P1010070Earlier this year the Environment & Natural Resources Directorate initiated the Landscape Impacting Bulky Waste Disposal Project. Managed by the Environmental Management Division (EMD) the project offers free disposal of landscape impacting bulky waste to residents in the Bradley’s to Longwood Gate areas in an attempt to clean up and aesthetically improve the landscape.
Environmental Risk Manager Mike Durnford reports today that while initial uptake of the scheme was slow, seeing some of the bulky waste being removed and improving the landscape has encouraged more and more residents to take advantage of free disposal.

To date, six end of life vehicles have been disposed of, improving the landscape in Deadwood, opposite the Golf Course at Longwood and at Bottom Woods.
Deadwood resident, Jeffrey ‘Foxy’ Stevens, was very pleased that an old bus had been removed from his property and is pictured thanking Nigel George (private sector truck hire) and Patrick Crowie (SHG Landfill Manager) for their assistance. The bus was removed to the bulky waste cell at the Horse Point Landfill Site.
EMD would like to remind residents in the Longwood area (and more recently in the Deadwood area) that the scheme is still in place and any bulky waste impacting the landscape – especially end of life vehicles – can be booked for disposal by contacting Environmental Risk Manager, Mike Durnford, on Tel: 24724 or e-mail mike-durnford@enrd.gov.sh

Depending on the continuing success of the project and take-up by residents, the initiative may be extended to other areas of the Island in the future.

5 July 2016


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