Following on from the eight–day seminar programme between the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Delegation and Councillors, the induction process continues, with scheduled briefing sessions between Councillors, Heads of Directorates, Senior Officials and Enterprise St Helena.

These include sessions with Environment & Natural Resources, Education & Employment and Health & Social Welfare.

These initial discussions will allow Councillors to better understand the work of Directorates, to meet the staff delivering services and to ask questions. The induction programme for Councillors has the overall aim of strengthening and promoting good Governance in St Helena.

The briefing sessions scheduled are shown below.

Enterprise St Helena Wednesday, 7 August,12 noon (inc. hosting lunch) ESH Offices an 2 on Main
Environment & Natural Resources Directorate Thursday, 8 August, 9 am ENRD Offices
Education & Employment Directorate Monday, 12 August,1 pm AVEC
Health & Social Welfare Directorate Tuesday, 13 August,1 pm H&SW Conference Room
Corporate Services
(Corporate Support
Corporate Policy & Planning
Corporate Finance
Corporate HR
Internal Audit ) Wednesday, 14 August, 9 am Council Chamber
Airport Project Directorate Thursday, 15 August (time TBC) Council Chamber
Police Directorate Friday, 16 August, 1.30 pm Council Chamber

6 August 2013

The boil water notice in the Levelwood area that was initially announced on 5 July 2013 has now been lifted. Testing carried out in the area by Environmental Health indicates that water is now safe for domestic use.

The water quality still cannot be guaranteed in the Half Tree Hollow area. Residents there are asked to continue to boil water intended for domestic purposes as a precautionary measure.

On behalf of Connect Saint Helena Ltd
6 August 2013

New housing for Half Tree Hollow moves a step closer this week with the publication of a draft layout for the Comprehensive Development Area (CDA) in Half Tree Hollow (attached). The proposals have been sent to residents in and around the CDA for their comments before a planning application is submitted. The designs for individual homes will also be circulated for comment.

Housing Executive, Andy Crowe said:

“Back in March we asked for comments through the Housing Newsletter, the Business Seminar at Prince Andrew School and a drop-in session at the Half Tree Hollow Community Centre. We also consulted SHG departments responsible for the environment, drainage, roads and planning.

“The problems of sewerage and water retention were high among most peoples’ priorities. The steep slopes and the rocky surface make it a very difficult site to develop, but there is clearly a demand for all types of housing – to buy, rent and self-build – so we hope to be able to offer everyone an opportunity.”

Few residents commented in March but Andy expects more to do so once they see the draft layout and plans for the houses.

Residents within and adjacent to the CDA have been invited to a workshop starting at the earlier time of 5pm on Tuesday 20 August at the Half Tree Hollow Community Centre (please note revised date). There are also posters on display in Half Tree Hollow and it is hoped that members of the public who wish to comment at this stage will do so.

Andy explained that there will be further opportunity to comment as part of the normal planning process, but by offering this extra an early opportunity, he believes people will be more content with the final result.

He said:

“Planning is always a sensitive matter and it is usually impossible to satisfy everyone, but I hope to show that we will make changes where there is a good argument to do so.”

Comments should be sent in writing to Andy Crowe, Housing Executive, Essex House, Jamestown or via email at by no later than 20 August 2013.

Note to Editor:

Please note the change of date, which will allow time to circulate house designs ahead of the meeting.

6  August 2013


Open to the Public from 11am

The inaugural meeting of Exco will be held on Tuesday 6 August 2013. 

In the first part of the meeting, Members will discuss issues which include Immigration.  This part of the meeting is closed. 

The second half of the meeting will be open to the public, commencing at around 11am, in the Council Chamber at the Castle.  This part of the meeting will deal with the planning application for relocation of the Prison from Jamestown to Sundale, in Half Tree Hollow.  

Executive Council Members are: Nigel Dollery, Lawson Henry, Cyril George, Ian Rummery and Christine Scipio-O’Dean.  


5 August 2013


The Land Development Control Authority proposes to introduce a General Development Order which, if approved by ExCo, will mean that the public will no longer need to submit development applications for a range of small, uncontentious development proposals.

The General Development Order will create 14 categories of “Permitted Development” which, provided specific limitations and conditions are met, will no longer need a development application. The specific limitations and conditions are necessary to ensure the right balance between, on the one hand, removing controls and on the other hand, avoiding bad-neighbour developments and harm to the Island’s heritage.

To help in finding the right balance, the Land Development Control Authority would like your views.

The wording of the draft General Development Order is relatively complicated, to make it comprehensive without creating loopholes that could result in poor development. An explanatory guide is therefore available with it and they are both available from Essex House and from the Public Library, Jamestown. Digital copies are also available on the SHG website

Comments on the draft General Development Order should be submitted in writing to the Planning Officer, Essex House, Jamestown, not later than Friday 30 August.

All comments will be presented to the Land Development Control Authority and, as part of transparency and openness of the Planning Service, will also be available to the public.

The Authority’s recommendations will be presented to Council Committee and Executive Council for a final decision.

