A Marine Awareness Month will be held on St Helena in March 2016 to raise awareness of our marine environment and the importance of marine life to all of us.

Marine Conservation Officer, Elizabeth Clingham, said:

“Traditionally, St Helena Government’s Environmental Management Division (EMD) hosts an annual Marine Awareness Week, which normally entails an action filled week of information displays, plus co-ordinated activities with the Tourism Office and other local marine operators.

 This year, partnering with the Tourism Office and Marine Science teacher, Mrs Bev Tyson – and recognising the vital importance of St Helena’s marine waters – we have opted to dedicate a whole month and are aiming to fill most days in March with marine activities – ’Making March Marine’.

 This marine awareness month is not just for those who take to the sea for work or leisure, but also to highlight the value of St Helena’s marine environment in supporting our health and wellbeing, our economy, our tourism industry – and the very culture and identity of the Island.

Activities in March will include a film on local TV, school presentations, craft sessions, a marine quiz show, Post Box Walks, an underwater clean-up, water sports and a Fun Day. Further details about specific activities on offer during Marine Awareness Month will be advertised in local newspapers and on the radio.


19 February 2016


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