Just before 8pm yesterday evening, Tuesday 25 October 2016, Police received a report from a vigilant member of the public of a rockfall on Ladder Hill.  Police attended and confirmed this to be the case and responded accordingly, closing the road and informing the Rock Guards of the fall. This rockfall was particularly concerning as there had been a fall earlier in the day at the same location.

The situation was assessed by the Rock Guards and a decision was taken to evacuate residents in the area at risk and continue with the road closure on Ladder Hill Road.

Detective Chief Inspector Wendy Tinkler commented:

“The multi-agency response to this situation last night resulted in an organised and planned operation to keep the members of our community safe from harm.  On behalf of the Police Service and Ian Johnson from Emergency Planning I would like to thank the residents of Jamestown who were so obliging last night and responded to our concerns for their safety. 

“Five people were accommodated at the Jamestown Community Centre with beds being provided by our Hospital. Other residents were accommodated by their friends or family.”

Rock Guards conducted a further survey of the area at 5.30am this morning and, following checks, the area was deemed to be no longer at risk, with the road being reopened at 7.15am.

DCI Tinkler concluded:

“The supportive response from our partner agencies provides me with reassurance that we are all working well together when the necessity arises – with the main focus being on the safety and wellbeing of our community.

“The operation included support from the Rock Guards, the Fire Service, the Highways Authority, Roads Section, the Hospital (providing bedding and beds), Prison (providing transport for residents), a volunteer from the LEMP Team (transporting residents),  SAMS and Saint FM (providing regular community updates), the Jamestown Community Centre (providing accommodation) and of course, the Police Service. 

“I am confident that this operation was done in a way that caused as little disruption and was concluded as swiftly as possible.”


26 October 2016



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