Alfred Isaac, Planning Officer
David Taylor, Head of Planning & Development Control
5 August 2013


Grand Parade
Grand Parade

Following the resurfacing of the Grand Parade parking areas earlier this year, the Roads Section will shortly be marking new lines for the Parking Bays. The bays will be repainted in a different layout to how it worked before.  This change has been approved by the Highway Authority

Concerns have been raised about vehicles parking indiscriminately on Event and Ship days, blocking vehicles into spaces. The previous layout did not adapt easily to these special occasions, where the demand for parking far outstrips the available spaces and some drivers feel that they have no option but to block someone else.

We have thus rotated the main area through ninety degrees. On Event or Ship days, special authorisation can be given for parking on the end of rows, without blocking other cars.  On normal days, parking will be limited to the marked spaces.

Following concerns raised by the public over the size of the spaces, these have been widened to provide greater space for drivers to get in and out of their vehicles. These changes mean that there will be reduction of two marked spaces in regular use.

The Roads Section would like to thank drivers who have been parking responsibly in the Grand Parade during the short time without the markings. We request that drivers continue this practice until the new lines are laid down.

Attached: Plan showing the new layout, plus photo of parking on Grand Parade (being blocked in) and general photo of parking on Grand Parade.


5 August 2013



Despite the strong public response to the Photography Competition, we would like to see more entries from the younger age categories. The deadline for the competition has therefore been extended. All are still encouraged to participate, especially those in the younger age categories of 10–15 and 16–21 years old.

If any students would like to participate in the competition but are unable to get their entries to Jamestown please call 2368 for assistance and further information.

The new closing date is Friday 9 August at 4:00pm

Remember there is a chance to win AMAZING prizes.

£150 for first place

£75 for second place

£50 for third place

This is for each age category.

A maximum of 5 photo’s should be submitted for judging and should (ideally) be stored on a CD or a memory stick, and placed in an envelope with a description of the pictures and approximate date/s taken, together with your name, age category, and contact details.  Entries should be addressed to Ian Jones, Chief Public Relations Officer, 1 Main Street. They can be posted or you can drop it by the office.

Once the competition has been judged and the results announced (in August) all entrants are welcome to collect their CDs and memory sticks will be given back to participants.



31 July 2013

Mr Eric Benjamin is Sworn In as Speaker of the House
Mr Eric Benjamin is Sworn In as Speaker of the House

Mr Eric Benjamin, of Market Street, Jamestown, has today been officially Sworn In as Speaker of the House of Legislative Council.

Due to being off-Island when he was duly elected at the inaugural meeting of Legislative Council on 24 July, Mr Benjamin took the prescribed Oaths of Office in the presence of His Excellency, Governor Capes, this morning in HE’s Office at the Castle.

Mr Benjamin has already begun his official duties as Speaker following today’s arrival of the delegation from the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, who begin their programme of sessions with Councillors this afternoon.

30 July 2013

The first draft of the Social Policy Plan was due to be completed and shared at scheduled community meetings during May and June, following the series of participation meetings that took place earlier in the year.
With around 300 people taking part in developing the Social Policy Plan, it is important that the community gets the chance to consider the plan that they have developed and to provide feedback.
Following the end of Purdah, a draft of the Social Policy Plan is now scheduled to be released to the public.
Meetings will be held from 7pm to 8pm in the following venues; to discuss the draft plan:

• Monday 19 August – Kingshurst Community Centre
• Tuesday 20 August – Jamestown Community Centre
• Thursday 22 August – Levelwood Community Centre
• Wednesday 28 August – Half Tree Hollow Community Centre
• Thursday 29 August – Sandy Bay Community Centre
• Monday 2 September – Longwood Community Centre
• Thursday 5 September – Blue Hill Community Centre

As part of the consultation, and from 30 July 2013, copies of the plan (also available in a larger font) will be available in all of the Island’s Community Centres, the Public Library, local shops, the CCC, Prince Andrew School and the Hospital. In addition to these hard copies, an electronic copy will also be made available on the SHG website.
Following this period of consultation with the public and stakeholders, the plan will be revised before moving through the political process for endorsement by Executive Council.
30 July 2013

St Helena Government has today released the findings of the Ethics at Work Survey carried out for SHG by the UK’s Institute of Business Ethics (IBE) from January to March 2013.

SHG commissioned IBE to survey attitudes to ethics at work on St Helena. The survey forms part of SHG’s work to strengthen good governance and provides baseline figures for SHG to improve its ethical environment.

The survey was carried out primarily for SHG but was also extended to larger private sector businesses and civil society organisations. This allowed SHG to gain an overview of how ethics are perceived at work across St Helena as a whole.

This is the first ethics survey for St Helena and the results are invaluable for ensuring improvements are targeted towards priority areas in the future. SHG’s Ethics Working Group, who managed the project, would like to extend their thanks to all those who took the time to respond to the survey. The Group will now work to address issues raised during the survey.

A summary of the Ethics at Work Survey report (including a forward-looking SHG action plan) along with IBE’s full report can be found on the SHG website under Publications.

30 July 2013