At the most recent open session of Executive Council the first ever set of Financial Statements for St Helena Government (SHG), on an accruals basis, under the International Public Sector Accounting Standards was signed by the Financial Secretary.  The opinion on these accounts was then given by the Chief Auditor.  This was an important step for SHG and further emphasises the open and transparent approach being taken by Government.

The Financial Secretary, Colin Owen, stated:

 “The Financial Statements are the most important financial documents ever produced by SHG. They provide for the first time a comprehensive and detailed picture of Government’s financial position.  The level of detail now being published surpasses anything previously issued and provides an excellent starting position for us to work on and improve.  We will be looking to provide detailed financial discussion and analysis as a forward to the accounts in the future.” 

Since June of this year St Helena Government has issued a monthly Performance Report giving an overview of SHG’s performance, corporate risk management, balance sheet, income and expenditure and capital expenditure.

Colin continued:

 “These Financial Statements add to the open approach being applied by Government and support our monthly report process.

“Overall I believe that the new format provides the reader with a better understanding of how SHG is doing, both financially and also in achieving the priorities set out in the Sustainable Development Plan.  Finally, I would like to thank all the staff within Corporate Finance and the St Helena Audit Service for their great efforts in producing and auditing the Statements.”   

All of the abovementioned documents can be found on the SHG website via the below links:

 St Helena Governments Financial Statements 2011-12

Monthly Performance Reports


15 October 2013


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