Following an open procurement exercise on public transport for St Helena, Joshua’s Taxis has been chosen to provide public transport on a five-year contract commencing Tuesday 1 March 2016 – with Colin Williams continuing to provide public transport on the Sandy Bay route to Jamestown and Half Tree Hallow Clinic.

As a result of this successful tender, adjustments have been made to the routes and fares of the public transport timetable.

New Routes include:


  • The Flag, Levelwood, to Ladder Hill, via Jamestown, every morning at 7.05am
  • To and from Rupert’s to Jamestown on Thursday and Saturday mornings
  • Saturday night journeys from Jamestown to White Gate, Bottom Woods and Levelwood
  • Monday to Friday morning service from White Gate to Jamestown, via Rosemary Plain and Cow Path
  • Daily shuttle service from Levelwood to Longwood
  • Additional weekly journey on Tuesdays from Levelwood to Jamestown (and return)
  • Additional weekly journey from Bottom Woods to Ladder Hill via Jamestown on Mondays, with the Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday journeys also extending to Ladder Hill.
  • Monday to Friday afternoon service from Ladder Hill to Bottom Woods and Levelwood
  • Monday to Friday afternoon service from Jamestown to White Gate.

Changes to fares include:


  • Fares for short journeys (up to 3 miles) that were 75p, to be raised to £1.
  • Fares for medium journeys (3-6 miles) that were £1.25, to be raised to £1.50
  • Fares for long journeys (over 6 miles) will remain the same at £2

This new contract will continue to provide for the transport needs of shift workers – with their fares increasing by £1 per month.




9 February 2016



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