The St Helena Resilience Forum today confirmed that water resources on St Helena remain dangerously stretched.

The low levels of rainfall during September and October this year has significantly impacted on water volume, surface runoff and replenishment of the springs. The amount of water we are able to collect daily is now only 80% of the amount that is being used daily. That is even when taking into account that over the past two months, consumption has reduced by around 10%.

This still leaves a significant shortfall which means that water stocks are continuing to diminish. 

Connect continues to move water by bowsers and pipelines to areas where it is most needed, but it remains the case that there is still less water coming into the network than is needed to meet demand. Essentially we are using more water than we are collecting.

St Helena residents, businesses and people who use water for agricultural purposes are urged to exercise great care and restraint when using water.

If we can achieve a further 10% reduction in our consumption, the amount of water will remain at current levels. Without such a reduction, our stock will continue to dwindle. This means that Connect will have no option but to place further restrictions on people’s use of water.

Connect does not want to do this but it is becoming a serious possibility if we do not now restrict our usage to essential needs only.

As we move into the weekend, residents are reminded that this is an Island-wide shortage and it is everyone’s responsibility to manage the situation and to take great care in using this precious resource. If you see anyone using water irresponsibly then please inform Connect.

This situation is being taken very seriously by the St Helena Resilience Forum, which will keep the public informed through frequent updates on consumption versus collection.

Leaflets and posters containing water saving tips have also been distributed to local outlets and public buildings and people are encouraged to pick up a leaflet to see how they can limit their water use.

Notice to Commercial Agricultural Consumers

You should be aware that water usage exemptions will not be renewed automatically. When your exemption has expired you need to resubmit an application to Connect.

Connect will then prioritise these applications, based on cultivated status of agricultural land.

St Helena Resilience Forum

4 November 2016





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