St Helena Airport aims to make the Operational Readiness Trials scheduled for Saturday 30 April, Saturday 7 May and Friday 13 May 2016 as realistic as possible.

Flights will be scheduled to depart from St Helena Airport at 12.30hrs on each day of the trials – therefore check-in will commence at 09.30hrs and will finish at 11.30hrs.

Anyone arriving after 11.30hrs will not be checked in.  Passengers are required to bring hand luggage only – for example a bag or case that would be carried on to the aircraft (please note that it is not necessary to fill them).  Baggage carts will be available to assist with taking baggage through to check-in.  Passengers are also required to bring their passport.  If someone does not have a passport, please bring along another form of Identification – for example a birth certificate or drivers licence.

Family or friends seeing passengers off or awaiting the arrival of passengers will have access to the landside public restaurant.  Passengers may drive to the Airport and park in the designated car park area.

Once the departure process is complete, volunteers will act as arriving passengers and will be taken through the arrivals process.

Basil Read anticipates that the trials will be completed around 12.30hrs

In order to assist with identifying issues that need attention, we will be issuing volunteers with a small questionnaire which will be used as their boarding card.  It would be appreciated if all questionnaires could be completed and handed into the Customs Officer ‘on arrival’, as this will act as the passenger’s Immigration & Customs card.   There will be staff at the Airport to assist with questionnaires.

We wish to thank the public for their help and support during the three days of trials.


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