SHG wishes to make improvements and efficiencies in how they work with suppliers and contractors in the provision of goods and services for Government contracts – and key to facilitating this will be the implementation of a number of pre-tendered product and service ‘call-off’ agreements (Frameworks). These frameworks are designed to:-


  • Ensure consistency of product and service availability
  • Speed up supply chain routes for emerging requirements (for new or non-standard equipment)
  • Reduce administration for SHG & contractors
  • Stabilise prices
  • Help with more accurate estimating

Over the next few months, SHG will issue ‘Expressions of Interest’ advertised both on St Helena and internationally.  Some examples of the new framework approach are shown below:

  • The Stocking and supply chain management of Plumbing Materials
  • The Stocking and supply chain management of Electrical Materials
  • The Stocking and supply chain management of Construction Materials
  • The Supply chain management of Road Materials
  • Small Works & Maintenance Services



2 February 2016


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