The St Helena Safeguarding Children’s Board has today launched a series of informational poster campaigns to raise awareness among parents, guardians, children and young people on St Helena. The campaigns target common safeguarding problems both on the Island and throughout the world.

The posters provide advice on using the internet and social media wisely, knowing alcohol limits, practicing safety when driving, knowing where your children are and being aware of their safety, drink driving and knowing your surroundings. The campaigns also encourage people to come forward and speak up if they know of someone who is victim of a crime or assault.

The campaigns will run at different times, starting first with ‘Safebook’, which provides advice to young people about using Facebook and other social media wisely. Posters will be on display in various retail outlets, pubs, restaurants and in newspapers throughout the Island.

Assistant Chief Secretary, Paul McGinnety, said:

 “These campaigns are designed to provide people with information so that they can make informed decisions, as well as raising awareness of certain issues. The Safebook campaign is timely as more and more people access social media which, as well as having great benefits, can also have negative consequences.”

The safebook poster is attached.


2 June 2015


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