HM Customs & Excise will launch ASYCUDA World on Thursday 2 June 2016 – the automated Customs system for processing imported and exported goods.

ASYCUDA World is designed to improve trade into and out of St Helena and create transparency and accountability in Customs processes – to benefit traders, Customs, wider St Helena Government and the people of St Helena. At its core, the system will ensure that all those involved in import and export transactions function at an international standard.
Operation of the system will incur no customs fees for carriers, consolidators, traders or the people of St Helena, although there will be internet costs if the data is transmitted to Customs over the Worldwide web. Customs is also providing five data input centres to help traders submit their data (at no cost).

Software, known as ‘Degroupage Pro & Declaration Pro’, has been developed to ease data input and is also made available to all importers at no cost.

Consolidators and traders worldwide are currently required to adhere to international trade standards by creating a Manifest and Bills of Lading to account to Customs for cargo movements. St Helena is no different – carriers, traders and consolidators are already required to submit the Manifest, Bills of Lading and Customs declarations. This is currently done on paper – the change with the new system is from paper to electronic submission.

In addition, Customs has been working closely with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth transition. Here are two supportive comments about the system by two users who have been operating ASYCUDA World:

“I find ASYCUDA World easy to operate and the process has been simplified by the use of the Degroupage software application.”

“Obviously there have been teething problems which is to be expected with any new programme – but we have been working closely with the ASYCUDA World technical consultant who is helping with any issues to assist in the transition. This process does not involve a great deal of additional resources from our side.”

For further information about the ASYCUDA World system please contact the ASYCUDA Functional Team on 22287 or

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31 May 2016


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