A Sub-committee of the Economic Development Committee (EDC) has this week been established to review fisheries legislation requirements for St Helena to take account of proposed fisheries licensing policy and improved management of St Helena’s fisheries.

The Sub-committee’s membership is as follows:

Chairman                  Councillor Gavin Ellick                 

Members                   Angelo Berbotto (Attorney General)

Darren Duncan (Head of ANRD)

Elizabeth Clingham (Marine Conservation Officer)

Daryl Harris (Chairman of the Fishermen’s Association)

Waylon Thomas (Deputy Chairman of the Fishermen’s Association)

Anthony Thomas (Sports & Recreational Fishing Representative)

Gerald Benjamin (Senior Fisheries Officer)

Gerald Benjamin will also carry out secretarial duties.

The group will meet on a weekly basis to complete the following tasks:

  • Review existing fisheries laws through discussion of existing law and its suitability to underpin improved fisheries management and regulation of fishing activities for the future
  • Draft a new Bill to meet the needs of the fisheries
  • Deliver a detailed draft proposal of revisions with justifications for EDC to comment on
  • Following feedback, deliver a final proposal of revisions for EDC to consider

Once the review is complete the Sub-committee will be disbanded.


5 May 2016







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