Waste Management Services are currently experiencing difficulties with waste collection and would like to remind the public of the following, to ensure an efficient and safe waste collection service:

  • Collections commence from 6am, and the public is asked to ensure their waste is ready for collection from this time. Late placement of waste cannot be guaranteed for collection and may result in waste producers having to make their own arrangements for disposal


  •  WMS is currently operating only one Refuse Collection Vehicle, supported by the Land Rover and Trailer – meaning more manual work for operators


  • All cardboard boxes must be flattened and bundled (preferably tied in bundles for safe handling) prior to waste collection. WMS will not collect cardboard boxes that have not been suitably prepared


  • All other waste must be bagged and not placed in loose into bins. WMS will not manually empty un-bagged waste from bins, which also causes bins to become dirty


  • Where possible, please sanitise your wheelie bins regularly. WMS is not responsible for sanitising commercial or individual household wheelie bins. We will make every effort to sanitise communal bins but do not have carrying capacity for water in our vehicles – another reason why responsible waste management is essential


  • Any green waste should be suitably bagged and disposed of separately to the collection service.  Grass cuttings and leaves etc should not be placed in wheelie bins, as it makes the bin heavy and can hinder the mechanics on the RCV 


  • Hazardous waste should not be placed in wheelie bins for collection – any hazardous waste found in bins will result in non-collection. A notice will be placed on bins informing the owner of the reason for non-collection

Waste Management Services would also like to remind the public to recycle whenever possible to minimise waste volume.  The Horse Point Landfill Site includes a Public Recycling Facility for the safe disposal or recycling of the following wastes:

  • Glass, scrap metal, wood, tyres, motor oil, cooking oil
  • Vehicle and other batteries, white goods and electricals, household and garden chemicals, clothing, furniture

The landfill site is open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 3pm.



9 February 2016


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