Immigration Exemptions

Exemptions (for those persons who do not need a permit to enter) include the following:

  • A dependant of a person who has St Helenian status
  • A person in the service of the Crown, and their dependants


in relation to a person, means—

(a) the spouse or life partner of that person; and

(b) a child, step-child or adopted child of that person, who is under the age of 18 years or who is over that age and-

(i) in full time education; and

(ii) under the age of 25 years

Spouse / life partner or other dependent Relative – Certificate of Exemption

A Certificate of Exemption is issued to a person who is the dependant  of a person with St Helenian status. Any change of circumstances regarding the relationship notification should be made to the Immigration official.

A certificate will generally be granted to a person who:

  • Is the spouse or life partner of a person with St Helenian status
  • Is the dependent child or young person falling under the definition of dependant

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