In November 2015, St Helena Government published its Prospectus for Change 2016-19, setting out how the organisation intends to transform its operation into a ‘great place to work and do business with’.  Six key activities will provide the organisation with the foundations to achieve this goal.

The first activity was to articulate the public service’s aspiration through Vision, Mission and Core Values.  With input from SHG employees, the Vision set out below (where we want to be in the next few years), the Mission (how we will get there) and Core Values for Public Service were developed:


  • Vision – A great place to work and serve the people of St Helena


  • Mission – Provide services that are responsive to the needs and expectations of the people of St Helena by taking account of their views in decisions on the design, delivery and performance of services, and by working with our colleagues to create an environment that encourages everyone to do their best


  • Core Values – Teamwork, Leadership, Professionalism, Commitment, Transparency & Fairness

Chief Secretary Roy Burke explained:

 “St Helena Government aims to embed these values throughout its work, ensuring that they underpin everything that we do.  This new Vision, Mission and Core Values has been devised by SHG staff themselves and will now be woven into future plans and strategies.” 



8 February 2016


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