Landholding Licence

This section explains how migrants can acquire land in St Helena.

Immigrants and their associated persons (including corporate bodies and associated persons) are permitted to own interests in land in St Helena up to a cumulative total of two acres without a landholding licence. For interests in land by a controlled immigrant over a cumulative total of two acres a landholding licence is required. Applications for landholding licences are considered by the Immigration Control Board.

The cumulative landholding of a particular person includes land which is owned by them or any associated person, including their grandparents, parents, siblings, spouse or life partner, children and grandchildren, spouses or life partners of their siblings, children and grandchildren and anybody corporate, the activities of which they are able to direct.

A landholding licence does not permit entry to St Helena and this must be authorised by a Short Term Entry Permit or Long Term Entry Permit

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