On the morning of Wednesday 24 February 2016 the Sea Rescue Service was engaged on a training exercise – with Sea Rescue 1 (Ocean Rider) and Sea Rescue 3 (Lima) both deployed. During the exercise, at about 09.30hrs, a collision occurred between the two boats which resulted in damage to both vessels. There were no injuries to any crew members.

The circumstances of the collision are being investigated. One of the boats, Sea Rescue 1, remains offline with a ruptured sponson. Sea Rescue 3 suffered only cosmetic damage and this has been repaired – and this boat, together with Sea Rescue 2, remains fully operational.

The damage to Sea Rescue 1 will be repaired locally, although advice is being sought from Gemini Boats (the suppliers). It is anticipated that this vessel will be back in operation in the near future.

Chief of Police Trevor Botting said:

“This accident occurred whilst the team was engaged in training. The circumstances of the collision are being examined to ensure that any lessons are learned for the future.

“This incident highlights the difficult role the team do in keeping those who use the waters around St Helena safe. I am grateful that there were no injuries to the crew and the Sea Rescue Service remains operationally prepared to respond to any marine emergency.”

Trevor Botting
Chief of Police (Head of Sea Rescue Service)
26 February 2016


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