Open to the Public from 9.30am

Executive Council will meet on Tuesday 21January 2014 in the Council Chamber.

Commencing at 9.30am, the meeting will be open to the public for the following agenda items: Repatriation of British Overseas Territories Passport Issuing to the UK, Request for Removal of Land from National Forest to Facilitate the Relocation of the Fire Station, Land Planning and Development Control Ordinance 2013 Commencement Order, and Transitional Provisions, and Attendance at future Joint Ministerial Conferences.  

Executive Council Members are: Ian Rummery, Cyril George, Christine Scipio- O’Dean, Leslie Baldwin and Lawson Henry.    


17 January 2014

‘School Spruce’ is a community based project aimed at visually and physically improving St Helena’s three primary schools, and began in August 2013.

St Paul’s Primary School began their physical work in November 2013, building the Early Year’s playground.  Parents, children and volunteers worked on consecutive weekends, sanding, cleaning, and painting equipment for the playground.  Endemics were also planted, providing the school with its own local ‘endemic forest’.

A School Spruce film featuring St Paul’s efforts will be shown on Local TV 1 at: 

  • 6pm Thursday 16 January
  • 6:50pm Friday 17 January
  • 6pm Saturday 18 January
  • 6pm Sunday 19 January

The film shows the progress and the work of volunteers to improve facilities for children on the Island.


16 January 2014 


The Public Accounts Committee (PAC) would like to advise the public that a formal session of the PAC will be held on Monday 10 February 2014 at 9am in the Court House, Jamestown. The public are welcome to attend.

The agenda and further details will be issued in due course.

14 January 2014

Dr Tim McInerny
Dr Tim McInerny

Currently on Island and working with the Offender Management Team at the St Helena Prison is Dr Tim McInerny (photo attached).

Arriving on Saturday 11 January 2014, Dr McInerny is on Island for a week assisting the Offender Management Team in trying to provide the very best quality rehabilitation for serious offenders at the Prison, to ensure a safer St Helena community.

Prior to visiting St Helena, Dr McInerny consulted remotely with Probation Officer Victoria Kellet, and other members of the team here. This included completing assessments, via video link, with some prisoners. While on Island, Dr McInerny will be further assessing prisoners, providing advice on offender management and also providing training to the local team on how better to understand risk and mitigation. He has already met with the prisoners and will be making further recommendations as the week progresses.

Commenting on current offender management work here, Dr McInerny said:

“I’m generally very impressed by what is being achieved here. I’m also aware of the new Prison and the work that will hopefully start in the next few months. I’m also impressed by the commitment from the team in their treatment plans and the considerable work that is going on already to ensure the best safety for the public on the Island.”

He added:

“The Prison Service is doing a lot of good work despite limited resources. Every professional working here is quite isolated and I think it’s really helpful to have my support to help them improve their expertise and to really try and get the best outcomes. I have been a visiting Psychiatrist to the Falkland Islands for thirteen years so I know a lot about the challenges facing a small community in terms of both risk and mental health – and also the need to develop programmes that take into account a small community, the feelings of the community and what practical resources are available.”

This is Dr McInerny’s first visit to the Island, working with the Offender Management Team to see what the resources are like and understand the challenges faced by the team. Once he leaves the Island, Dr McInerny will support St Helena via regular telephone, email and video links.

He concluded:

“The journey to the Island is currently long and expensive – so supporting the team via telephone, email and video links will ensure prompt and immediate support and immediate assessment of both people who are charged and also those who have been convicted.”

Dr McInerny is a Psychiatrist but first trained as a Doctor before studying Psychiatry and then Criminal Psychiatry. In the UK, Dr McInerny works with offenders with mental health problems. He worked for nine years in maximum security Hospital, Broadmoor, but for the last six years has been working in a low security Hospital in London helping offenders get ready for a return back into the community, helping to ensure this goes successfully and that the public are safe.

Dr McInerny departs the Island on Saturday 18 January 2014.

14 January 2014

Thierry Lentz, Director of the Fondation Napoleon, is currently on the Island. The Fondation is working closely with French Consul, Michel Dancoisne-Martineau, on the renovations at Longwood House, rebuilding the Generals Quarters. 

The Fondation Napoleon is the primary source of funding for the extensive renovations with over €1M  being invested in the project. 

On Wednesday 15 January at 6pm, Thierry will give a talk on the work of the Fondation and the importance of work taking place on the Island as we prepare for the 200th anniversary of the commemoration of Napoleon’s time here on St Helena. This talk is open to everyone and takes place upstairs at the Canister. The talk starts promptly at 6pm, so please be seated in advance

13 January 2014

The Immigration Office would like to inform St Helenians that the way British Overseas Territories Citizen (BOTC) ‘St Helena Type’ Passports are applied for will change in 2014.

From December 2014, the printing of BOTC passports for all Overseas Territories, including St Helena, will take place in the UK.  When making an application for a BOTC passport, you will need to allow sufficient time for the passport to be returned from the UK.  The new passport will be very similar to the current UK passport, with significantly improved security features and a biometric chip.  The passport will still carry individual Territory-specific details, such as ‘St Helena’ embossed on the front cover. 

