown Card/Paper

Once collected, the waste will then be recycled or reused. Baled aluminium drink cans are exported to South Africa. Plastic and card bales are used as infrastructure within the HPLS as gabions to support earthworks. We are currently seeking funding to procure a glass crusher which will produce an end product suitable for construction aggregate.

Household waste

We are aware that the recyclable bins also sometimes contain household waste, such as fish and kitchen scraps. It is crucial that these bins are used strictly for the type of waste they are designated for based on their colour-coding. When recyclable waste is contaminated with household waste, it becomes unprocessable and ends up in the landfill, hindering efforts to maximise the remaining lifespan of HPLS.

Certain types of waste should not be disposed of in domestic or commercial black waste bins. This includes garden waste, construction debris, electrical appliances, scrap metal, vehicle batteries, motor oil, lubricants, paints, solvents, and agricultural chemicals. These waste materials must be kept separate, and can be properly disposed of at HPLS. The HPLS facility is accessible 24 hours a day, but if there is uncertainty about waste disposal procedures at this site and guidance is required, we recommend that you visit the facility between Monday and Friday, 08:30 to 16:00.

Residents who have been allocated a black 240L domestic bin are reminded to use it appropriately and are discouraged from using the communal skips. Communal skips have been located across the island for residents in areas that are not accessible by the Refuse Collection Vehicle. The number of skips at each location is determined by the number of users. Unfortunately there are currently no black 240L domestic bins available for distribution to the community, although residents are encouraged to source these privately if needed.

Litter picking

Waste Management Services provides a complimentary litter picker loan service for individuals interested in volunteering for litter picking activities. For more details on this service or any WMS operations, such as landfill and recycling, please contact Environmental Officer Risk Management, Terri Clingham, on telephone 24724 or via email through

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18 April 2024

St Helena Government Communications Hub

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