A male person has been charged with the historic offences of sexual assault and attempted rape. He has been released on bail and will soon appear before St Helena Magistrates Court.

St Helena Police Detective Sergeant, David Honan, said:

“As with all such reports, we take these very seriously and will investigate them thoroughly. Anyone reading or listening to this press release that is or has been the victim of sexual abuse I would urge them to come forward and speak to us in confidence.”

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17 August 2018

St Helena Police are currently planning a Parking Enforcement Campaign to address the ongoing issue of parking in Jamestown.

All drivers should know what is required of them in relation to parking, however many choose to ignore parking restrictions. Below is information, with diagrams, to remind drivers of some of the parking restrictions in Jamestown.

‘Park’ means to leave a vehicle standing if the vehicle is not actually engaged in taking up or setting down a person or goods.

 ‘Stand’ means to leave a vehicle standing if the vehicle is actually engaged in taking up or setting down a person or goods.  


Yellow continuous double lines painted along the edge of the road.


A vehicle shall not park or stand at any time on the side of the road on which the lines are painted within the length of such marking.




Yellow broken longitudinal line painted along the edge of the road.


Unless otherwise provided by markings on the road or by adjacent signs, a vehicle must not be parked (except for the purpose of loading or unloading) on the side of the road on which the line is painted within the length of the marking.


Rectangular in shape with the height greater than the width, with a red border and red words on a white background, the words reading ‘NO PARKING’ and –

(a) words and figures indicating when the sign is to operate; and

(b) with or without other words, figures or symbols for any other purpose.


A vehicle must not be parked contrary to the directions specified on the sign.


Circular in shape, bearing three white arrows shown in a clockwise direction.
(i) Every vehicle shall travel on the roundabout in a clockwise direction
(ii) Every vehicle shall give way at the transverse broken line to traffic already on the roundabout
(iii) Every vehicle approaching the roundabout shall give way to traffic approaching immediately from the right
(iv) No vehicle shall be permitted to stop, stand, or park on the roundabout

 When monitoring parking in Jamestown, and approaching a driver about illegal parking, Police Officers have noticed that drivers tend to ask the officer where they should park their vehicles. Drivers are reminded that it is their responsibility to park their vehicle legally.

Another response from drivers is to tell Police about other drivers who have parked their vehicle illegally. If this is a genuine concern, drivers are asked to provide an evidential witness statement so that officers can deal with the alleged offender.

St Helena Police encourages drivers to park legally and comply with any parking restrictions.

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17 August 2018

In recent times, St Helena Police have adopted a softer approach to addressing the parking issues in Jamestown by engaging with the community, holding several campaigns to educate the public, and just simply moving vehicles on.

As part of the Police Community Engagement Beat Surgeries, as well as through Police Officers’ own observations, parking issues have noticeably increased in the Jamestown area. Drivers are deliberately parking illegally and not complying with parking restrictions.

It has been proven from previous campaigns that when drivers comply with parking restrictions, such as using the two hour limited parking, the public was pleased and satisfied that they could find a parking space in Jamestown.

Due to increases in illegal parking, the public is advised that the softer approach will no longer be taken and a decision has now been made to shortly commence a Parking Enforcement Campaign. The Police have started the planning phase and are working with partner agencies before it commences.

More details of the Parking Enforcement Campaign will be given once the next steps have been agreed.

In the meantime, Police will continue to monitor parking in Jamestown and all drivers are advised to park legally and comply with any restrictions, while ensuring no illegal obstructions are caused.

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17 August 2018

On the evening of Thursday, 16 August 2018, at 6.19pm, Mr Keith Moyce, a resident of the Princess Royal Community Care Centre (CCC), was reported missing from his care home.

Chief Inspector Thomas coordinated an immediate response using resources from the Police Directorate including the Sea Rescue and Red Watch Fire Service, utilising a structured grid reference search and drone. A public appeal was also circulated.

The Police Directorate wishes to inform the public that Mr Moyce was found later that evening, at 8.48pm, safe and well. They would like to thank the public for their support and co-operation in finding him.

