Corporate Support would like to extend sincere thanks to all who supported this year’s fundraising in aid of the Poppy Appeal Fund and to all who attended the Remembrance Sunday Service on 12 November 2017.

The sum of £2,002.55 was raised this year and will be sent on behalf of St Helena Island to The Royal British Legion’s Poppy Appeal in the UK.

Grateful thanks are extended to Mike Durnford for his continued voluntary support to the Poppy Appeal Fund and to his team of volunteers – Lieutenant Coral Yon and Phyllis Yon of the Salvation Army, Councillors Lawson Henry, Cyril Leo and Russell Yon, Former Servicemen Nigel Dollery and Marco Yon and the Girl Guides & Brownies who assisted in raising public awareness and promoted the Poppy Appeal.

Sincere thanks to all who continue to generously support the Remembrance Sunday Service and Poppy Appeal including the Get-togethers and Salvation Army Band, voluntary organisations, wreath layers and all who made generous contributions to the Poppy Appeal Fund including Pilling Primary School and the RMS St Helena.

Thank you to Johnny Dillon for the use of the Mule Yard and PA system and to the local shops, Gilbert Young and his team, Connect Saint Helena Ltd, Cecily Bateman and Alton Isaac for their continued assistance.

We look forward to your continuing support and dedication to the Poppy Appeal Fund and Remembrance Sunday Service in 2018.

#StHelena #PoppyAppeal



20 December 2017

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