Key players in a proposal to bring a fibre optic cable to St Helena arrived at St Helena on Saturday, 18 November 2017. They are Dr Rosalind Thomas (Managing Director of South Atlantic Express), Tony Fisk (Commercial Director & Head of Practice at Pelagian and SHG’s adviser) and Christian von der Ropp (from A Human Right).

Dr Rosalind was here for an overnight visit but Tony and Christian are on-Island for a week.

A reception was held at Plantation House on Saturday evening, hosted by Deputy Governor Louise MacMorran and partner David Mothershaw.

In attendance were various Government Officials and Councillors, members from Sure South Atlantic Ltd and Island media, among other guests.

A Press Conference with Dr Rosalind, Tony, Christian and Councillors Lawson Henry and Russell Yon was held at Mantis St Helena on Sunday, 19 November 2017, at 9am. Also in attendance were Chief Secretary Roy Burke, Assistant Chief Secretary Paul McGinnety, Financial Secretary Dax Richards and Government Economist Nicole Shamier.

Island media were able to learn more about the proposals for the cable project and to put questions to the panel.

Questions focused on environmental considerations, benefits of the cable and the opportunities that landing a fibre optic cable at St Helena will have for the community.

The ultimate goal of the project is to offer unlimited data allowance and provide a 21st century cost effective internet capability to St Helena residents. Opportunities arising from the project and in line with the Island’s Digital Strategy include the use of e-medicine, increased connectivity for education and the prospects of attracting new businesses to St Helena.

Paul McGinnety also spoke of a training programme that will be offered to all St Helena residents, he said:

“Enabling the Island to make the most of increased connectivity is a key focus for SHG and it is our intention to work with the private sector and NGOs to provide training and support across the community so that we can all maximise the potential of the cable and the Digital Strategy.”

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20 November 2017

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