On Monday 28 November 2016, Island reservoir levels had slightly increased to 15,796 cubic metres – remaining at around 13% of total capacity. Consumption remains at around 1000 cubic metres a day.

The graph below gives a rough indication of Island consumption compared to the same period last year. The indication is that overall we are using less of our precious water resources. With the dry summer months ahead, it is essential that we do not become complacent and we must all try to conserve as much as we can for the coming months.

Compared to 2015, our consumption levels are slightly reduced – but because of our current situation, until we can balance what is going into the system with what is being used – we remain in a critical situation.

 Connect Saint Helena Ltd are continuing work on the design and installation of three new water transfer systems and the first of these, from Chubbs Spring to Red Hill, is expected to become operational this week.

Connect intend to continue with their strategy of increasing reservoir capacity to improve the Island’s water security. The more water we have stored, the less vulnerable the Island is to changing weather patterns which are beyond anyone’s control.

The new transfer systems will be a permanent addition to Connect’s water infrastructure, and will provide easy access to water resources which can be drawn upon if stored water is in short supply – either through unpredictable rainfall or other unforeseen events.

Everyone is therefore reminded to exercise great care and restraint when using water. Every drop counts, every action counts – please do your bit.


 Members of the public have responded well to the Island-wide Legal Notice and, where appropriate, to applying for relevant Exemption Notices. This process has enabled Connect to better measure and monitor the situation in specific sectors. The public is thanked for their cooperation and vigilance when using water.

The Island-wide Legal Notice restricts the use of water for essential purposes only – defined as drinking, cooking and personal washing. Personal washing is washing yourself, clothes and bedding etc in order to maintain your personal cleanliness. The Legal Notice applies to all water sources Island-wide, which includes The Run water and private borehole and spring water.

The Legal Notice prohibits the use of all water sources, except ‘grey’ (recycled) water. Rain water which is captured from roofs into water butts is classed as ‘grey’ water and may be used for any purpose without an Exemption Notice.

Connect grant Exemptions on a case-by-case basis. Anyone who wishes to use The Run or other private sources of water for any prohibited purpose must apply for an Exemption.

Essentially, if you want to use water for anything other than personal washing, cooking and drinking, you must apply for an Exemption Notice.


 Anyone wanting to know more about the current water situation and the work being done are encouraged to submit questions to the local media. We will then answer your questions and print them in future updates.

St Helena Resilience Forum

30 November 2016



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