The Safeguarding Children Board has recently released a leaflet on ‘Sexting and the Law’ (attached), which aims to address common questions like What is Sexting? Is it Illegal? and Who do I Contact for Help? 

 As St Helena has recently adopted mobile phone technology, opportunities for unsupervised access between children and adults have increased – this leaflet aims to safeguard children and equip them and you with advice on how to safely enjoy their mobile phone experiences.

The leaflet acts as a guide for both parents and children to help in dealing with incidents of sexting, and advises on appropriate reporting methods.  It also provides readers with scenarios of sexting occurring between children, an adult and a child, and between adults – to indicate and prevent illegal activities.

Copies of the leaflet can also be found in the Public Library and will soon be distributed to secondary schoolchildren on St Helena.

sexting and the law – leaflet


29 January 2016


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