The final week of the St Helena Safeguarding Children’s Board Campaign, which raises awareness of the dangers of the internet, advises parents and guardians how they can help to protect their children online. 

Children need their parents and guardians to help them stay safe on the internet. Even if you think you know less than them about the online world, you can still teach them how to act safely.

Local business owner, Craig Williams, of Gigabyte IT Solutions provides the following useful advice to parents:

“Both children and parents need to know the dangers of technology – there are so many platforms and apps that can land you in a spot of bother.

“Parents should start discussing being safe online at an early age. Asking your children what they are learning in IT lessons at school will also help you get a feel for the digital world, as well as getting them to help you do certain things like change your privacy settings, to see if they know how to. Ask them if they know who to contact if they don’t feel comfortable reporting something to you. Have these chats with your children regularly.

“The most important advice you should be giving your child is ‘if they don’t know or talk to someone in person, they shouldn’t be talking to them online’.”

Various radio interviews will continue on local stations and posters will be published in both newspapers and issued to schools and youth groups on the Island.

Telecommunications company Sure SA Ltd is supporting the campaign, and local business, Gigabyte IT Solutions, will be providing useful advice on its weekly tech show on Saint FM.

A poster on Keeping your children safe online is attached to this release.  



31 January 2017





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