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17 August 2018

New Behaviour Specialist, Jeaninne Law, recently arrived on St Helena to take up her new role within the Safeguarding Directorate.

Jeaninne has been appointed on a one-year contract and her main duties are to reduce anxiety, risk and restriction to improve the quality of people’s lives and their skills. Jeaninne intends to build on existing good practice and capitalise on the positive relationships the Adult Social Care teams have already fostered with the people they support.

Jeaninne commented:

“I have been to the Island before as it is my mother’s birthplace – I am related to the Sim and Lawrence family.

“I feel privileged to have the opportunity to come to St Helena to connect with my family and hopefully do a good job.”

Director of Safeguarding, Stephanie Jones, added:

“We very much welcome Jeaninne to the Safeguarding Directorate to work with those in our community who have complex behavioural needs. Jeaninne will use her considerable experience to work with existing projects and to support individuals both in residential care and in the community.”

Jeaninne holds a Masters in Emotional & Behaviour Difficulties, and before coming to St Helena, had been working in / with residential care and education settings across a range of sectors from young children to the elderly. For the last few years, Jeaninne has been working with a wide range of services in the UK to reduce risk and keep people and services safe. Jeaninne has also undertaken short contracts in Australia, United Arab Emirates and Hong Kong.

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17 August 2018

The following is a public announcement from the Health Directorate:

The Health Directorate would like to advise the public that there is no longer a Dental Hygienist in post and that all routine appointments that were booked to see the Dental Hygienist have therefore been cancelled.  Affected patients with hygienist appointments should rebook a routine dental appointment during which basic oral hygiene and scaling will be performed as required.

There is only one Dentist in post at the moment so the waiting time for routine appointments (currently six weeks) will take longer (approximately an additional two to three weeks) until the arrival of the newly recruited Dental Officers’ later in the year.

If patients have any queries regarding their appointments, they should contact the Dental Clinic via the Hospital Switchboard on tel: 22500.

17 August 2018



The monthly meeting of the Education Committee took place on Wednesday, 15 August 2018.

A discussion was held on strategic priorities that will assist with the budgetary decision-making for the Directorate for the next financial year.

The Committee was also asked to consider potential capital expenditure that is likely to arise from the strategic priorities for the next three years. Areas identified for which capital investment is likely to be necessary includes funding to ensure safety and accessibility in existing schools, investment in technology, and consideration and potential development of a single primary school.

The Committee agreed that any consideration would require the input from members of the public followed by the development of a business case.

It was also agreed that guidelines should be formulated to assist with decisions in approving Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) for Post-School Scholarship students.

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16 August 2018


The monthly meeting of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) was held on Thursday, 2 August 2018, and the following is a summary of the main items discussed:

Enterprise St Helena (ESH) delivered a report for the month of July. Nineteen registered businesses have signed up to the digital marketing financial incentive, whilst the Tourist Office continues to work with the Brighter Group on a list of international online booking sites for accommodation.

The Farmers Market & Social at Harford Community Centre was a success with over 14 stalls and an attendance of over 200 members of the public. This event marked an elevation of the 2018 Agriculture Programme and momentum is now escalating for the finale event – the Country Fair in October. Promotion has commenced and early entries for various prized-categories are being logged. It is hoped to revitalise the Farmers’ Association with a meeting scheduled in August in an attempt to create an active association to move the sector forward.

The Pack House at the Longwood Enterprise Park is now up and running with the shop open from 8am-2pm on Thursdays and from 8am-12noon on Fridays.

The Pilot Project for potential assistance with enabling the upskilling and attainment of potential equipment, to enhance conditions for the throughput premium tuna, is currently being drafted for consideration in August. In addition, ESH anticipate the receipt of a proposal from SHG/St Helena Fisheries Corporation for a contribution towards the cost of adverts/advertorials to further enhance the Fisheries Investor opportunities for the Island.

ESH continue to progress recruitment procedures for a TC-funded Business Advisory Support that will sit within the ESH Business Development Team. This resource will be available to local commercial entities, strengthening and enhancing the services available.

