Commonwealth Day is marked every year on the second Monday in March. This year it is celebrated on Monday 14 March 2016.

The theme this year, ‘An Inclusive Commonwealth’, celebrates the diversity of the Commonwealth, which is made up of more than two billion people. The Commonwealth message is ‘To celebrate that everyone in the commonwealth is different and unique. The Commonwealth Charter asserts that everyone is equal and deserves to be treated fairly. The Commonwealth aims to build a better world by including and respecting everybody and the richness of their personalities’.

The main celebration on St Helena this year will take place at SHAPE, Sandy Bay, beginning at 10am with speeches, followed by various activities including a short tour – explaining the process of making pulp from paper and cardboard to finished product. Guests will also have the opportunity to be creative and make something themselves for SHAPE. SHAPE will be open to the public from 11.30am through to 2pm.

All Schools will hold special Assemblies focusing on Inclusiveness and Unity.

Assistant Chief Secretary (Support), Gillian Francis said:

“This year’s theme serves as a reminder that we are all equal regardless of our origins and circumstances. On St Helena, we have such rich and diverse backgrounds that make for the community we are today.  I am grateful to SHAPE for hosting this year’s Commonwealth Day celebrations which focus very much on the inclusion of all people”.  

  Councillor Brian Isaac added:

For many years St Helena has shown its commitment to the global celebration of Commonwealth Days. This year, we recognise the richness of the hidden talent and social skills of our less fortunate in society. The Commonwealth Message for this year sends a strong message which encourages respect, discipline and equal rights for each other.

 “As we celebrate this day, let us also remember those throughout the world whose liberty, dignity and social ethnics have been exploited, by those who have no respect for the spirit of the Commonwealth Message.”     



4 March 2016


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