EXCO REPORT – Tuesday 29 March 2016

Executive Council met today, Tuesday 29 March 2016, with five items on the Open Agenda.

The first item for discussion was an application to amend Development Permission at Broad Bottom Farm, Blue Hill, carried over from the previous Executive Council meeting of 15 March 2016. This item was deferred pending further discussions with the Chief Planning Officer.

In the second item, ExCo approved the application for Full Development Permission for the upgrading and redevelopment of waterside fuel infrastructure and the installation of a fire fighting water tank in Rupert’s Bay.  Executive Council also authorised public consultation of the revised draft Rupert’s Development Plan.

For the third item, ExCo approved the Aviation (General Amendments) Regulations for publication.

In the fourth item, Executive Council approved the appointment of Mr John Frederick Wilson as Law Revision Commissioner for the purpose of the revision, consolidation and preparation of revised editions of the Laws.

ExCo also approved the Customs and Excise (Arriving and Departing Ships and Aircraft) Regulations for publication.

The marketing of the RMS St Helena – so that a buyer can be identified on completion of the current shipping schedule in July 2016 – was also approved by Executive Council.

ExCo also agreed the amendments to Customs and Excise (Tariffs) Regulations to increase particular duties for alcohol and tobacco to be effective from 29 March 2016.


29 March 2016


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