There was an update from the Agriculture & Natural Resources Division (ANRD) on addressing the shortage of eggs on the Island. They have been looking at a range of options including:

Importing Point of Lay (POL) chickens – This was seen as an immediate solution as the hens would arrive ready to lay. Negotiations have been ongoing with AWSML and the South African authorities to use the new pens on the MV Helena. This remains an option, but is pending an outcome

Embryonated eggs – Importing fertile eggs then incubating them has been done several times before. The disadvantages are that facilities are required for incubation and rearing, only about 25% of the eggs will be hatched pullets, and the poultry will not be ready to lay for 19 to 23 weeks (three week incubation plus maturity)

Day old chicks – A plan is underway to import 1,000 day old chicks by plane. These chicks would be reared in the recently restored quarantine station in Rupert’s for the statutory minimum of four weeks, and then distributed to the general public. Current preparations are to import on the 1 September flight, barring problems. The advantage is that they are relatively cheap, the incubation is done, and that all will be hens. The disadvantage is a delay of 16 to 20 weeks before laying, however once the Island is replenished with layers, this is seen as one way forward to keep the Island stocked

The option remains to import parent stock – either as POL, day old chicks, or embryonated eggs – so that pullet stocks will be replenished on-Island.

A new bio-secure source of poultry, used for some time by Tristan da Cunha, has also been identified in South Africa.

Finally, an initial draft of the Investment Strategy was presented to EDC. It was agreed that the direction the draft was going in was good, and the Government Economist and Financial Secretary will be undertaking more work to develop the details and practicalities for any new initiatives which will come into play as a result of the Investment Strategy.

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16 August 2018

The following is a Public Announcement from the Roads Section:

Repair works on the retaining wall at Shy Road commenced yesterday, Tuesday 14 August 2018, with the Roads Section installing additional safety measures directly below the affected area and demolishing the affected part of the retaining wall.

The extent of the repairs is greater than what was originally anticipated and it is estimated that Shy Road will remain closed for the next two weeks to allow the full works to be completed.

Due to loose material also being temporarily stored on the Road and, for safety reasons, the Road will be closed to pedestrians and vehicles until it has been deemed safe to use.

The Roads Section has received some concerned phone calls but would like to reassure everyone that works are being carried out in a controlled manner.

The public is thanked for their co-operation and will be kept updated.

15 August 2018


The St Helena Community College (SHCC) has recognised the importance of Information Technology (IT) to St Helena and the rest of the world in the 21st Century and as such have introduced Core Skills IT Courses to prepare the community for the arrival of the submarine cable, due to be in service in 2020.

The basic IT training courses currently on offer are as follows:

General Education – Core Skills Level Accredited
British Computing Society e-Safety Level 1 1 Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF)
Get Connected! Certificate


Get Connected!

‘Get Connected!’ is a new course for beginner computer users, even if you’re not sure how to turn on your computer. You will learn how to become comfortable and confident in using email, browsing the internet, and keeping in touch with friends and family online. This course is taught face-to-face in the SHCC IT Suite, and your tutor will work with you to help you ‘get connected’. There are no tests and no homework, except to practice what you have learned.

BCS e-Safety Level 1

The British Computing Society (BCS) e-safety qualification is designed to give learners the knowledge and understanding they need to protect themselves online. It helps all learners by giving them greater confidence in using the internet safely. BCS e-Safety examines the potential risks associated with being online, how to protect yourself and your personal information online, as well as how to behave responsibly and within the law whilst using the internet.

BCS e-Safety consists of comprehensive teaching materials including presentations, lesson plans, assignments, and homework tasks. At the end of the course, a 30-minute online test leads to a qualification validated by BCS with a certificate issued to successful students.

Chairperson of the Education Committee, Cllr Christine Scipio-O’Dean, said:

“I encourage everyone to take advantage of the IT training opportunities at the St Helena Community College. You will not only gain new skills, you will also contribute to a more prosperous future for St Helena.”

For those already comfortable using computers, but still wanting to build skills, the next step may be the ECDL qualification. Alternatively, you may also wish to check out the Microsoft Imagine Academy courses offered in the Professional Studies section of the SHCC.

A poster detailing all IT Courses on offer at the SHCC can be found here.

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15 August 2018