Where emergency travel is required at short notice, the Immigration Office will continue to issue the current St Helena type passport on-Island.  This will ensure that those who genuinely need to travel for medical and other emergencies are able to do so in current timeframes.

The price of the new passport is expected to be competitive.  Her Majesty’s Passport Office is able to order in much larger quantities than individual Territories and accordingly can command a lower unit price.  The savings will be passed on to St Helena and other Territories.

Immigration Office

13 January 2014

Tina Yon and Fiyanna Maggott
Tina Yon and Fiyanna Maggott

Fiyanna Maggot and Tina Sim, St Helena Immigration Officers, were recently funded by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Fund, on placements in the UK.

Fiyanna and Tina left the Island on 18 October 2013 and returned on 11 December. Both travelled around the UK on exposure visits to Hounslow, Stansted Airport Liverpool Airport and Farnborough Airport. 

During their visit to Hounslow’s UK Border Agency Office, Fiyanna and Tina, along with other international delegates, attended a class covering the forgery of passports. 

At Stansted Airport, training involved observation of Immigration operations within the Airport, as well as witnessing the inspection of suspicious packages.  Immigration and Customs services are combined at airports in the UK.  

Fiyanna commented on her experience:

“There are several differences between UK Immigration operations and the tasks we perform on Island.  During the training, I also witnessed a wider nationality base for inspection and Immigration procedures.  For example, in the UK nationalities are separated for inspection of passports on their arrival.  This does not happen on St Helena.”

Tina and Fiyanna agreed:

“The most important airport visit for us was Farnborough, due to its size.  The airport is small compared to others, and has measures in place that we can adopt on Island, when working at the airport.” 

Fiyanna has been with Immigration for 23 years and has been on training previously, covering aspects of passports and nationality.  Tina has been with the Immigration Office for two and a half years.  Both thanked the Police Directorate for making the training possible.  

Exposure and training visits to the UK allow individuals to view international and best practice services – placing them in a better position to implement new and improved practices on St Helena.


10 January 2014


To commemorate the dedicated and loyal service of two long serving St Helena Police Officers, a Special Medal Presentation was held at Police Headquarters on Friday 27 December 2013.

Chief of Police, Trevor Botting, was honoured to present, to Sergeant Anthony Clingham, the Clasp and Silver Rosette in recognition of 30 years of loyal service to the St Helena Police. The Clasp and Rosette is an additional award to the Long Service Good Conduct Medal which is presented after 18 years of loyal service.

Inspector Jonathan Thomas was presented with the Long Service Good Conduct Medal for his loyal and dedicated service of 18 years.

Both Officers Clingham and Thomas (picture attached) have served the communities of Ascension Island and St Helena over their years of policing and the awards presented were a credit to both. The Chief of Police congratulated both Officers and thanked them for their long and loyal service, wishing them well for the future.

The presentation took place in the presence of family members and colleagues and was followed by light refreshments.

Police Directorate


7 January 2014

The Environmental Management Division (EMD) currently has a ‘Native and Endemic Plant Collection, Propagation and Distribution Policy’ paper out for public consultation.
The policy and supporting documents can be viewed at the EMD offices at Essex House and are also available on the SHG website at: (
The public are reminded that consultation meetings will be held for interested persons to learn more, ask questions and provide feedback regarding the policy. Issues involved include the collection of endemics or native seed and the propagation and distribution of endemic and native species for restoration or commercial purposes.
The meetings are scheduled to take place on:
• Monday 6 January 2014 at the Longwood Community Centre from 7.30 – 8.30pm
• Wednesday 8 January at the Kingshurst Community Centre from 7.30 – 8.30pm
The public consultation phase ends on Friday 17 January 2014. Any feedback submitted by then will be used to revise the policy, which will then be presented to the Environment & Natural Resources Committee for their final endorsement.
For more information please contact Shayla Ellick, Species Conservation & Environmental Research Officer at EMD on telephone number 22270, or email
6 January 2014

This year’s Development Aid Planning Mission (DAPM) will run from 11-18 January 2014.

The team, from the Department for International Development (DFID), comprises new Deputy Head of the Overseas Territories Department, Dr Kenny Dick, Human Development Leader, Dr Mary Thompson and Senior Economist, Doug Winslow.

Preliminary discussions will take place on St Helena with the arrival, first, of Doug Winslow on Saturday 4 January. He will hold pre-DAPM meetings with the Finance Team, the SHG Economist and others. Dr Kenny Dick, and Dr Mary Thompson both arrive on Island on Saturday 11 January 2014, when the formal DAPM discussions begin.

The DAPM Team will be supported in the UK by Programme Manager for St Helena and Tristan da Cunha, Suzanne Adcock.

The SHG DAPM Team will consist of the five Members of Executive Council, the Chief Secretary and the Financial Secretary.

This annual visit will build on the three year planning cycle agreed at the DAPM in February 2013. Discussions are likely to focus on SHG’s strategic planning and budgeting process, performance for the current financial year, and proposed outputs and outcomes for the financial year 2014/2015 – following which the budget settlement will be finalised and announced.

2 January 2014