Despite some recent rainfall, water resources on St Helena remain dangerously stretched.

As welcome as the rain was, reservoir levels have only increased by around 1%. This clearly shows that we will need a longer period of heavy rain for water levels to return to normal. Until the reservoirs reach at least 50% full, we remain in a critical situation.

Consumption levels have not significantly decreased and St Helena residents are urged to do more to reduce their use. Connect is continuing to bowser water 24/7 to ensure that everyone has access to water, but there remains an average  28 cubic metre daily shortfall. As the Island continues to use more water than is being replenished naturally, the stored water will continue to reduce. If things do not change, we will eventually run out.

Governor Lisa Phillips said:

“We are managing, but as a community we need to cut our consumption of water by 10%.  This means that we will only use as much as we can put into the system so that we are in balance.  I am doing my bit, and every little counts.  So please pick up a water saving leaflet in the shops and public buildings and see how you can join me in reducing your water use.”

Connect has this week published an Island-wide legal notice restricting the use of water to essential purposes only – drinking, cooking and personal washing . Personal washing is washing yourself, clothes and bedding etc in order to maintain your personal cleanliness and hygiene. These revised restrictions are effective from Monday 14 November 2016.

Exemption Notices that expired on 31 October 2016 are NOT automatically renewed. An application must be made for a fresh exemption which will be assessed against the further restrictions.

Residents are reminded that this is an Island-wide shortage and it is everyone’s responsibility to manage the situation and to take great care in using this precious resource. If you see anyone using water irresponsibly then please inform Connect.  

A Press Conference with Connect and SHG representatives will be held on Wednesday 16 November 2016. Further details will be issued next week.

St Helena Resilience Forum

11 November 2016







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