Landing Permission

A Landing Permission authorises a specified number of passengers and crew of a vessel to enter St Helena for up to 24 hours without obtaining an Entry Permit.

Landing Permission may be issued to the master of a vessel who:

  • Completes the Landing Permission form
  • Passengers and crew of a vessel, where the total number exceeds 20 and that will remain in St Helena for less than 24 hours may be exempt from obtaining an entry permit providing a Landing Permission approved by the Senior Immigration Officer has been obtained.
  • Undertakes to ensure that all of the passengers and crew will be leaving on the vessel when it departs and that adequate arrangements are or will be made to ensure this
  • Ensures that passengers and crew have a valid passport
  • accepts responsibility for any health requirements, emergency medical evacuation and emergency repatriation that the passengers and crew may require;
  • Provides a complete list of all passengers and crew
  • Pays the relevant fee

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