The sentencing of Mr Justin Herne on Tuesday 5 April 2016 brings to an end a 14-month investigation conducted by Officers of the St Helena Police Service.

Detective Sergeant Dave Honan said:

 “I would like to pay tribute to those in whose names the prosecution was mounted.  They have showed considerable bravery by addressing the Court and laying bare the harrowing details of their childhoods.

 “The Court heard testimony from three Complainants about systematic and sustained abuse in the 1990s when they were children.”

 The Chief Justice sentenced Justin Herne to life, with a minimum of 16 years. Detective Sergeant Dave Honan added:

“This sentence is a stark reminder to anyone perpetrating such acts as to how society will deal with this sort of behaviour.”

 Chief of Police Trevor Botting concluded:

“After sentencing Justin Herne, Chief Justice Charles Ekins paid tribute to the courage of the victims in this case and also to the professional and sensitive work of Detective Sergeant Honan in his support and work with the victims in this case.

 “I echo the sentiments of the Chief Justice. The victims have displayed extraordinary courage throughout the investigation and trial and I hope that they can some closure.”

 “I also want to personally acknowledge the work of Detective Sergeant Honan and his team who have worked professionally and sensitively throughout this investigation.

 “I would urge any other victims to come forward and in confidence to report what has happened to them. You will be treated with respect and given the support you need to have your voice heard.“You can speak in confidence to any Officer within the Criminal Investigations Department on tel: 22626 or at


Trevor Botting

Chief of Police

6 April 2016



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