On Sunday 7 February 2016 St Helena will be conducting a Population & Housing Census. 

Operations for this Census commenced on Saturday 30 January 2016 and will conclude on Sunday 14 February 2016.

During this time, Census Enumerators will be delivering forms to all households on St Helena and ensuring they are collected or returned to the Statistics Office.

In addition to the traditional paper forms, an option to complete the 2016 Census online is available. Any households wishing to complete the Census online need to register with the Statistics Office or online at www.sainthelena.gov.sh/census

 The Census is a complete count of all residents on the Island and all the people who are staying in them on night of Sunday 7 February 2016. This involves completing a questionnaire for each house on the Island – the householder (ie. the person responsible, or jointly responsible, for paying the bills) will be required to ensure that the questionnaire is completed and returned.

All householders are required to complete a Census form and ensure that details for all people who live in their household are included.

Help is on hand for anyone with questions or requiring support to complete their Census form. Apart from the Enumerators, the Statistics Office can be contacted on tel: 22138 or the Census Hotline on tel: 22958.

Support is also available at Longwood supermarket, Thorpe’s shop at Sandy Bay, Guinea Grass Community Centre and the ESH Offices in Ladder Hill Business Park. Dedicated community support sessions will be held across the Island at the following times and locations:


  • MONDAY 8 FEB – Levelwood Community Centre, 2-6pm
  • TUESDAY 9 FEB – Kinghurst Community Centre, 2-6pm
  • WEDNESDAY 10 FEB – Longwood Community Centre, 2-6pm
  • THURSDAY 11 FEB – Blue Hill Community Centre, 2-6pm
  • THURSDAY 11 FEB – 3 Main Street, Jamestown, 9am-2pm
  • FRIDAY 12 FEB – 3 Main Street, Jamestown, 9am-2pm
  • SATURDAY 13 FEB – 3 Main Street, Jamestown, 9am-2pm




2 February 2016


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