Short Term Entry Permit

Requirements for Short Term Entry Permits

An Immigration Officer may grant an entry permit (a “Short Term Entry permit”) to an immigrant who –

(a) applies, in the approved form, for permission to visit St Helena for a period not exceeding 183 days; (see Form E)

(b) produces a passport which is valid on the date of entry into St Helena and will remain valid for at least 6 months after the expiry of the entry permit;

(c) establishes to the satisfaction of the Immigration Officer that he or she has the intention to leave St Helena within 183 days and has the means to provide for—

  • accommodation (must have pre-arranged accommodation)
  • food, clothing, etc. (proof of sufficient funds)
  • health and welfare of himself or herself and any dependants throughout the duration of the entry permit; (medical insurance which must cover evacuation to the value of £175,000.00)

An entry fee of GBP £20.00 is chargeable and payment can be made using these guidelines. The equivalent in Rands, Dollars and Euros are also accepted.  

For further information on how to make an application ahead of your arrival please contact: