airport-rj100-2An Avro RJ100 jet aircraft (pictured), operated by Tronos Jet Maintenance and carrying Atlantic Star Airlines personnel, is scheduled to fly to Wideawake Airport, Ascension Island, and then to St Helena Airport this Friday, 21 October 2016.  Both are technical stops, as part of a route for delivery of the aircraft to Chile.

The estimated time of arrival at St Helena Airport – subject to possible change due to weather and other factors – remains approximately 3.45pm (local time) on Friday 21 October 2016.  Listen out for confirmation of timing on local radio.

The aircraft will be carrying 13 non-commercial passengers – including the flight crew – who will overnight on St Helena prior to departure on Saturday 22 October.

The Tronos flight will provide the Airport with additional real time data and a pilot’s report – all part of building a more comprehensive picture of the conditions at St Helena Airport under which we will be asking a scheduled air service to operate.  The flight is also planning, weather permitting, to conduct some additional circuits on Saturday to gather further data for the Airport.  Atlantic Star is one of a number of potential partners with an interest in operating regular flights to St Helena.

Note to Public

The Airport Terminal Restaurant and Viewing Platform will be open to the public to view the aircraft on Friday 21 October from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.   

On Saturday 22 October, the Restaurant and Viewing platform will again be open from 9am to around 3pm – to provide a further opportunity to view the aircraft and to witness its take-off. 

The Bank and Tourism kiosks will also be open to the public on both days.

Otherwise, normal arrangements for public viewing will apply, with Horse Point, Millennium Forest, Bradley’s and Woody Ridge areas all accessible on both days.  Access beyond Bradley’s will not be available until 5pm on Friday.

Please drive and park responsibly.

Note to Editors

Interested media are invited to a briefing with Atlantic Star on Friday afternoon at the Airport Restaurant, once the aircraft has landed and the crew have been cleared to landside.

Tronos Jet Maintenance is delivering this particular aircraft to Chile.  The flight, originating from Zurich, Switzerland, has taken a route which has seen it make technical stops in Morocco, Senegal, Ascension Island and St Helena.  From St Helena, the flight will call at Ascension Island, Brazil and Uruguay, finally arriving at Presidente Carlos Ibáñez del Campo International Airport, Chile – the final destination.


20 October 2016


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