SHG SuccessesThe last twelve months has seen a significant number of positive developments on St Helena that have helped SHG deliver the Island’s three national goals – A Vibrant Economy Providing Opportunities for All to Participate, Strong Community and Family Life and Effective Management of the Environment.

Some of the top achievements supported by SHG over the last year include:

  • Completion of St Helena’s International  Airport, with Saints playing a leading role
  • £2.6 Million Hospital development
  • Reopening of district clinics
  • Increased social protection
  • Mental Health Team established
  • Adults Safeguarding Team established
  • Significant development at Rupert’s Wharf
  • Completion and opening of a new Safe Haven for women suffering from domestic abuse
  • The launch of the Report It, Sort It initiative
  • Commencement of an expanded Public Transport Service
  • Implementation of key legislation such as the Mental Health Ordinance, the Environmental Protection Ordinance and the Commission for Equality and Human Rights Ordinance

Assistant Chief Secretary, Paul McGinnety, explains:

“The Island has seen a number of positives delivered that are improving the lives of the community across health, safeguarding, employment and social protection, as well as the environment.

“Although we must always aim for more, the work across the Island continues to make St Helena a wonderful place to live, work, raise children and to do business with. Everyone who has been involved with these improvements should be very proud.”

In addition to these significant successes, SHG will continue to work to improve the lives of people on the Island and over the coming months will be informing the public how the services we have provided and supported delivers for them.

We look forward to the public telling us what we could do better, and anyone wishing to do so can contact us via the Report It, Sort It scheme on tel: 25252 or via e-mail:

An infographic highlighting some of SHG’s key successes is also attached to this press release.



10 August 2016






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