The consultation and information meetings led by the Social & Community Development Committee will also include consultation on the following points that are relevant to the Elections Legislation:

  • Whether to make it compulsory for people that meet the criteria to be in the Register of Electors to actually be registered
  • Whether to allow only persons with St Helenian Status to be on the Register
  • Whether to lower the minimum age to vote to 17 years (is currently 18)

As a reminder, in addition to the above, the following pieces of draft legislation will also form part of the agenda:

For Consultation:

  1. Employment Rights (Amendment) Bill on:
  • Whether to allow selling of Liquor on Christmas Day and Good Friday
  • Whether to remove the current restriction on businesses to open on Sundays
  1. Gender Equality (Amendment) Bill on:
  • Whether to amend various Ordinances to provide for equal treatment of the population regardless of gender, in accordance with the commitment in June 2016 to extend the Convention on the Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) Convention on Equality to St Helena

For Information

  1. Sexual Offences Act, 2003 (Application) (Amendment) Order, 2017:
  • The requirement to make sex offenders notification requirements time limited as per the recent guidance of the Supreme Court of St Helena

All meetings will start at 7.30pm. The public is encouraged to attend these meetings to discuss these matters and to provide feedback. Below is a revised schedule for the upcoming meetings:


Venue Date Councillors
Kingshurst Community Centre Thursday, 26 January Hon Derek Thomas & Hon Gavin Ellick
HTH Community Centre Tuesday, 31 January Hon Mike Olsson & Hon Tony Duncan
Sandy Bay Community Centre Wednesday, 1 February Hon Derek Thomas & Hon Gavin Ellick
St Mary’s Church,

The Briars

Wednesday, 1 February Hon Brian Isaac & Hon Tony Duncan
Blue Hill Community Centre Thursday, 2 February Hon Derek Thomas & Hon Gavin Ellick
St Michael’s Church, Rupert’s Monday, 6 February Hon Brian Isaac & Hon Tony Duncan

Written comments can be sent to the Chairperson, Brian Isaac, Social & Community Development Committee, The Castle, or via e-mail: by no later than Tuesday, 7 February 2017.

The draft legislation has been uploaded to the SHG Website and will shortly be made available in hard copy at the Public Library.

 Social & Community Development Committee

24 January 2017



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